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nedjelja, 7. lipnja 2015.

Ivano Balić Plays His Final Handball Game...Ivan Rakitić Scores Goal During Champions League Final...&...Lionel Messi Wears A Hajduk Split Scarf?

Well, it's Sunday again and you know what that means boys and girls. Yep, it's televangelist and religious and ethnic programming day, more so than the rest of the week. (ewww, those televangelists are relentless and sneaky, always having all the right answers to strange questions that nobody asks or cares about, always with the made up stories and so many promises sounding like a political campaign, and don't read these parts only just sit there and listen to the parts I want you to listen to and don't ask questions, and of course send your monthly seed faith gift for this cool vial of magic sand or cloth or shiny gumball machine coin for my new outdoor pool)

Lately I've actually been trying to avoid doing sports related posts, I don't get all excited these days about sports, various scorings and point celebrations, and also because frankly for the most part there's just so many more important and even interesting topics and subjects to post or comment about, such as celeb and movie news, the latest Bruce Jenner cutting his sausage thing and the latest comic book super hero movies casting news are just a couple examples of the subjects that really matter. (I'm only doing these because they're Croatia related, so you better enjoy this one because the next sports post may be quite a while, probably about the Croatian synchronized diving team or race walking team)

After quickly browsing some sites I noticed there's actually a number of Croatian sports related gold medals and accomplishments lately, from the last few days and even just today, however I decided to just quickly throw in these 3 that happened just yesterday so I won't have to write much. (Overall not too shabby for a small country with no 7-11's, televangelists or Walmarts)

Firstly, we have the Ivano Balić story, who after an illustrious 18 year career officially left the game of professional handball yesterday to go into retirement. It's going to be weird now not hearing his name when the Croatian handball team takes to the court. (I guess players like Domagoj Duvnjak and others will have to pick up the slack) There's even already rumours that he may become a coach, quite possibly even the Croatian national handball team manager, but it's still much too early to speculate and is another topic altogether.

Secondly, Ivan Rakitić scored the opening goal during last nights UEFA Champions League Final, the 4th fastest Champions League final goal if you're into that kind of stuff. Just last year he captained Sevilla FC to the Europa League Final and was voted man of the match. In the process the Croatian international became the 16th Croatian player to have played in a UEFA Champions League Final, the 8th to have lifted the silverware for the winning club and the last 3 Champions League winners had a Croatian on their team. He is also the 2nd Croatian to have scored a goal in the final. (Mario Mandžukić scored for Bayern Munich in 2013. See post HERE)

The others who played in the UEFA Champions League Final are:

Alen Bokšić (Marseille – 1993) and (Juventus – 1997)
Zvonimir Boban (AC Milan – 1994, 1995)
Davor Šuker (Real Madrid – 1998)
Goran Vlaović (Valencia – 2000)
Boris Živković (Bayer Leverkusen – 2002)
Marko Babić (Bayer Leverkusen – 2002)
Jurica Vranješ (Bayer Leverkusen 2002
Igor Tudor (Juventus – 2003)
Dario Šimić (AC Milan – 2003, 2005, 2007)
Dado Pršo (AS Monaco – 2004)
Igor Bišćan (Liverpool – 2005)
Ivica Olić (Bayern Munich – 2010, 2012)
Danijel Pranjić (Bayern Munich – 2010)
Mario Mandžukić (Bayern Munich – 2013)
Luka Modrić (Real Madrid – 2014)

*Note - I'm not going to even attempt trying to explain or comment on some players hairstyles seen during the match because they're unexplainable, some of them are just plain fucking retarded looking and technically it's not even hair anymore, if it was even in the first place.

Ivano Balić Plays Last Profession Handball Game Before Retirement...

Image: (Vladimir Dugandzic / CROPIX


One of the greatest handball players in the history of the game, Croatian Ivano Balić, has said goodbye to the sport last night…

Balić (36) played his last game of handball for his German club side Wetzlar against Goppingen on Friday night. Balić finished his last season with the Bundesliga’s highest number of assists. Balić, who was both a world and Olympic champion with Croatia, is widely considered by experts and fans to be one of the best handball players of all time.

He was voted 5 times in a row as the most valuable player in major international competitions, and is one of only two handball players who received the IHF World Player of the Year award on two occasions (2003, 2006). In the 2008 European Men’s Handball Championship he was the equal top scorer with 44 goals as he led Croatia to a silver medal and was also voted to the All-Star Team of the tournament. Balić will go down as one of the greats of Croatian sport.


Previous related posts: ivano-balic-honored-and-stumped


A few highlight vids from this past season and the last few years. (I didn't have anything to do with the background music btw, it should be noted though that the Guile Theme Goes With Everything and I mean Everything)

Giving a pep talk to the team during the final minutes of a game.

Retirement game images:

 ...Ivan Rakitić Becomes 2nd Croatian To Score A Goal In A UEFA Champions League Final...

Image: Hina

Images:  Press Association/PIXSELL

Timeline. Image.


FIFA President Sepp Blatter sent a personalized video congratulatory greeting to Ivan Rakitic for scoring the opening goal and winning the Champions League Final. (Video footage HERE)

It wasn't the hardest goal to score and I could have scored it myself, but then again I've seen lots of pro players miss or kick field goals from there.

Interview after the match. (In English)

The Croatian ice cream company Ledo put out a commercial about a month before the Champions League final, with contests and prizes etc. This commercial may very well have something to do with the next Messi part of this post. More info:

...& Lionel Messi Poses For Twitter Photo Wearing Hajduk Split Scarf?...


And lastly, none other than Lionel Messi was seen after the Champions League Final match wearing a Hajduk Split scarf. He was pictured with visiting Hajduk Split fans and he decided to wear their scarf for the photo, that's not something you see everyday. (I have that exact same scarf in a suitcase somewhere) I very highly doubt that this means he will be playing for Hajduk Split in the future, quite positive actually, but it's a cool and amusing photo.

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