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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Photos Of The Day: Spectators At The Red Bull Air Races In Rovinj

I'm not going to add too much, see previous post HERE  for more info about this same Red Bull Air Race event that also took place last year in the coastal town of Rovinj. Last year it took place in mid-April and it proved to be very popular with large crowds attending, lots of air racing action and basically fun for all. This year the event took place during the final days of May, so it was much warmer and over 50,000 people came out to enjoy the races.

Although this time I decided to not add just strictly images of the planes racing or the fans in the stands, (you can watch the highlight videos though), but rather revolving more about the other fans and spectators. It was pretty cool I must say, some of the people got to watch the exciting plane racing action from their front porch and lawns practically. (I guess it's another one of those fringe benefits of living near the water in Rovinj)

Rovinj is situated in the Istrian peninsula and part of the Croatian county of Istria. (Croats have a presence in large parts of Istria extending back to the middle ages and was also a part of the medieval Croatian Kingdom, your Croatian history fact of the day). Personally, I've never been to Rovinj, with cruddy ol' Opatija being the closest town I've visited in the Istrian peninsula, but it's on my list for down the road. The peninsula is shared by Slovenia and Italy also, there's actually plenty of events that take place in and things to see and do in and around Rovinj, even if it is mostly a quiet and calm coastal town, this Red Bull Air Race event is just a bonus. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can't go wrong with a Red Bull sponsored event taking place in your town or city that's for sure. You can hit the links for more information, images and video footage....

(I updated this post with a pic at the very bottom, I recently bought a Red Bull hat so I might as well throw in some pertinent inside information also)



I particularly like this pic that I came across, even these days Croatians sometimes will roast various meats (pečenka) on a spit (na ražnju), especially at larger gatherings just like in medieval times. Be it beef, a whole pig or lamb, it makes bbqing a steak seem like child's play, but it's well worth the wait, trust me. (The trick is salt and to keep basting it with lots of beer)

The fly boys stopped off in Rovinj Croatia for the third leg of this season’s Red Bull Air Race series.

Spectacular as ever the event saw competitors reach speeds of 370 kilometres an hour plus – low level flying along the shoreline much to the delight of the excited crowd.

Austria’s Hannes Arch enjoyed victory in Croatia for a second year running.

The 2008 world champion was just under a tenth of a second faster than Czech Republic’s Martin Sonka, who finished a career high second while Australia’s Matt Hall took third.

Two time world champion Paul Bonhomme of Great Britain leads the general standings after winning the first two stops of the tour with Hall in second and Arch in third.

The next air race will be in Budapest on July 4th.

Preparations during day before the official start of the air races.

Highlights montage from Rovinj.

Qualifying round highlights.

Round of final 14 footage. To watch the final round in it's entirety, click onto

Previous posts: red-bull-sidrun-in-croatia-for-hardcore-waterpolo






The hat you want is out of stock or they don't have your size? Not a problem. Just a few easy steps can turn a brand new rigid straight high front and flat brimmed hat into a comfortable to wear and more suitable to your style hat in no time at all.

Now then, as promised earlier. So here is the Red Bull hat I bought recently. This one is fitted and actually came as one of those flat brimmed hats with the more higher front, which I'm really not all that crazy about. Personally, over the years ever since I was a kid, I would always get the adjustable/snapback style of baseball caps and hats. It just makes sense to me and I like the style, Longer hair or short hair and I'm covered. I'm just really not into the high front flat brimmed hats, or intend to flip it upwards or sideways and angled like some 8 year old skateboarder kid, it looks cute on them but I'm not 8 years old anymore. (While doing some research and coming across plenty of Youtube videos about this topic, I found out that there are actually plenty of people out there who agree, tons actually, hence so many articles, blog posts, articles and especially Youtube videos on how to stretch them, resize them, and how to get the lower contoured front fit and familiar curve into your new high front flat brimmed hat)

Here's what I'm talking about, high front and totally flat brim, the tip thing and the teeth jewelry doesn't do it for me either.

Now, I don't wear hats all that much to begin with, actually very rarely. Usually just if I'm in a rush or having a bad hair day, or if I didn't wash my hair that morning and don't have plans to go anywhere or do anything particularly important, a trip to the store or whatever, or at the beach, in the forest, mow the lawn etc.

I just don't even like this jacket.

Anyway, this isn't the Red Bull hat that I initially wanted or planned to get. I came across a few other Red Bull hats that already had the adjustable snapback style and contoured front that I like, but the official Red Bull shop site in the U.S. doesn't ship to Canada. Then some of the sites I came across didn't have my size of 7 1/2 or were out of stock, the snapback and already contoured low crown hats are the first to go usually. (And some were obviously scammers selling fake Red Bull hats for ridiculous amounts trying to see if you're a moron, like how the hell could some bumpkin in some Arkansas small town have a genuine Sebastian Vettel autographed Red Bull hat? That's very improbable, oh only $250? and why also post the one hat photo upside down and blurry?) However, I do like this hat, I liked the look of it as soon as I saw it, I like the colour scheme, I like the pinstripes, I like the placement of the logo and the big "X", the overall look and design of the hat I like. ((This is the Red Bull freestyle motocross tour version hat, I don't ride a motorcycle anymore, but it's a dam cool looking hat) So after I got the hat, I had to do a little adjusting to suit my style. Curving the flat brim is easy and is the last part to do.

