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četvrtak, 16. srpnja 2015.

New Croatian "" Website Is Chock-Full Of Information (Not A Tourism Post)

Now you won't be saying "Just where in the hell is Osijek anyway?"

Firstly, even though it may look like it at first, this is not, I repeat, NOT a tourism post. (I've mentioned before a number of times how there are already plenty of websites and people working on that, go or don't go I don't care. It's all about information for the benefit of the reader, it's always about passing on the information that you didn't know before because it's informative) I just came across this one today, it's so new they haven't even got all the images up yet as I'm writing this. Basically it seems like a cool website even for just the basic information.

It's primarily a Croatian website to assist with destination options for tourists, created in collaboration with MasterCard, but it's much more. It's not like your typical touristy website. It's still basically summer scenes, but the coolest thing about it is that it also has a lot more locations that most websites don't have, not just the ones in the posters, brochures and videos. If anything it's a good geography lesson and starting point but with more real-time information than just a Wikipedia article. I also like that they included locations like Biograd, Nin, Solin and Knin which were residences of medieval Croatian kings, not exactly tourist hotspots but historical and interesting.

Obviously they cover the places most have heard of, but also the less well known and smaller locations and towns that don't get that much exposure, along with some basic information and links. So even if you're not planning on going there, you can still get a basic idea of what goes on, which places to avoid because of the favelas, drive-by shootings and crack houses, what exactly it looks like there, do they have paved roads, electricity, anything to do or see at that location? or even just where exactly it is. For example, paintball in Osijek is not usually the first thing that pops into mind. (not to mention the festival of potatoes in Opatija, "Bingofest and Bacon Days" in the capital city of Zagreb and of course the hugely popular annual Clean Underwear & Socks Parade in the city of Split)

When you hit the explore/#destinations link then at the top you'll see the options: About/Attractions/Activities /Restaurants/Bars & Clubs/Accommodations, like in the screenshot below, from there you can browse around and find out a little bit of just what the hell (enter location here) looks like, where it is and just what the hell is there to see and do there anyway. I just really like the fact that they included quite a few locations that most people have never even heard of and not just the well known more popular places. Well, that's about it. I found out also from the article that besides this Croatian site, they will be covering other countries in the region also with their own similar informative website. (It is sponsored by MasterCard after all, but then again they only support and take part in high quality projects and endeavours) All the information is at the website

(Now back to other stuff, I'm on pins and needles because I just found out Johnny Depp's wife might go to prison in Australia for smuggling, now that sounds scandalous and it happened at the same time that El Chapo got out of prison, again. Now that's just plain weird and ironic)


Screenshot of the website

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