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subota, 20. lipnja 2015.

Croatian "Ledo" Brand Ice Cream To Hit American Shelves

"Ledo Medo" and his Croatian ice creams are coming to a store near you, Beware. Image:

This is sort of cool, Croatian "Ledo" brand ice cream will be available in the Amercian market soon. Ledo makes good ice creams because I've tried them a few times every time I'm in Croatia. This Kroger is also the country's largest supermarket chain and not exactly some small local mom n' pop chain. Now, I don't know what the prices will be or exactly which products will be sold there, because they have lots of different ice cream products. (click onto to see what I mean)

Now with just a lick of your Ledo ice cream, you'll be able to magically transport yourself from the store checkout line or traffic jam instantly to a secluded Croatian coastal location like you're really there. 

They probably won't be as cheap as some of the types you see in some supermarkets, like those no-name tubs that usually go for around 4-5 bucks. Some of these Ledo ice creams have various fruits, nuts, other flavour and ingredient combinations resulting in really creative, good-tasting and sounding ice creams. Definitely not just sugar, milk and coloring plopped into a tub. (Once in a while I'll get one of those though, but I find that more than a medium sized bowl and it gives me the runs).

Ledo ice cream is especially synonomous with Croatian summers and of course the company mascot bear "Ledo Medo", he's everywhere and watches over the ice creams. (Really, he's really everywhere anywhere you go). Image:

I've posted previously about some of the various Croatian food related stuff you can get around here, not everywhere but they can be found, like products from PodravkaKrašJana spring waterZvečevoFranck coffee/snacks etc, and of course Croatian wines, liquors and some beers are not too difficult to find. (even other things like Croatian sneakers etc). But this is the first time that Croatian ice cream will reach non-European shores. It's a whole new niche and foreign market, so that makes it sort of historical also.

You see, I told you so, it doesn't matter in which city or what time of year it is in Croatia, he's everywhere.

I guess basically, there's a lot worse things to be exporting into foreign markets, It's Croatian ice cream after all, not extremists, terrorists, various wackos, philosophies, televangelists, fundamentals or other worse things. The Ledo Medo bear isn't going to come all demanding and insist this or that or to join his special interest group and shit like that, he's coming to just pass out ice cream. It's all about the ice creams. Perhaps many people didn't even know that we've been eating ice cream in Croatia for a long time, and even produce our own. The "Ledo" bear "Medo" is the company's logo and mascot, sort of like the A&W bear. When you see Ledo Medo around then you know there's good tasting ice cream around and fun, fun, fun stuff going on.

The only thing I'm concerned about is, how will the American market and public take to Ledo Medo? Will he seem like a strange foreigner bear in strange looking clothes and fur walking around the aisles of the Kroger stores? Will people point and stare at him, make fun of his accent and strange unpronounceable name, haircut and tie as he's doing his dance and handing out strange named never before heard of ice creams? "Obviously a foreigner bear not from around these parts, does Rooty know about this guy. What in tarnations is a "Silk Milk and a "Ledo Medo" anyway? It sounds like an Illuminati reptilian bloodline UFO-Merovingian abduction plot if you ask me, probably terrorist or Isis from the looks of it". Maybe Medo and Rooty will come up with some kind of new root beer float milkshake, who knows? After a bit of surfing I also found out there have been a heck of a lot of robberies at Kroger stores over the years, Ledo Medo better bring along his VHS-K2 for just in case and extra ammo, shoot first and ask questions later would be best probably because the ice creams must be protected at all costs no matter what, nothing must ever happen to the ice creams. This may be an important future post down the road. (btw, "sladoled" means ice cream, your Croatian word of the day). More info about this company and their products at

Croatian Ice Cream To Be Sold In American Market

The company mascot bear Ledo Medo says "Check it our fool. Fashizzle my blinged out ice-cream yo, stick it on your grill cuz it tastes whacked out yummy. Word!"


Ledo, as the largest producer of ice cream and frozen products in Croatia and the region, has sent its first consignment of ice cream onto the massive American market…

The export of ice cream is based on a cooperation agreement for 2015 and 2016 signed between Ledo and the American retail chain Kroger. The significance of this deal for Ledo and Agrokor is best seen in the fact that Kroger is the second largest retailer in the USA, and fifth largest in the world, with over 3,400 stores of varying format throughout the USA.

This is a fantastic export opportunity for Ledo, to place its ice creams on the demanding and deep US market. The cooperation between Ledo and the American retailer Kroger began in the segment of multipack ice cream sticks, which were produced under the private premium brand of this retailer, entitled “Private Selection”.

The business philosophy of Kroger has since its very beginnings been based on a high quality range of products, under the slogan “We never sell what we ourselves wouldn’t want”. This is an important recognition of the overall quality and potential of Ledo’s premium quality products.

“Over the past twenty years, Ledo has achieved exceptional results and a very high market share in the region. In this recent period, particularly after Croatia’s entry into full EU membership, Ledo has also entered onto new markets outside the region. In addition to the increased sales and profits, and the increasing efficacy due to the economics of volume, learning and experience acquired in operations on the international market has meant multiple benefits for the company and all its employees”, Hrvoje Kraljević, CEO of Ledo stated.


When I come across a commercial I usually check out a few so I threw in some random ones. Like the various Croatian beer commercials, the Ledo commercials that come around major sports tournament time or other events can be amusing. Oh yeah, they also produce various other kinds of frozen food products and Ledo Medo usually makes an appearance in those too.

This promotional spot came out the month before the Champions League final because Ivan Rakitić had joined the club, I added it to a related Champions League final match post HERE

They recently had a contest where kids could submit their own videos for their Disney's Snow White ("Snjeguljuca" in Croatian) ice cream and movie promotion, a few of them are funny.

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