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srijeda, 17. lipnja 2015.

Ana Konjuh Wins Nottingham Aegon Open & Her First WTA Title

I just wrote at my last sports related post a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't going to do another sports post for quite some time, however I can always change my mind. On that note, this milestone for 17 year old Croatian tennis player Ana Konjuh was too cool to pass up, because winning your first title happens only once. (Last year 18 year old Donna Vekić won her first WTA title too, posts below) Not much more to add about this, just the first step towards playing for other titles and lots of tennis matches to come. More information at the links.

(Since already here, I might as well add that the various Croatian women did very well at the European Championships in martial arts that have been taking place recently. Ana Zaninović added to her already large medal collection by winning silver, Maša Martinović recently added a gold medal in taekwondo and Jelena Kovačević finished out her long caeer and is retiring after taking silver at the European Championships in her category. Not too shabby)

Official website:


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Ana Konjuh Wins First WTA Title


Croatia’s brightest female tennis hope Ana Konjuh (17) has won her first WTA title in Nottingham, UK on Monday…

Konjuh beat Romania’s Monica Niculescu in Monday’s final 1-6, 6-4, 6-2 to win the Aegon Open, her first professional WTA title. Konjuh, who dropped the first set of the match after winning just one game, was to good for the world number 55 in the end.

The final was moved to Monday after rain interrupted play over the weekend. Konjuh had to win two matches in one day yesterday to make it through to the final. A great achievement for the Dubrovnik-born teen.

Highlights of the match. (Ceremonies footage HERE)

I might as well throw this French Open footage in too. A walk down memory lane to the first ever Grand Slam won by a Croatian woman tennis player, something for Ana to aspire to down the road. (This victory was also important because it eventually had a lot to do with Croatian becoming an official interactive language at Wimbledon for those not in the know)


Ivo Karlović Fires Record 45 Aces During ATP Match In Germany

I decided to throw in a related bonus story the day after. During a quarter-final match in Germany Croatian tennis player Ivo Karlović fired off an ATP record 45 aces, a new world record for a 3 set professional ATP tennis match. That's a lot of aces for a straight sets tennis match and not something that happens very often. This is nothing new to Karlović though, he previously held the most aces record  for a while until it was broken. For a while he even held the ATP record for the fastest serve also at 251 km/h (156 mph). More at

Every one of the aces in 93 seconds. 

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