Here's what I'm talking about too, high square front and totally flat brim that always reminds me of a duck. It's really not the look I usually go for.

Firstly though, I had to get rid of the squarish high crown front look and give it the more contoured front. That was easy too, You just get your hairdryer and set it to medium or high, then hold your hat upside down in the palm of one hand, supporting the front where the logo is, then heat away just on that section from the inside. Circular motions with the hair dryer until your palm starts feeling the heat, then you know it's fairly hot and ready, then you just quickly put the hat on your head and simply contour and hold the front of the hat tight against your forehead and pressing against your head front and top for about a minute, as it cools you are actually molding it to the shape of your forehead and skull, magically turning it into a rounder low crowned hat right before your eyes, You won't get it perfect the first time, but you'll notice the big difference right away when you look in the mirror. I had to do it about about 4-5 times over the next day or so to get it just right and how I liked it. Looking at my Red Bull hat now, you would never guess it was a squarish hight crown front and flat brimmed hat before.

Like I said, doing the brim was easy, you can do it in between the hairdryer sessions. Basically and firstly, don't wet it, Do not wet the brim because you'll soften it, it's a tricky cardboardy mix of material inside and you still want the stiffness in the brim. Some people will tell you it's plastic but if you soak it you'll lose the stiffness, so it's cardboardy. (Don't listen to people about wearing it in the shower to shrink it, you can use hot water to shrink it but only wet the hat part that sits on your head, do not wet the brim) Just roll it up and let it sit in a cup, glass or can overnight. That's all you have to do, then every once in a while before putting it on just give it another quick roll and hold it in your had for 30 seconds or so. That's all there is to it, after a while it will stay curved all the time.

Now the thing with high front flat brimmed hats that are fitted, or any fitted hat actually, is that every once in a while the sizing will not be exact. It may be a tad tighter than what your other same sized fitted hats are, or a tad larger. (Remember, these fitted hats are individually hand made by people, sewn together by actual humans and not by error proof robots on an assembly line by computers. Your hat may have been the 1000th hat some person sewed together during their shift that day and at the time they were just thinking about getting the fuck off work already and having a cold beer and food at the pub or cafe and some non-hat sewing conversation)

A celeb example, in this instance the straight high front and flat front brim is combined with a 35 degree angle tip. This isn't me again.

This is the case with any well known brand that makes hats, be it Adidas, Puma, or a plethora of others, in my case it's New Era. It doesn't matter which brand, it's going to happen once in a while when it comes to these fitted hats. There are numerous ways to fix this also, simple easy steps to tighten or loosen your hat that tiny bit so it fits just right and comfortable like your other same sized fitted hats or snapback hats. I'm not going to get into that aspect here, it's very simple and there are lots and lots of posts, articles and Youtube videos about that also.

Same thing with the guy on the right, I really don't even like that jacket either.

On the flip side, you'll notice that pretty well all CIA and FBI hats are worn the way I'm talking about.

I will give you one tip though, if you need to loosen your hat a tad and come across a blog post from some guy who starts talking about scissors and cutting stitches, do not read that post and just go to another link. I came across him and I recommend not putting his tips into action. He's got different step by step photos, some which are blurry and a few that were missing, along with the steps on how to cut this with an xacto knife, snip that material with scissors, cut this stitching and then pull it out, then cut and rip some more and tear this off etc. He is a stooge and you will just ruin your hat if you follow his advice, there is absolutely no need to perform coronary artery bypass heart surgery on your hat to get it to fit a little better. Just move on to another tip article. (If you come across him, just return the hat and get the next size up instead, he may be a clone of one of the other hat brands trying to make you ruin your hat so you'll go buy another one, and another one....etc)

Here's another celeb example, flat as a vinyl record front brim combined with oversized enough to even fit over both ears. This simply is not my style, basically they look more like train conductor hats.

I also noticed that some guys take their hat collections very seriously, and I mean very seriously, some guys were talking about how they have 10 Red Bull hats, or 15 Red Bull hats, or 20 or more different fitted hats in their closet. (Oh yeah? well I got 38 fitted hats in the closet! etc, etc) One for this occasion, another for that occasion, one for clubbing, one for just hanging out, one for shopping, one for sitting around playing video games, one for the park or sitting on the porch, etc. I think most of them are probably living in their moms basement and have peanut butter and jam stains on the bedding. Do not let your life revolve around hats, in the end they're just hats that you put on your head. Do not start a hat religion or cult. I personally only have about 5 or 6 in the closet and usually only just wear 2 or 3 of them most of the time.

Ditto everything I said at the other photos. 

Also, like I said, I'm by far not the only one who feels this way about the hats they wear. That's why there's tons and tons of articles, blogs and videos about how to curve the brims and get rid of the squarish high front if you end up getting one that's not already that way. Why, if you just Google celebs in baseball hats you will see what I mean, you'll notice with your own eyes that the overwhelming majority of them also prefer their hats to be this classic and cool looking curved brim and front style. (Pretty well the only ones that really matter anyway or that most people have heard off or care about watching in the movies) Athletes also, the overwhelming majority of world class athletes wear curved brim and contoured style hats, even their fans.

