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Friday, 15 May 2015

Croatian Football Club "Hajduk Split" Release Latest Promo Video

I actually haven't even been following the HNL (Hrvatska Nogometna Liga/Croatian Football League) all that much for a while, but this is a quick easy addition for the hardcore fans. I'm not going to get into the history of the club and all that, just see the previous post links at the bottom with much more information and videos.

I'm just glad they didn't use that one particular epic sounding music with the violins, you know which one I'm talking about probably, because way too many people on Youtube are using it obsessively, practically every time they want their video to sound and come across as epic. (I noticed a lot of the ufo, merovingian lucifer bloodlines, tin foil hats, sports highlights and the reptilian bigfoot abductions of the apocalypse aliens video people are using it) So that's definitely a plus. I'll only add that Hajduk Split is one of the oldest Croatian soccer clubs, dating to the times that the Croatian lands were a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1911.

I've been to Poljud Stadium, seen a soccer match there and have a few jerseys which I bought at the Hajduk fan shop in Split and wear once in a while, and walked these same pathe and old stone walkways seen in the video. Anyway, for the hardcore Hajduk Split army, do you like it? Do you not like it? Do you want to see the video? It doesn't really matter because here it is anyway...

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Hajduk Split at Poljud Stadium in 2011. There were plans for a Brazil gay horse fuck and scat film festival at Poljud Stadium in 2012, but it was rescheduled. This year Hajduk Split celebrated 104 years of existence.

[VIDEO] Hajduk Split Release New Promo Film


Hajduk Split football club is more than just a football club, it has been an institution in the Dalmatian city of Split for more than 100 years…

The club was founded by a group of students from Split in a pub in Prague and officially registered with the authorities on February 13, 1911. While trying to come up with a name for the club, the students went to an old teacher Josip Barač for advice, and according to accounts he told them to take the name “Hajduk” which symbolized “that which is best in our people: bravery, humanity, friendship, love of freedom, defiance to powers, and protection of the weak.

So if you are not sure what the club means to the city and its people, then the club’s latest promo video, released today, does well to capture the passion and importance of the club. (photo /

Watch “Živimo Hajduk”, produced by Željko Skoko, Ivan Perić and Zvonimir Pavlinović, below.

At about the 5 second mark I started getting worried thinking they were gonna use that overplayed epic music I was talking about earlier. (I can handle this epic sounding music, it sounds a little different more like from a movie, sort of like a hit man has just arrived at the airport and he's on his way to an important assignment, and then beers afterwards)

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Travel Channel Series To Feature Locations In Croatia

Henry Cole and local chef David Skoko at the kick-off to the shows filming in the city of Pula. I don't ride a motorcycle these days, but I like that helmet. (photo / travel channel)

As for this second part, anything that at least helps the world know where Croatia is a good idea and OK with me. (soccer and sports can only do so much after all), and it does sort of tie into the above Split post. These Travel Channel people are the same people who brought you Anthony Bourdain In Croatia btw. (see my previous post link below). Well, the show won't air until November but it's still good to know. Hopefully it won't be too touristy and it will be more like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation episode, with behind the scenes real life happenings and unscripted stuff, accidents and spontaneous things included. I have some Croatian acquaintances in Hercegovina and some other parts of Bosnia who every summer take their motorcycles down this very same route that he will be riding on, they say May is the perfect time because the summer heat hasn't peaked yet and the roads aren't as congested yet, so that's good.

Behind the scenes at the start of the Croatia episode portion of filming. It's gonna be hell I tell you and not even one Walmart in sight, but somebody has to do it. Image: Henry Cole Facebook.

The only drawback to this story, is that this episode of his European tour is going to be mostly an Adriatic coast filming trip for the Croatian portion. On Facebook he recently posted pics while in Ljubljana Slovenia and then after arriving on the Croatia side in the town of Pula. From there he will travel down the Croatian coast stopping at the mentioned locations, so he won't be heading north towards Zagreb or other parts of eastern Croatia to ride and explore the scenery and happenings there. Oh well, it should still be a very interesting episode I think, I'm actually sure of it. I've been to a few of the places he will be stopping at, including Krk. (I'm telling you, if he travels over to Baška on the island of Krk, the episode filming will stop and he won't be going anywhere, he will basically tell the camera and production people that he lost all the motorcycle keys and suddenly has an extremely sore ankle so he will be back in September, it should feel better by then. Oh, and to pick up some extra sunscreen at the store and one of those ice creams with the bear on it)

Joking aside, the episode will mainly have to do with riding and the routes and roads, but I think it would be cool to include the nearby Klis Fortress into the filming since the episode will finish in the city of Split. (It was a seat of Croatian Kings in the middle ages and very historic for centuries after, great panoramic views and even the Game of Thrones people use it for a filming location, but that's just me, although I should add that riding horses back in medieval times was sort of like riding a motorcycle when you think about it) Anyway, we'll have to wait until November to find out what all went on and what zany adventures took place. In the meantime I guess you can check out previous episodes or follow his Twitter and Facebook to get some more sneak peeks...

Serving local specialty seafood dishes to journalists in the city of Pula. Image: 


Some fantastic promotion coming up later this year when a series featuring Croatia on the Travel Channel will be beamed into more than 130 million homes…

Henry Cole, the famous British motorcycle enthusiast, writer, adventurer and TV presenter, is currently in Croatia filming for his long running TV show – World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides.

On Friday Cole was joined by Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin in the northern Adriatic city of Pula where they cooked together for guests at Konoba Batelina.

Cole will continue his motorcycle route in Croatia along the top of the Adriatic coast, including visits to the islands of Cres, Krk, Rab, and Pag, before heading down towards Zadar, Skradin and Split.

The show, which will broadcast on the Travel Channel in November this year, will present the best motorcycle routes in Croatia, whilst taking in local traditions and cuisine along the way.

Some footage of the official kick-off to the Croatian coastal tour filming. Here the shows host Henry Cole and the Croatian Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin serve a local specialty of fresh fish and clam seafood dishes to local journalists prepared by locally well known chef David Skoko in the city of Pula. (He was also shown some tips on how to prepare the dishes with seafood which was caught that very morning, which is the norm at this restaurant) After Croatia the shows filming will eventually take him to near Dar al-Jihad and then all the way to Bulgaria. Source:

This brief article and interesting piece of footage is from Split at Poljud Stadium and came out only a few days after filming started, so it's not exactly a long and leisurely coastal tour. In the article he states he would have no problem becoming a Hajduk Split fan. Oh, also it's a Steve McQueen Métisse Desert Racer that he is travelling on, for those gotta know types.

I came across lots of similar Youtube motorcycle rides along the Croatian coast, so I picked one to throw in here. This one gives an interesting perspective of different routes from the city of Split to Dubrovnik. (Split is actually where the Travel Channel episode will finish) It's mainly just the routes and immediate scenery but the last 30 seconds just made me want to keep watching to see where he went and what he did in Dubrovnik, so I feel like it was a rip-off and an unfinished video.


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