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ponedjeljak, 20. srpnja 2015.

Photos Of The Day: "Into The Wild" Photoshoot Features Croatian Designs & The Famous Zvončari

I've been in the mood lately to post something creative, artsy and different from the usual stuff, so this is perfect. This was just passed onto me from one of my acquaintances in Transylvania, whom I haven't seen since 2011 when we were in Split. (She's from the House of Drăculești and actually related to the Croatian House of Novosel, there are things that go on in Split that's not in the brochures, various things, agreements, secret esoteric oaths and magic, that's all I'm at liberty to divulge for your own good lest you become a nameless statistic or just a nameless smudge somewhere and not even a statistic). It's an interesting photoshoot from last year that was featured in a German magazine and shot on location in Croatia and yes that's right......featuring the famed Zvončari.

I've posted a few times about the Zvončari because they also take part in the annual Rijeka Carnival, and other nearby carnivals and folk events. (You can hit the previous post links at the bottom for more about them and the Rijeka Karnival) The Zvončari (aka Bell ringers/Bellmen) have a folk history that goes far back to the times when the pagan Croatian tribes first arrived in the lands and Adriatic sea from the north, and they are especially notable in legends pertaining to the middle ages. Back then they were heroes who saved the locals from various intruders and foreign invaders, even protecting areas in the 90's from genocidal Serb rapers and ethnic cleansers, but without the fur pelts and cowbells of course. They also used to protect from malevolent spirits as well as welcoming the spring season, it's a pretty interesting history and long tradition. (In 1998 they defended against that Richard Simmons health guru guy and in 2005 they scared away Ernest Angley and his horde of freaks back to his yacht, neither of them have come back since and the lands have been free and safe)

A photoshoot that harkens back to folk customs from the early middle ages, and then some lingerie and modern women's fashion thrown into the mix too. In a way they dressed similar to those Norse berserkers in their outward appearance, then added bells along the way. A folk tradition passed down from generation to generation through many centuries. They were also added to UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

I have a photography background, and I have to say I like these pics, the model, the Zvončari, the backdrop and ambiance which gives the photos a medievalish times sort of feel, like from some kind of artsy Euro-flick, film noir or like a Stanley Kubrick film, (the maiden lost her way from the castle, it was getting dark and the full moon is rising, what's that chanting sound in the forest? those bushes are rustling, where did this cowbell come from? she picks it up then hears more cowbell sounds off in the distance).Different from the usual backdrops you'll come across in magazines and flyers. After viewing the photos you almost want to go grab some mutton, pour some mead into your goblet and hang around the castle, get the local wizard to do magic tricks for you, tell the wench to bring more mead and those jugglers for some amusement. (The women didn't hang around the forest in lingerie back then, but still). Also, it's much more than just about the costumes worn by the Zvončari , so much more than just that, you see they represent also the times that they lived through according to the traditions and legends, the events they took part in centuries ago are a part of Croatian history also, so it's much more than just furs, horns and bells etc at the Rijeka Carnival. Well, enough about them now, onto the images. The photoshoot featured Croatian fashion designs, model Marija Silov and took place in the forest near the small township of Matulji near Opatija and Rijeka. Some related links below.




"Into The Wild" 

by Marcel Schlutt.

A Croatian Story by Suzana Holtgrave. The Berlin based photographer captured Marija Silov @Colors Zadar in Croatia. Using labels like Kralj & Krajina, Sasa Obradovic, Silvio Ivkic, Marija Kulusic. Hair and make up by Sanja Rivic. Special thx to Dina Dedic and TZO Matulji. And the Croatian traditional carnival groups (bell ringers) and Grobnicki Dondolasi, Halubajski Zzvoncari, Brgujski Zvoncari. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

The story behind: Throughout Kastav’s area, and almost the whole North Adriatic region, preserved is the well-known tradition of bell ringers. The roots of this custom date back to pre-Christian times, when with the noise of the bells and scary masks with horns people toured the village repelling winter, evil spirits and invoking spring.

Blowing in the Antonjski horn they are announcing carnival of madness, and on the main square all groups from surrounding areas get together.


Photography and concept: Suzana Holtgrave
Nature Location Matulji-Croatia/
Dress: Sasa Obradovic
Cape and Pants: Kralj & Krajina
Cape and Skirt: Sasa Obradovic
Dress coded edge by Silvio Ivkic
Dress: Marija Kulusic
Hair and make up: Sanja Rivic
Styling: Suzana Holtgrave
Model: Marija Silov @Colors Zadar
Special thx to Dina Dedic and TZO Matulji and the Croatian traditional carnival groups (bell ringers), Grobnicki Dondolasi, Halubajski Zzvoncari, Brgujski Zvoncari

Click onto images for expanded view.

 Zvončari on their way to the Rijeka Carnival, they also get food and refreshments from people as they travel the biways through the countryside villages and towns towards Rijeka. 

Hrvatski dizajneri u fantastičnom modnom editorijalu

Suzanu Holtgrave imali ste prilike upoznati u intervjuu na našem portalu (Helmut Newton će uvijek imati posebno mjesto u mom životu) i mogli ste vidjeti zašto je ova fotografkinja s berlinskom adresom jedna od naših miljenica. Nevjerojatno talentirana Suzana početkom proljeća snimila je savršen editorijal u Istri u kojem je koristila isključivo odjeću i modne dodatke hrvatskih dizajnera.

Inspiracija editorijala bile su maškare i tradicionalni Zvončari koji su osvanuli na fantastičnim fotografijama uz divnu Mariju Silov iz Colors agencije koja nosi kreacije s potpisom Silvija Ivkića, Marije Kulušić, branda Kralj & Krajina i Saše Đukića Obradovića.

Editorijal je objavljen u KaltBlut magazinu. 

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