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subota, 27. lipnja 2015.

Tisak & Candy Adriatico: 2 More Ways To Get The Good Stuff Delivered To Your Door...

I came across these 2 bits of information a while ago, which may interest some readers. One will come across lots of similar operations going on here where people of different ethnic backgrounds can import specialty or harder to find products and goods. Lots of times through specialty import stores, but also quite often on the different ethnic channels and programs, especially advertised in the commercials on weekends. (I noticed that coffees and coffee time snacks are right up there on the must get list too )

The first one would probably concern mainly those who live in the boonies somewhere or less populated areas who have a sweet tooth for sweets and snacks from back home, or miss some of those hard to get snacks from their last visit. (Especially those who live where there is absolutely no place to get their hands on them, not even in a specialty store) Different sized packets with assorted snacks, chocolates and candies that gets delivered right to your door, anywhere in the world. It's actually a Slovenian outfit and all the information is at their website, which is where I took the text from.

As for the 2nd part below, anybody who is from or has been to Croatia knows what a Tisak is. Those handy kiosks are found practically everywhere in Croatia, blink and you'll miss one. The very first Tisak was opened in the city of Split in the year 925, by none other than King Tomislav. (although in those days the Tisak mainly sold cheeses, figs, honey, olives and a type of candy made from dried cherries and apples, sort of a cherry/apple jerky). These days there are of course many variety stores in Croatia, but these Tisak kiosks you can find in the malls, near the beaches, near parks, at bus stations, near bus stops, any place with benches nearby, wherever people and pedestrians can be seen there is usually a Tisak just a stones throw away. (Click Here to see what I mean). There you can get practically anything you need and stuff you usually run out of...cigarettes, cold soft drinks and juices, energy drinks, newspapers, magazines, crosswords, comic books, moneygrams, bus tickets and passes, postcards, tabloids and all the reading material you can think of, SD cards, batteries, snacks, ice creams, maps, lighters, lottery tickets, pens. you name it whatever, even CD's and DVD's. They come in very handy.

Products available at a typical Tisak kiosk in Croatia. 

Anyway, for the past little they have also become a location where you can mail packages from, as in shipped directly from the kiosk. Not sure where the local post office is? no problem, just ship it from the Tisak. Sort of like the above Candy Adriatico, but if one was so inclined they could put whatever they wanted in the package/box and then simply ship it off right there from the kiosk. That pretty well sums it up, just 2 more ways to get the authentic stuff you want. Further information and all the options are at their website links below....

More information:

More information:

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Candy Adriatico - High quality candy picked by hand from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia in one box and delivered to your door

Different subscription plans can get the goodies right to your front door wherever you live.

More information:

We are from a small country in central Europe - Slovenia and we live in Ljubljana, which is considered one of the most beautiful and greenest cities in the world. We are very happy that we can, through the blog, introduce the world of sweets countries of the Adriatic Sea.

In particular, we wish you to present the country of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, which are neighbors, but different among themselves and they known for its amazing candy and desserts. Part of sweet desire you can even fill in a way to find out about Candy Adriatico, which offers a monthly subscription to the candy all three countries in one box.

Our desire is to excite you and get in a good mood when sweeten and discover new flavors of sea and sun at which you will simply enjoy.

Everyone, young or old, we look forward to bring you monthly surprise wrapped in a box.

Tisak Locations In Croatia Now Ship Worldwide Directly

Now you can ship anything directly from any Croatian Tisak location to anywhere in the world.

More information:

Now you can ship packages to anywhere in the world from a Tisak kiosk in Croatia and put whatever the hell you want in it. 

No time to go to the local post office? relax, just ship it from a Tisak. (They're also handy for when needing directions)

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