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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Travel Channel's "World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides" Featuring Croatia In November

I moved this from an original post because I felt it deserved it's very own post. (I was going to touch upon that Serb war criminal who's been going by the name of Daniel Snedden but who's real name is (Captain) Dragan Vasiljkovic. (For now anyway, he's on his way to Croatia soon to go on trial for various war crimes, ethnic cleansing, ordering civilian murders etc, so we'll have to wait and see what other names, identities, stories and haircuts he's going to come up with, and what suits he's going to wear also of course). I'm saving that one for sometime down the road though, I already have the images and video footage and other stuff, and I'm really going to enjoy it because he's just another one of those war criminal/armed psychopaths types that are highly esteemed big heroes and saints to the Serb church cult and their delusional crypto-commie gurus. (Personally, I think he should just fill his head with hot lead when he lands in Zagreb to tell his epic tales, why even waste time and money with so much documented evidence? use it to instead build a pool, playground or even a fancy bench or some kind of statue). So I only briefly mentioned him at my previous Serb War Criminal Seselj Goes On European Motorcyle Tour post. However back to this, today it's all about motorycles and riding the highways and byways in Croatia. I had a motorcycle for a time when I was a teen so this one caught my attention......

*But first some interesting related information to ponder...Did you know that there are an estimated 1.3 trillion barrels of proven oil reserve left in the world’s major fields?, give or take, which at present rates of consumption will be sufficient to last only about 40 years, again give or take. A barrel that cost $11 in 1998 and $72 in 2007 will approach $200 a barrel in the not too distant future according to many forecasters and analysts. Also, the world’s population will be almost twice as large in 2040 (as in double, as in twice as many people on this spinning piece of round dirt in frozen space who are ready to take your oil). Also by 2040 more of the world will become industrialized (and therefore much more oil dependent and so require much more oil, way lots more oil than today, but there will be less and less of it left and being produced, China and India will be the world's largest economies going through and requiring gas and oil like nothing and they'll try to move and get some more oil for themselves, then Pakistan will try to beat them to the punch, the oil-rich Arab countries won't give it up easily though and new Isis/Taliban-ish groups from other countries will go there to save their oil, Croatia will have attained nuclear weaponry by then, all sorts of boats and ships will embark and try to dock in Greece and Italy filled with oil-zombies searching and lurking for any splendid gas and oil nectar, so it should be interesting. Also many of those countries will only just be reaching 19th century industrialization and technology standards and so they're going to need and want lots and lots of coal and gas/oil too, it all amounts to a glorious recipe for all sorts of things and exciting scenarios). What does this mean exactly? Very simply it means enjoy the article and videos below while you still can, because not that far off in the future it's a fact that oil/gas is going to be a very precious and much harder to get a hold of product, much, much more than even now. So you obviously won't be seeing programs like this or oil/gas dependent vehicle spectator sports much either in 2040. Oil and gas is going to be more important than even people, well it already is, but even more important. This probably will be a sign of the coming Zombie Oil-Apocalypse." Meaning you won't be able to even buy it with mere everyday money or currency though, nope, not even with gold and diamonds, you're going to pay very dearly for even just one litre of the holy bubbling nectar gift of the gods.

