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utorak, 14. srpnja 2015.

Photos Of The Day: Croatian President Spends Night On Fishing Boat (+Video)

I've been busy doing stuff and noticed it's already been a week since my last post, I didn't even get around to doing my usual "Photos Of The Day" Sunday post. Well, I don't really feel like doing any of the interesting events and things going on right now in Croatia, because frankly it doesn't put me in a great mood when I'm at the store check out line. I was going to add some pics from this Rijeka Fashion Designers event because they held it at Trsat Castle, which is cool, but I did a similar post last year HERE that also took place at Trsat Castle. (I like all things Croatian castles and fortresses related, it doesn't even have to be a medieval related event, case in point)

Then I came across the article NATO Secretary General praises Croatia’s role in south-east Europe from a few days ago. But I'm getting really sick of all the praising, approval and accolades in regards to the Croatian military too. Yep, we know we're doing a great job battling fundamentals in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world and have been for years, (actually for centuries if you know a little history), yes we know our soldiers are doing a great job successfully completing missions for years, (even the women), going to shitholes where we don't belong or that have anything to do with us, yet there we are with the other NATO contingents, (not even one Croatian soldier has come back and committed suicide so I guess that's gotta mean something), yes we know that we show professionalism during the various military missions and exercises we take part of and also host, yes we know we're stabilizing the region and Europe and doing our part in protecting civilization, culture and progress in various ways, the region knows it and Europe knows it. It's getting as mundane though as all the Beiber butt photos and Bruce Jenner chopping his sausage off talk going on all the time on television.

The constant praise of Croatian soldiers, military and government has actually become boring to me, boring like your local everyday stabbings, shootings or Blacks and African gangs vs the Asians gangs killings, (I should add though that the Asian gangs are winning 38 to 14 in the 3rd quarter of the annual Tim Hortons Silver Coffee Cup Championship, a 2nd quarter penalty by the referee turned a 1st down on the 15 into a 2nd and 20 from the 25 yard line), boring like another Walmart opening or Youtbe video, (self explanatory), boring like yet another Canadian Senator bribery and expense scandal, boring like another ghetto drug overdose or shooting, (everyone passes by those stories in the newspapers, it's always straight to the sports scores and lottery numbers), boring like a long celeb Twitter selfie comments thread, (ingratiating and sycophanting selfie comment threads are just plain boring), boring like fruit juicer and carpet stain removal commercials, boring like televangelists and their miracles, boring like a Shopping Channel jewelry or moisturizing cream chit chat session, boring like Suhana Meharchand and her vaginal itch discussions, Bruce Jenner sausage cutting/new dress and Bieber butt analysis and exclusive reports, (especially when I'm just about to eat breakfast, and which btw are only taking away precious air-time from much more important celebrity news....such as Elvis sightings, plastic surgery and botox disasters and celebrity boxing, the people want to know the important celebrity boxing results, also she keeps mixing up everything and just calling it "news", I want news news, when I flip the channel to catch up on news, I don't want celeb news and bullshit sports news mixed in with the more important news news, if I want sports or celeb news mixed in with news I'll just flip over to the celeb and sports channel, news should be just fucking news and not bad acting, from cop bar and cafe shootings and stabbing or terrorists directly to American celeb comments or American golf highlights is not doing the fucking news), boring like yet another guy on a cooking show with yet another hamburger recipe claiming it's the best tasting burger ever, (it's fried cow carcass and bread with toppings), boring like all the sexy smooth, soft and manageable hair conditioner commercials, boring like bloody CPAC, C-SPAN and a Maury Povich show paternity test celebration dance combined (even some of them that look like a hybrid worm-bacon dance/moon walk/weight lifting/ants in pants/butt shake ballet), boring like a Jerry Springer episode hermaphodite lesbian Avon lady fighting with her cheating 7'-3" crack dealing lover/hairdresser, because he was fucking her brother who ran the Wack-a-Mole game at the carnival and got him pregnant, so now he wants a sex change to instead be the House of Mirrors counter girl, but he's saying the kid isn't his anyway, the real father is the local televangelist, who's in prison for scamming an elderly couple of 50 grand that was meant for a heart transplant, and then he went and blew it all in just one weekend in Mexico with a mentally retarded boy who had no arms or legs and lived at the televangelists orphanage, so that's why he couldn't make it on that Jerry Springer show episode. I might change my mind however and do another NATO related post, only if they along with the accolades throw in some free variable yield nuclear weapons, 10 to 15 missiles in the 0.3 to 5 kilotons range would be fine I think, it would protect people and coffee shops in the whole region, some biological weapons or napalm for any future trouble areas would be a good idea too. (Besides, nobody is fooling anybody, we all know Israel has nuclear weapons, we'll get some from them if we have to, maybe even some suitcase nukes,  nuclear opacity? pfff, as if)

