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nedjelja, 14. lipnja 2015.

Photos Of The Day: Rijeka Regatta &..."The Button Dress"

A quick post about nothing really, just a quick nothing post on a Sunday morning. I was tempted to do a sports post because of some impressive Croatian results lately, but I promised HERE last week that I was staying away from sports for quite a while. So we're going to travel down the highway from my last post about Zagreb HERE from a few days ago, and head back to Rijeka for a few "photos of the day". With a population of about 250,000 Rijeka is Croatia's 3rd largest city after Zagreb and Split, as well as a major seaport and ship building center.

Basically in the first series of images it's just about a dress. That's pretty well it, the whole series of photos is just about a non-major fashion label dress. A local fashion designer decided to design a unique "Rijeka dress", and in doing so she asked passing by pedestrians downtown to participate by sewing on a button to help make it. That's about it. A pretty creative, and perhaps even a downright crazy/batty and deranged idea when you think about. I see, hear and smell plenty of things downtown but nothing similar to this spectacle. (This post in a way is similar to my children-cleaning-planting-in-rijeka post from a couple weeks ago)

It's sort of cool to show images like this instead of the usual drugged out prostitutes, stabbings and gang wars prevalent in the downtown and surround districts of Rijeka. The city of Rijeka has a higher murder rate than Kingston Jamaica, and because of the many favelas and shanty towns, gang violence, daily murder news and scat and donkey/goat scat zoo porn films production, that's why Rijeka is also called the "Rio of the Adriatic".

I like doing these types of "Photo Off The Day" posts once in a while, just everyday typical and common scenes in Croatia that usually aren't shown in the fancier glitzy tourist commercials, brochures and posters. (See some of my own personal pics from my last time in Rijeka HERE) Not particularly stupendous or important, but it's unscripted real life that's not televangelist or Bruce Jenner's chopped sausage related and interesting enough to throw in here on a boring Sunday morning. You can also click onto the tag links at the bottom for more related posts.




Fiumanska Rijeka Regatta 2015 Took Place

...As for this below second series of images, they're just from the 2015 "Fiumanka Rijeka Regatta" that took place yesterday, an event where yachters and sailors from anywhere in Croatia are invited to I don't sail or yacht, or particularly know much about sailing except for the very basics and how to do a few different types of knots, but they're interesting photos. A pretty cool scene to see actually if in Rijeka and looking out to the Adriatic sea. I did a few posts previously about some other local regatta's, in the hotter summer months one will see scenes like this quite often. That's about it, the event makes for interesting photos, case in point. There's more photos and information from this years Fiumanka Rijeka Regatta at



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Images are in no particular order.

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