You might have to sell your family to fill up the gas tank. or you may have to go bribe some oil/gas company executives to have your own steady supply of the good stuff, like an oil/gas bank. People will be killing and eating the killed or even killing and eating the people who have oil just to get some more oil and/or gas, even killing them just to get information on where to get more or smell and touch more oil, and then eating them afterwards. (All that Middle East stuff you see on the television these days?, wake up, it's got absolutely nothing to do with religion, democracy, freedom, civilization or any kind of weird rights or clothes, rather it's all about the oil and owning the lands with the oil underneath it). It's going to really be something, sort of like the Mad Max series films. Yep, forget about food, land, religions, water, klingons or greyish reptilian fish-faced aliens, it's going to be mainly lurking roving bands of oil-hungry humanoid mutants ready to kill for your precious oil and gas to take over the world (almost like parts of Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, St. Louis, Toronto and other cities today but with less oil, most of the oil/gas will be forcibly taken by governments for the military tanks, ships and jet planes needed to take the remaining gas/oil in other countries that rightfully belongs to us because we discovered it and found ways to get it). That's why Calgary has become the homegrown terrorism capital of Canada and why so many talibans and ISIS supporters have moved there. (I mentioned previously how for a short time while I was in Calgary the people I rented from were taliban, I suspected it at first but I found out much more pretty quick, the neighbours though who lived there for years were oblivious I found out, always more concerned and talking about the price of beef jerky and gravy, and goals being scored that are going to win them a free bucket of fried chicken Friday night, they'll be the first to be eaten and their gas and oil taken away though. I also discovered the Serbs are in cahoots out there with the taliban types because of the same goals, the same hatred for European culture and civilization and very similar religious views). You see, as well as going to fight for ISIS etc, they're really getting ready to take over the oil which is the main thing. Your children and grandchildren are going to be living in a completely different world and existence, if the Oil-Zombies don't kill and eat them for their oil/gas first that is. (Sitting in your bunker-cave around the fire your grandchildren will be asking you "Tell us that story again gramps, how you used to work at a gas station and got to look at and smell real live oil and gas all the time for free" but most likely they'll despise and hate you instead..."Damn you Gramps and Grams! How could you bring us into this hellish earthly existence knowing there was going to be no gas and oil?! You knew all along there was going to be no gas and oil left for us and you did nothing!...Nothing!...Damn you all to hell!, you used up all the oil and gas and now we have none!"). Gramps and Grams will then most likely rightfully get eaten for their selfish oil and gas greediness. That's right boys and girls, there's not going to be any Hollywood wishful colonies in space travelling to more oil/gas rich planets or bases on Mars finding new oil reserves when Star Wars movie number 31 comes out and there's personal robots who will feed, chew our food and wipe our butts for us, various populations will have to start civilizations all over again from scratch. (this has happened before and isn't me making anything up, when the mammoths supply started dying out many thousands of years ago during the Pleistocene many had died searching for the remaining mammoths, very simply and truthfully then oil/gas is our new world mammoths, and there's not going to be any oily monkey gods or magical talking dinosaurs or mammoths made of oil appearing out of thin air to save the day, the oil gods giveth and the oil gods taketh away). There's gonna be lots of explosions, drama, suspense, action, romance, thrilling gun shootouts on roofs, drones, jet skiing, private armies, lots of languages, cardboard signs, protests and yelling humanoids, weird hats and hair styles, oh and night vision goggles too of course..(one of the bonus events though will be all the televangelists pulling their hair out and jumping from buildings and bridges killing themselves, because their apocaplypse second coming of the prophesized oily one with the blessed plentiful golden oil/gas and other biblical stuff didn't happen for the 379th time since the year 150, and the Mohammedans and Jews will be also be praying and dancing like crazy for the holy oil to rain from the sky upon the lands) ...and that sweet smell and sound of glorious oil and gas in the air during the battle scenes. Wow, I can't wait, it's gonna be fun, fun, fun and I'm gonna get popcorn to munch on while watching it happen live on CNN. Anyway enjoy the article and motorcycling footage.....

Henry Cole and local chef David Skoko at the kick-off to the shows filming in the city of Pula. I don't ride a motorcycle these days, but I like that helmet. (photo / travel channel)

Anything that at least helps the world know where Croatia is a good idea and OK with me. (soccer and sports can only do so much after all, and even that doesn't really tell you much about the country and people). These Travel Channel people are the same people who brought you Anthony Bourdain In Croatia btw. (see my previous post link below). Well, the show won't air until November but it's still good to know. Hopefully it won't be too touristy and it will be more like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation episode, with behind the scenes real life happenings and unscripted stuff, accidents and spontaneous things included. I have some Croatian acquaintances in Hercegovina and some other parts of Bosnia who every summer take their motorcycles down this very same route that he will be riding on, they say May is the perfect time because the summer heat hasn't peaked yet and the roads aren't as congested yet, so that's good.

