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četvrtak, 30. srpnja 2015.

Photos Of The Day: First Day Of Training For HNK Rijeka At New Rujevica Complex

Some interesting pics today from the first official training day at the newly built Rujevica Stadium (official name: "Stadion Rujevica") You can hit the previous post links below for the whole scoop. In a nutshell, the old historic and original Kantrida Stadium was torn down last year to make way for the new Kantrida Stadium, but first it was decided to construct a temporary stadium for about 6000 spectators. This stadium that opened today will be part of the Rujevica Complex, the training and practice field of HNK Rijeka. It will also be used as the temporary home field of the team for this season.

When the new Kantrida Stadium is built next year this whole Rujevica Complex will be the teams training camp and practice facilities, and also used for local city soccer school, youth leagues and teams. Not an important post, but I think it will look really cool once the new Katrida Stadium is built, then combined with the nearby Olympic Kantrida Swimming Pools Complex that's already there,  the beach promenades and other bar, restaurants and hotels projects in the works, that whole strip along the shore will be pretty cool. I was around there in '09 and '11 and the view was simply awesome. Rijeka has Croatia's highest murder rate, even higher than Kingston Jamaica, and it's projects like this that will help get rid of Rijeka's image as a crime and drug infested city, the local favelas and ghetto murders will definitely take a back seat to these newer projects, so that's good to know.

All the work on the whole Rujevica complex isn't fully completed yet, but almost, these are pics are from todays first open practice session. More info at the links.




Images in no particular order from: and

Some footage from the first day of training at the new Rujevica complex. (Background music courtesy of Thirty Seconds To Mars and Tomo Miličević btw)

Updated footage, the new temporary practice and home field of HNK Rijeka until the new Kantrida Stadium is constructed in 2016.

Some views from 2014 of the planned future Rujevica Training Complex which is now completed, and Kantrida Stadium.

View of the former historic and legendary Stadion Kantrida. Built in 1911 over the years it's been on many lists of unusual and distinctive soccer stadiums because of the amazing Adriatic sea view and because it was situated between the steep cliffs of an old quarry. Some good aerial video footage HERE.

The new Kantrda Stadium scheduled to be completed in 2016 or early 2017. More images and info: new-kantrida-stadium-in-rijeka-update

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