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Saturday, 9 May 2015

One Of Nine Croatian Cities Will Be A European Cultural Capital In 2020, Which One Should It Be?....

Tomorrow is Sunday, and you know what that means, yep, it's ants in the pants, miracle cloth prophesying, bacon dancing, spittle and delusion story telling time televangelist day on television all day. So I figure I'll quickly do my Sunday post for all the boys and girls out there the night before, that way in case Zombie-Biggie comes back from the rapture to try to eat everyone, the post has already been made. (That is until the internet and cell phone services around the world collapse and people will be forced to have the 7-eleven logo tattooed on their foreheads)

Anyway, before starting this post, I should make it clear that this is NOT a tourism post. I don't do tourism or tourism posts, just facts and interesting topics related in anyway to Croatia from whatever sources I come across. You see, especially considering I still come across people here and there even these days who don't know where Croatia is, (sounds unbelievable but it's true), let alone what goes on there or the history etc. For instance, when I used to live downtown years ago, I used to have some people come up and ask me once in a while if I wanted to buy a Brazil gay horse fuck video. I looked around and said, "buddy, that's not my thing, besides I'm Croatian background." He said "Croatia? where's that?" (This happened shorty after I came back from my 2009 trip to Croatia, and it was then and there that I decided to start up this blog. I had to make people aware, or at least do my part in spreading the facts, topics, history and of course where Croatia is. To know that Croatia is in Europe, we do all kinds of stuff there, eat, drink, listen to music, and have various events going on throughout the year) So there you have it, it may seem like a tourism post to some people, but it's definitely not. They already have people working on that over there. (This is also the reason I prefer not have any kind of official sponsor or advertising here, it gives the me freedom to tell it like it and not be limited by any advertisers or corporations, all for the benefit of the reader)

Moving on to this topic, for those not in the know, every year only 2 countries and cities of the European Union are chosen to be co-host cities for European Capital of Culture. And it was just announced the other day that Ireland and Croatia have been chosen for the honour for the year 2020. Altogether nine Croatian cities will be competing for the 2020 European Capital of Culture final nomination.

The lucky nine Croatian nominated cities are Dubrovnik, Đakovo, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Split, Varaždīn, Zadar and Zagreb. Now the second round of nominations begins for the 2020 European Capital of Culture and a final choice will be made within a few months.

Obviously, the capital city of Zagreb is a strong favourite, but this is far from guaranteed. The capital city of the country for each year is not always the city chosen, nor the largest city either. It's pretty well wide open as each nominated city has an interesting history and unique things to share. So, who should it be? Do you have a personal favourite who you'd like to see chosen? I've personally spent time at 4 of the nominated cities, and I can honestly say if any of those were chosen, I would have no problem with the decision.

Dubrovnik will also be a contender, but the town already receives so many tourists already and projects and more new luxury hotels on the go, even the airport is being enlarged to accommodate them better. Nothing against Dubrovnik, because they don't call it the "Pearl of the Adriatic" for nothing, but there is so much more to Croatia than just the tourist posters showing Dubrovnik. (Put it this way, Dubrovnik has a population of about 43,000, but in 2013 the number of tourists arriving was about 720,000 people, when you factor in that the largest chunk of tourists arrive between May to September that would work out to about 145,000 tourists...a month. That's like 2 out of 3 people during those months are tourists. Dubrovnik definitely has the history, scenery and views, but that's just something to think about.

It's still 5 years to go until 2020, but whichever city gets chosen will eventually have an excuse to hold a long series of events, parties and festivities throughout the whole year. Sort of a chance to share the uique culture of the city with the rest of Europe, who otherwise may not have heard of or known much about the city before. An opportunity to really put themselves on the map for a whole year. Some of the cities have been around for a number of centuries, and a few reach back to the times when the Croatian tribes first arrived in the area around the 6th-7th century, so there's plenty of events, history and things to celebrate.

Anyway, below is the nine cities that are officially nominated and I threw in a link for some extra information, for those unfamiliar to see what each city is about, where it is, what it has to offer, what things there are to see and do, what the centuries of cultural heritage and local customs, food specialties, beers, events and scenery are like. Hmmm? I'm not going to say who I think should get the honour, but if you want feel free to make bets with people to make it more interesting.

Anyway, I should have some some more interesting posts in a few weeks, because the Red Bull Air Race is coming back to Rovinj again this year, (it should be better because last year they held the event in mid-April, see previous post HERE), then a few days later the Red Bull/Swatch FIVB Beach Volleyball Major Series qualification tournament will be starting up in the town of Poreč, and to top it off the Brazil gay horse fuck video convention starts up in the city of Rijeka with plenty of horse cum sucking juicy scenes, it should make for some good pics and video highlights)

(*Note - As it is the European Union that designates the host countries/cities, Croatia was not eligible until becoming an official European Union member state on July 1st, 2013. More info about this annual event:

In no particular order, the Croatian nominated cities are;









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