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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tamara Ecclestone (And The Rest) Does Croatia

(Now repeat the title of this post sung to the "Gilligan's Island" theme song)....Yeah, yeah, I wrote before I wasn't going to do this kind of  celebrity stuff anymore.  It's really not my thing these days at all,  but this is going to be just short and sweet.  I saw that Tamara was recently on the cover of one of those Croatian celebrity magazines (pic below) and then I thought " yeah, so what? big deal... it's only like the millionth magazine or article about her".  Then one of my peeps at the local KFC just told me she's going to Croatia to holiday soon. Now "THAT" I thought interesting enough to quickly put here. (Maybe she's going down to pick up some of those chic Croatian "Cheek" bikinis, or stock up on burek, sir, ćevapi or yummy Gavrilović sausages and salami's, who knows?)

Tamara explaining that it's boiling.

The main thing is this is good exposure, for her and Croatia. (Maybe one of her people read my previous post and decided it was time again, lots to see and do in Croatia, especially these days)   Anyway, her mom and dad still visit occasionally also. Actually, over the last few years lots of celebrities, multimillionaires and even billionaires have been bringing their humungous yachts to the coast for fun and sun, or just relaxation.  Even members of royal families. It really is becoming almost like the Eastern/Central European version of Monaco at times lately, and large strips of the coast are very comparable to the French riviera, but surprisingly you don't have to pay $5-8 for a can of coke, or tip $50 to the guy who just handed you a towelette in the washroom. (Really makes me laugh sometimes when some people here ask stuff like "Where's Croatia? What's to do in Croatia? What's there?) There's lots of stuff to all around Croatia actually, but it's the coast everyone gravitates towards come the hot summers.

(I did a short tour of the coast as part of my vacation last summer, including Rijeka (where her mother hails from), Zadar, Split, and did similar in '09 including a short stay at Baška on the island of Krk.(Probably had the best seafood platter dinner I've ever had in my life there, I'm talking shrimp, muscles, calimari, rice, vegetables, crab, lobster, oysters, that awesome bread and a really big salad, plus a freakin awesome beach view to watch while eating. Just reminiscing, had to throw it in...) The Calgary Serb rumor mill has lots of them  heading down to Serbia for their festivities, bringing some of their cowboy palaroonies, yum, but that's another uninteresting topic.

...Come to think of it, If I was her, I would talk to Brad Pitt and get in on the action with this project, or something similar at another location. Just talking...

Overall, wise decision I think for her vacation plans this time around. The last I heard is she will be relaxing on the island of Hvar, which has become a popular destination for celebrity types over the years. I sent an invite through her website a while back, to get her to have some knee slapping fun at the local Calgary Stampede, however it just wasn't her cup of tea, something about being allergic to hay or cows or ptarmican sauce or donutburgers or something.

*(Shortly after this post, Slavica was spotted cheering on the Croatian water polo team accompanied by Zlatko Mateša, who is President of the Croatian Olympic Committee.  There was the added bonus of billionaire tabloid ex-loves gossip as Bernie Ecclestone also showed up. Meow..meow..hisss.hissss. She's also rumored to be moving in with daughter Petra in L.A soon, supposedly the surfing scene in Londontown is not that great these days, hardly any gnarly waves at all.  full story)

If you have no clue about who she, her sister Petra or mom and dad are, click on the links.  That's the view from here.....

Probably most well known for her avid cheering from the stands for Chelsea F.C. (aka "The Blues) Tamara has decided to hit the Croatian coast. Photo:

Update: July 13, 2012

Tamara hooked up with her sister Petra, Mumsy Slavica and the rest, and have been doing a yacht sailing trip all along the coast since first mentioning this story.  Starting from the island of Hvar then with stops on the islands of  Mljet, Vis and then today coming ashore in the medieval city of Dubrovnik for a stroll.  Later they dined at one of the best local seafood restaurants 'Proto'.  Nothing particularly exciting, but they usually keep a low profile, so these photos are kind of rare.  I actually doubt even lots of the other Dubrovnik strollers even have a clue as to who they are.  Dadsy Bernie Ecclestone stops in Dubrovnik often as well. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival just started up a few days ago, so things get very eventful come the evening.  (Actor Jeremy Irons touched down in Dubrovnik shortly after the troika departed)  Today they will sail the short trip south to Montenegro for the day,  where Tamara has never been. (btw, for readers from the vicinity of Calgary, the guys seen in the background in some of the photos are not gay, they're just wearing a popular summer clothing item, worn mainly in very warm weather or when on the beach, that are commonly known as  "shorts". Also those things seen on a lot of the females feet, those are various forms of something that in the fashion world industry are known as "sandals", those things that are covering the women's bodies, those are various forms of something  called "dresses."  Those things a lot of the women are holding or hanging on their shoulders..those are called "handbags/purses", they put stuff in them like gum, tic-tacs/mentos, hair brushes, perfume, pens, pills, keys, sunscreen, handguns, acne cream, magazines, mickey's of vodka, cellphones, bikinis, sometimes even mini bottles of their favorite very hard to find salad dressing. (There's a store in Calgary called Wiinners, I've seen women sometimes look at them, pick them up, look confused, then put them back and walk away..Just FYI)... Petra even designs her own line of handbags named "STARK".  Those darker colored spectacle looking things covering their eyes, those them are called "sunglasses", sometimes aka "shades". Again just FYI) More pics/info below...

Some footage from the earlier part of the day in Dubrovnik. There's also a good shot at the end of Slavica's yacht, which they travelled all the way up the coast with from the island of Hvar, named "Diamonds are Forever".  Tamara is not with her boyfriend Omar anymore these days, supposedly to no ones surprise in the UK tabloids, shortly after this trip she discovered that he cheated on her by making a sex video involving a transexual. (That's a chick with a dick btw) Some UK tabloids predicted this early last year.  It's not known whether there will be a leaked video in the future, but the rumour mills are saying that there was lots of lube, furry pink handcuffs, catwoman masks and licking/close ups involved.  (a fair amount of moaning as well)  Tamara then traveled to LA to meet up with Petra to have some ice-cream and burgers then did some shopping to help get over the situation.  She is also busy with her charity, where to date her used clothing items have raised almost £185  for charity. (For some strange reason her Twitter followers, although very big fans are extremely cheap, I'm talking scrooges)

Tamara and her ex-boyfriend being blissfull and happy during happier and more blissful happy times in a happy and blissful Twitter selfie picture photo (At least they have this photo for posterity but now all the Twitterites will be heart broken not being able to comment and retweet)

I'm not sure, but I think Tamara just may be happy and excited to be in Croatia. (It's a good thing there were no Serbs with bombs around that day)

In this series of tweets Tamara is explaining that she thinks the coastal islands look beautiful. She then finishes off with asking peoples opinion about what she should do in Dubrovnik that night. The troika and the rest ended up going to dinner that night.

Sister Petra played it low key as usual. Even during one of their previous vacations to Croatia in the city of Zadar, Petra mainly spent time chilling out, reading, suntanning and comparing different cloth patterns and scrims etc, Pics Here. (Here's a Croatian history lesson of the day for you because I know you all love Croatian history and just can't get enough of it, so just a snippet this time... Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos in his Latin titled Greek text royal document "De Administrando Imperio" and based on the imperial archives described how in the 7th century during the time of Emperor Heraclius, that the Croatian tribes arrived to Dalmatia, Pannonia and Illyrcum, so this means that us Croats actually have had a history with early Dubrovnik history and the surrounding area for quite some time, fascinating stuff. Tip of the hat to ol' Heraclius and Constantine VII) 

Meanwhile in Serbia it was other kinds of summer activities.....


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