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nedjelja, 21. lipnja 2015.

Photos Of The Day: 2nd Annual Croatian Majorette Championships (+Videos)

Well, I've mentioned this previously a number of times when posting on a Sunday televangelist programming day around here, (it's the day that has the most televangelists programs on tv than any other day of the week)...but a quick "Photos Of The Day" post usually puts me in a better mood. I might actually start doing this as a regular thing now, a "Photos Of The Day" thread every Sunday, a retort or whatever, in pictures. Pictures of anything at all, like majorettes in this case.

Anyway,  I don't know a thing about majorettes, and I never thought I would ever do a post about majorettes. Basically I know they have uniforms, short skirts and fancy boots, choreograph different moves, are good marchers and twirl batons in unison. I don't have any particular interest in becoming a majorette, and I don't even know any majorettes, however maybe someone out there will find the following information interesting and perhaps even useful.

For those not in the know, majorettes have been around in Croatia for years now. The Zagreb Majorettes are one of the more well known ones because they've been European Champions a total of 8 times since being founded in 1993. You will usually see them at special events, festivals, during parades and very commonly at various sporting events. (It's not always just folk costumes) They show up at pretty well all of the important soccer games, especially at tournaments time, handball games, basketbal, tennis tournaments water polo and even Medveščak Zagreb (Zagreb Bears) hockey games. (We also have cheerleaders in Croatia btw, they mainly do the soccer games) It seems this majorette thing is popular not only in Croatia, but in different European countries also, see photo and link at the very bottom.

These particular images are from the 2nd annual "Croatian Majorette Championships" that recently took place in the coastal town of Poreč in the Istrian peninsula. I also noticed that a local majorette sign was from Hungary and Italy, I don't know if they're Croatian minority/diaspora majorettes from there because sometimes they're allowed to take part in these kinds of things also, but whatever. At least the reader will know that there are majorettes in Croatia if anything. Why I've even heard rumours that Bruce Jenner might become a majorette, now that would be an interesting post.

Is it your dream to become a majorette? Do you want to travel and wow audiences with your twirling, marching and fancy uniform at parades, sporting events and special occasions?  Do you want to see flashing bulbs putting you on posters, newspapers and televisions? Are you going to tug on your moms skirt now begging to become a majorette? Well, here's your chance to learn more.....

(After doing this post I got to thinking, the ice cream people at Ledo should get one of these majorette teams to join Ledo Medo when ushering in Croatian ice creams at one of the stores. Now that would be a really impressive ice cream party. More about that HERE)




The Croatian Majorette Championships participants arrived to the opening ceremonies through the streets of Poreč . (Images are in no particular order btw)

Found some video footage from the Croatian Majorette Championships in 2013 that took place in the city of Karlovac. (Which actually is close to where my parents were from and that I've visited a few times, but I didn't see any majorettes those times)

A few more I came across, here's a short documentary about the "Zagreb Majorettes" that I was talking about earlier. This group have been around 23 years since being founded in 1993, they've even been European Champions 8 times. (Commentary in English)

So you want to be a majorette? Well here's some behind the scenes footage.

An interesting 20th anniversary montage of the Zagreb Majorettes from a few years ago. 

This image is from a previous Croatian Majorette competition in Zagreb advertising the upcoming European Championships in France. Image and more information from a Croatian Majorette Federation blog at

Image of the 2011 European Majorette Championships that also took place in Poreč.

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