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srijeda, 1. srpnja 2015.

Photos Of The Day:...2nd Annual "Most Beautiful Croatian In National Folk Costume Contest"

I'm not going to add much here, just a little background information and the article below. I posted about the first edition last year HERE then shortly afterwards edited for reasons explained at the post. I don't particularly care about or follow beauty contests, because most of them are rigged anyway, or the judges are either drunk or blind. I will just add that I don't mind doing a post now and then about his subject, because it's not something one sees often or knows much about, especially on this side of the pond. Some of the costumes reach back centuries and are thus also very historical. Some of the folk costumes, just like the men's folk costumes, can be very interesting, using different materials, styles, patterns, jewelry pieces/accesories, head coverings, there are some very creative ones that one doesn't usually see all that often. Some of the readers with roots from central and/or eastern Europe may find some the girls folk costumes looking similar in some ways to what they wear also. If the reader is familiar with the Croatian National Folk Ensemble LADO then most of them you will already have seen.

Different folk costumes from different eras and regions of Croatia through the centuries have their own personalized styles, motifs and way of dressing. Just like Croatian gastronomy, ie; different specialty recipes, cheeses, wines, ways to bake and grill etc, and like Croatian history itself through the centuries, there are also other customs native to Croatian regions, folk costumes included. This particular folk costume didn't take place in Croatia either but took place in the town of Tomislavgrad in Bosnia and Hercegovina. (For those not in the know, this town is credited with being the location where Croatia's first king was crowned, King Tomislav. Back in the early middle ages all of Bosnia and Hercegovina were Croatian lands and a part of the earliest Croatian realms, Duchy and then Croatian Kingdom. Tomislavgrad during those early middle ages was called Duvno)

Anyway, this contest was only for diaspora Croat girls (ie; girls of Croatian descent but living or born in other countries, no men's folk costumes or even medieval fashion and swords/helmets for this one unfortunately) It wasn't organized in Croatia or even a large event, but I liked some of the folk costume pics. The girls also strolled in their Croatian attire through the streets of Sarajevo and they also had the opportunity to travel to the historic medieval Knin Fortress in Croatia. They visited some museums and took part in some other events that were taking place also. The aim of the pageant is to preserve and promote Croatian culture because Croats are still a constituent nation and people in BIH. (You'll have to read at the links for all the specifics) The photos are in no particular order and keep in mind, THIS IS NOT A BIKINI CONTEST, HORSE CUM SWALLOWING, SERB SCAT EATING OR A HOT DOG EATING COMPETITION, IT'S CROATIAN FOLK COSTUMES.....





Nikoleta Mariana Vlasić from Romania has won the Most Beautiful Croatian in National Folk Costume Outside of Croatia contest which was held in Tomislavgrad on the weekend…This time 31 contestants from 21 countries including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Chile, Hungary, Montenegro, New Zealand, Germany, Romania, USA, Slovenia, Vojvodina, Sweden, Switzerland and Venezuela battled it out on Saturday night in the beauty pageant which is aimed at connecting Croatians from all over the world, as well as preserving and promoting traditional Croatian culture.

The first-runner up in this year’s contest, which is organized by the Stećak Association in Bosnia, was Klaudia Baturić from New Zealand. Franka Ivanković from Switzerland was the second runner-up, whilst Mirjana Jakšić from Hungary was Miss Photogenic.

Some bonus footage from the final event.

Photos are in no particular order.

Strolling through the streets of Sarajevo in their Croatian folk costumes. (Folk costumes in Croatian is "Narodna nošnja")

Dressed in non-folk costumes while visiting the historic medieval Knin Fortress in Croatia.

Checking out various displays at a museum about early Croatian history.

Meanwhile at the same time in Serbia your typical Serb protesters were protesting the existence of Non-Serbs wherever they may be found, as well as running out of goats to rape. Foto: reuters/pixsel

Nikoleta Mariana Vlasić from Romania was this years winner (3rd from the left) pictured with the two runners up.

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