Behind the scenes at the start of the Croatia episode portion of filming. It's gonna be hell I tell you and not even one Walmart in sight, but somebody has to do it. Image: Henry Cole Facebook.

The only drawback to this story, is that this episode of his European tour is going to be mostly an Adriatic coast filming trip for the Croatian portion. On Facebook he recently posted pics while in Ljubljana Slovenia and then after arriving on the Croatia side in the town of Pula. From there he will travel down the Croatian coast stopping at the mentioned locations, so he won't be heading north towards Zagreb or other parts of eastern Croatia to ride and explore the scenery and happenings there. Oh well, it should still be a very interesting episode I think, I'm actually sure of it. I've been to a few of the places he will be stopping at, including Krk. (I'm telling you, if he travels over to Baška on the island of Krk, the episode filming will stop and he won't be going anywhere, he will basically tell the camera and production people that he lost all the motorcycle keys and suddenly has an extremely sore ankle so he will be back in September, it should feel better by then. Oh, and to pick up some extra sunscreen at the store and one of those ice creams with the bear on it)

Joking aside, the episode will mainly have to do with riding and the routes and roads, but I think it would be cool to include the nearby Klis Fortress into the filming since the episode will finish in the city of Split. (It was a seat of Croatian Kings in the middle ages and very historic for centuries after, great panoramic views and even the Game of Thrones people use it for a filming location, but that's just me, although I should add that riding horses back in medieval times actually was sort of like riding a motorcycle when you think about it) Anyway, we'll have to wait until November to find out what all went on and what zany adventures took place. In the meantime I guess you can check out previous episodes or follow his Twitter and Facebook to get some more sneak peeks...

Serving local specialty seafood dishes to journalists in the city of Pula. Image: 


Some fantastic promotion coming up later this year when a series featuring Croatia on the Travel Channel will be beamed into more than 130 million homes…

Henry Cole, the famous British motorcycle enthusiast, writer, adventurer and TV presenter, is currently in Croatia filming for his long running TV show – World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides.

On Friday Cole was joined by Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin in the northern Adriatic city of Pula where they cooked together for guests at Konoba Batelina.

Cole will continue his motorcycle route in Croatia along the top of the Adriatic coast, including visits to the islands of Cres, Krk, Rab, and Pag, before heading down towards Zadar, Skradin and Split.

The show, which will broadcast on the Travel Channel in November this year, will present the best motorcycle routes in Croatia, whilst taking in local traditions and cuisine along the way.

Some footage of the official kick-off to the Croatian coastal tour filming. Here the show's host Henry Cole and the Croatian Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin serve a local specialty of fresh fish and clam seafood dishes to local journalists prepared by locally well known chef David Skoko in the city of Pula. (He was also shown some tips on how to prepare the dishes with seafood which was caught that very morning, which is the norm at this and similar restaurants). After Croatia the shows' filming will eventually take him to near Dar al-Jihad and then all the way to Bulgaria. Source:

This brief article and piece of footage is from Split at Poljud Stadium and came out only a few days after filming started, so it wasn't exactly a long and leisurely coastal tour. In the article he states he would have no problem becoming a Hajduk Split fan. Oh, also it's a Steve McQueen Métisse Desert Racer that he is travelling on, for those gotta know types.

I came across lots of similar Youtube motorcycle rides along the Croatian coast videos, so I picked a random one to throw in here. This one gives an interesting perspective of different routes from the city of Split to Dubrovnik, highways and byways. (Split is actually where the Travel Channel episode will finish in Croatia). It's mainly just the routes and immediate scenery but the last 30 seconds just made me want to keep watching to see the places he went to and what he did in Dubrovnik and the start of that new adventure, (I mean the city is just there minutes away within sight and then nothing), so I feel like it was a rip-off and an unfinished video.


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