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srijeda, 1. srpnja 2015.

2 Croatian Air Force Combat Fighters Intercept Suspicious Civilian Passenger Plane

I wasn't expecting to post anything about the Croatian Air Force for quite some time, however this is pretty cool news for various reasons, and importantly you will only learn these tidbits here at Croatianicity, the blog of truth, facts and logic. (I don't always just post about sports, entertainment and sports-otainment all the time)

Fortunately the intercepted plane wasn't an enemy combat jet fighter or bomber but rather just a civilian British Monarch Airlines Boeing 321, but still. The important thing to learn from this story though is that the Croatian Air Force was ready and on the ball, prepared for any situation. As you know, these days terrorists and extremists or just plain wacked out individuals are intent to highjack civilian planes, afterwards possibly aim them at buildings or populated areas to cause as much destruction and deaths as possible. We've also all seen on the nightly television news reports about the destruction and mayhem being spread by the muslim-rap cartel and their various militias and foederati. I don't think I need tell people what could happen if they get their hands on a passenger jet plane, and this airline is based in London. (Take a look at Heathrow lately?) I don't think I have to remind people of the various suspicious international travelling types that hang around the airports there, at lots of international airports actually. Who knows what kind of plotting, mentally disturbed and bizarre ideas some people have swirling around in their grey matter, all the different languages, fashions and smells going on all over the place at the same time like a Walmart extravaganza, mall foodcourt or the local public library. One of them could very well be planning to crash a plane or decapitate things, even you. It happens quite often.

Well, the Croatian Air Force was ready and doing their part in making the world a safer place, protecting freedom, civilization and at the same time Croatian air space also. Luckily, it was just a case of the plane making no contact with air control which caused the alarm to intercept immediately, however it could have been much worse. If the airliner had suddenly swerved, increased speed and descended towards a town or populated area, or not responded at all, the Croatian combat jets would have had no alternative but to follow orders and blow it up sky high immediately. They also could have notified the Croatian Air Defence AN/FPS-117 Radar network who have strategically placed SAM batteries and then they also could have turned it into a flaming ball of aluminum in no time at all. The main thing is that while people below were eating, drinking, at the beaches, festivals and doing their activities, they were oblivious to the fact that Croatian jet fighters were busy potentially making the world a better and safer place. Nobody is going to fly into Croatian airspace unnoticed and unconfronted, we're good like that. (see Aircraft interception)

Also, since already on the topic, I might as well add that there is new information regarding the Croatian Air Force, which like I said I wasn't planning on posting about for quite a while. As I already reported previosuly, (see previous post links below), Croatia already upgraded and modernized their MiG-21 fleet last year, but that was only a temporary short-term solution as the whole fleet will reach the end of their combat flight life around 2020.

Good news however, Israel recently offered a jet fighters deal and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović has already stated back in April that Croatia will sign a deal next year to acquire new fighter jets. This is a couple years earlier than originally expected to start deciding and signing deals. Which jet fighters will be patrolling Croatian skies in the near future hasn't yet been finalized and won't be until 2016.  F-16's, Saab Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon, French Mirage, South Korean/ Lockheed Martin FA-50, the Israeli Kfir and some other possibilities are still on the table, A number of European countries are still operating MiG's and more European countries are looking to upgrade their jet fighter fleets. A number of offers will be on the table so it's a competitive market now in the combat jet fighters biz, which should benefit Croatia's position. However, whichever jet fighter is finally decided upon, purchased or leased, they too will be doing the same thing.

Namely, always being at the ready, protecting and making the world a safer and better place, making sure that no aircraft will be able to just saunter into Croatian airspace unnoticed and not be immediately confronted and proper protocol followed, protecting our beaches, our fashions, our soccer stadiums, film and music festivals, our restaurants, bars, beers and cheeses. making sure potential problems are immediately stopped with some AAM's and lots of explosions if need be. That's the main thing.

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2 armed Croatian combat jet fighters were alerted and immediately scrambled to intercept a suspicious aircraft not responding to air-traffic control and about to enter Croatian airspace.

Two Croatian MiG -21 combat aircraft today in conjunction with NATO command intercepted a plane that entered the Croatian airspace, according to a report by the Ministry of Defence.

The plane was a Boeing 321 belonging to British Monarch Airlines, which was on a flight from Frankfurt to southeastern Europe but did not contact air traffic control after already in Slovenian airspace. The Croatian MiGs immediately intercepted the plane at the border with Slovenia and then escorted it to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, after which they returned to their air base and finished their dinners.

"The entire airspace of NATO is a unique space and all the forces of rapid response tasks carried out an air policing act in a coordinated and synchronized manner under the command of NATO's CAOC (Combined Air and Space Operations Centre), which is responsible for initiating interception procedures," it was announced from the Croatian Ministry of Defence. Full report at

The scene of the freedom protecting and scrambling Croatian jet fighters probably looked something like this, but they just took off faster.

I came across this related recent Croatian Air Force spot that I found interesting. And yes that's right there's women pilots also, see related post HERE. (In the below video they're basically saying remember to wipe your hands after using the toilet, to eat the veggies on your plate, do your jumping jacks properly and to say your prayers before blowing shit up for freedom and civilizational progress)


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