So after some thought, I decided I'm going to do something else, something wacked, crazy, retarded and totally fucked up, something nucking futs, something related to the article but different, no soldiers, honour guards or military exercises in this one though. I also noticed that there are hardly any photos of any Presidents on actual real fishing boats anywhere at all on the internet, you can find images of them fishing or on other kinds of boats, but not nowhere on actual fishing boats. On that note I present the following fishing boat pics. (The fish caught on this particular trip were sardines, I just might do another similar post down the road if she she spends a night on one of the tuna or other fishing boats, if she spends a night on one of the lobster or shrimp fishing boats, you will find the all the details with pics here)

"The fish tried to get away and escape, but we caught them, the fish will now follow our orders."

President on All Night Fishing Expedition: ‘I Admire Fishermen’


Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović has spent the night out on a fishing boat – to get a closer look at what the nation’s fishermen experience and the everyday problems they encounter….

“I have to say that I admire these people (fishermen). All night we patiently waited whilst the fish gathered under the lights. I can only imagine how it is for the fishermen when the sea is not calm and it is not this warm to work all night and I really admire them,” said the President after the fishing expedition in near the Kornati islands in the early hours of Tuesday.

The President and the crew reportedly caught over 10 tonnes of fish on their trip.


Sorting the fish, keep the good fish but throw the crappy fish back is fishing rule number 1.

Inspecting the fish for abnormalities and tumours. Some of these fish will get prepared for frozen Ledo seafood dishes. (Ledo riba)

The fish are easier to catch at night, plenty o' fish to be caught under the moonlight.

A bowl of the fish before packaging, heads and tails still attached.

Netting the fish and contemplating as to how many fish does it take to fill a net. It's been the enigma and queries of many philosophers for thousands of years.

Discussing about where to put the nets, the nets are ready to catch fish. In the process the Croatian President has proven that women can be fishermen too.

Sunset photo of a dolphin. (I've seen a similar scene when I was in Rijeka as a kid, you really don't know until you're up real close whether it's a shark or a dolphin, it's usually always a dolphin)

Fish alert, the fish are over there! Throw the nets! We can catch those fish over there!

On the trail of the fish at night. In the morning it will be back to the usual business of importing 4rd rate crappy foreign music entertainment acts for the summer tourists and then the more important business of acquiring nuclear weapons.

I updated this post with the following video which shows some footage from the fishing boat and even some other behind the scenes tidbits. A typical 24 hour exposé of Croatian Presidential life. I've noticed she's put on maybe a couple of pounds lately, probably because of all those rich and creamy pastries, cake and cookies at the various NATO and international and government meetings, but it 's good to see she's on top of it, that's the main thing. (Probably a lot of people didn't even know she has one of those walking things at the official Croatian Presidential residence. (aka Presidential Palace, Predsjednički Dvori and Pantovčak) You see, you learn something new everyday. Perhaps a post down the road about all the different kinds of fish and seafood to be caught in the Adriatic sea and in Croatian rivers and lakes.

Exposé fishing boat footage.

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