Is it a hat or a balloon on his head? If I would have worn a hat like this in the military, the sergeants would have asked "What is your major malfunction? are you trying to look like a queer duck?"

For example take tennis players, it's pretty well always this same style, same with the fans. I could give Croatian tennis players and athletes examples and many other athletes examples, but I think Andy Roddick in a hat pretty well sums up what I'm explaining in the tennis department. The simple fact is that most celebs and athletes and all the best tennis players that wear hats wear curved brim and contoured front hats, even Federer, it quite simply is the hat style of choice for the higher echelon althletes and their fans, it is the preferred style for the celebs that really matter and have the most acting talent. Basically, the coolest looking and functioning style, and just like ties for suits, black leather jackets, Pez candy and dispensers or even a classic and simple slicked back hair style for special occasions, they will never go out of style, so that has to mean something.

Tennis players Andy Roddick, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal wearing their curved brim and contoured front adjustable hats the normal way. This is what I'm talking about.

Some guy named David Beckham, but the main point is he's wearing his hat the normal way and a hat with the features discussed thus far.

This is Chris Evans from a movie scene where he plays Captain America, do you see the contoured front and curved rim? This is fucking Captain America for fucks sake, would Captain America not know how to wear a baseball hat of all people?

I don't even need to write anything here.

Well, what do you know, why it's Ben Affleck during filming of Batman. Don't you think Batman of all people would know what he's doing when it comes to baseball hats? He can battle Gotham City scum while wearing the Batsuit but not know how to wear a baseball hat? Pfff as if. (Maybe Skateman or Color Kid but not Batman)

Here is a very rare view of Ivanka Trump wearing a hat, again notice the curved brim and contoured front, self-explanatory. (See related Ivanka Trump in Croatia post HERE)

Here's just one of many female celeb examples, Catherine Zeta-Jones in a similar curved brim and contoured front baseball hat and even wearing a black leather jacket at the same time, I could go on and on. (Who I also just happened to have posted about previously HERE on her trip to Croatia coincidentally)

So anyway, that's about it. I may do a future post about the pros and cons of velcro adjustable straps vis-a-vis plastic snapback fasteners down the road. But this is the hat I bought and the tips involved to personalize it better if you end up getting a higher front flat brimmed style hat and want to do what I did. (I was going to add just the pic and a few points, but I had to explain some things) Yep, I like this hat, it fits great now and looks how I want it to. I also really like the big "X" on it along with the Red Bull logos, just a really sharp looking hat from all angles. I like what it implies and the connotations. (Feel free at this point to listen to this background music while reading the rest)

...Because even if you aren't on the Red Bull freestyle motocross tour or part of any other official Red Bull event or sport tours, people will still know it's a Red Bull hat. And everyone knows about all the various sporting events, extreme lifestyle accomplishments, about the quest for adventure and immortality like the ancient Hyperborans, pushing yourself to the max and limits and the heart pumping adrenalin and excitement that is associated with and behind every can of Red Bull and every Red Bull hat. (And the cartoons, don't forget the all important amusing cartoons) It's the hat for risk takers, for those seeking individual personal glory for posterity, superlativity and truth, for those who want to be remembered for things other than some great awesome goal they scored when they were in elementary school or a game winning swoosh basket at the local YMCA. It is more than just cloth and stitching, it's much more than just that and much more than just a hat. It is a philosophy, a mantra for the ages, it is even the immortal voice of the Hyperborean gods from days of yore, it is their voice echoing across the peaks of the mountains, across the valleys below and the tall grassed plains even today. Truly, it is their epic tale to tell and so it is their hat also. It represents also that mystical inner voice that has traveled eons to you, many thousands have died in the hope to just see, touch and especially wear your Red Bull hat. Wear it with the pride and honour that it deserves, It is a symbol of all that is right and great and awesome on this spinning miscreant filled dirt ball in space, some people call it a planet. some people call it the world's largest food court, yet others call it the world's largest french fry eating contest or most real life 3D holographic round television. Yep, I guess that pretty well sums it up. I also like the big "X" on the hat because now it matches my ski helmet also.

I updated this post some time later with another one I got, where I did the same thing of curving the brim and making it more low crown, less straight and squarish and more contoured to my head. This one has an interesting design and background too I found out....Following a severe motocross crash in 2003 that left his son paraplegic, Mr. Kinigadner, (a former Motocross Grand Prix World Champion, KTM and the first motocross rider to be sponsored by Red Bull) and owner and motorcycle enthusiast Dietrich Mateschitz decided to create the “wings for life foundation” whose aim it is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. (There's a wings for life foundation logo on the other side of the hat also) and a large proportion of profits from this Kini-Red Bull hat and collection actually goes to the Wings For Life Foundation. ( Which is pretty cool because it's not only a good fitting and cooler looking hat now, it also supports a worthwhile cause, good to know.

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