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četvrtak, 13. kolovoza 2015.

"Croatia Squad" DJ Spreading The Word Around The World

Firstly, this is not about the Croatian national soccer team, and I'll remind the reader that besides being the blog of truth, this is also the blog of any interesting or quirky Croatia facts. I'll throw this one in between interesting and quirky I guess. The main thing is it has the word "Croatian" in it so it's a Croatia related post.

It's actually pretty cool that this Swiss based DJ chose "Croatia Squad" as his DJ name. I found out he's actually very popular and well known all around the world, so he's spreading the name of Croatia wherever he goes and performs, that's blog post worthy I think.

I just threw in a few photos and Youtube links to give a basic idea. I didn't go over every song but the few I added here I don't mind. It's the kind of stuff you will hear in Croatia coming out of bars and cafes along with other music. (It's not always just Croatian music or artists). I would have no problem walking into cafe around here, if there were cafes around here, and if these tunes were playing in the background. There's a lot worse crap and garbage going under the name of "music" floating around the airwaves and in the air these days, and also a lot of stupid DJ names too. (You can't have every DJ have a name including Dog, Base or Max after all, that would be absurd and obtuse)

If I walked into a place and this stuff was playing, I of course wouldn't right away put a lampshade on my head either,  and start chugging Jägermeister, vodka or rakija (fruit brandy, your Croatian word of the day) and beers and then bacon dancing and yelling "Hey, anybody got any glow sticks! Gimme some glow sticks and your titties Wazzzuuup!!" Nope, that's not me or my style because I'm kind of weird that way. (Well, maybe some of the drinks I would have, but no weird hats and the rest)

I came across this in Croatia Squad's Twitter feed and it shows exactly what I'm talking about. Wtf does it even mean? If you listen to Croatia Squad then you're a nigg or not real? Croatia Squad is a real nigger? If Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, Lorde or even James Hetfield likes a song or two then they're a real nigg? Wow I didn't know that. I've been a nigg since the 90's and I didn't even know it. Goran Višnjić and Davor Lukšić? They're really just a couple of Croatian niggs actually probably too. 

I read in a few places that "Croatia Squad" is categorized as deep house, nu disco, dance, electronic disco, rave, progressive house, nu progressive disco, techno dance and a few other genre names, but I'm personally none of the above. I'm eclectic. I'm not a raver, rambler, disco freak, headbanger, country twanger cowboy, alternative, nu metal, classical, pop raver, rocker, trance, ambient dark waver, nu techno dancer, progressive techno nu trance etc and so on. I just know what I like and what I don't like. Basically, it's very simple criteria I go by just like food and clothes...if it sounds good to me then I'll like it. If it sounds shitty then I won't listen to it. I listen to various genres depending on my mood and my mp3 player song list would probably surprise many. Besides many well known music artists have been influenced by different genres and artists, you would be surprised, even including classical music and composers. Even Thirty Seconds To Mars do a cover version of a Bjork song believe it or not. (Even I was listening to early Bjork for a time in the early 90's along with other stuff, true story)

I don't know why he decided upon "Croatia Squad" or the whole story behind it, but I'm glad he did and it seems to be working out well. (It might have something to do with there being a fair amount of Croats in Switzerland and people of Croatian descent, or maybe even because of Shania Twain) Not a bad gig, getting to travel around the world doing his DJ thing , having probably one of the coolest DJ names in all of DJ history and also helping people with their geography while at it. There are artists and DJ's who perform similar music in Croatia also, but none of them that I've come across have a similar name. Maybe a future one will choose a name something like "Croatian Division", "Croatian Legion", "Lords of Croatia", "Barons/Dukes of Croatia", "Croatian Dragon Witches" , "Croatian Alchemy Magic Society". "Hyperborean Croatian Wizards Squad", Croatian Witch Cult" or something like that, sounds almost medieval-ish yet techno and modern.

Well, that's about it, do with this information what you will. The main thing is he picked a cool name and in the process is spreading the name of Croatia to audiences all over the world so they will know where it is. This makes my activities on this blog easier also. (Remember, DJing is always and at all times about geography when you get right down to it, well geography, beats and never about Serbian Squad because Croatians don't make or promote newborn baby fucking music, and that's the main thing). This information may also come in handy down the road if you become a television quiz show contestant or come across it as a trivia board game question. (..."For 100 points what country is Croatia Squad named after?")

It's the art of sensitive noise, subtile sounds and beats in order to make it a musical experience for every listener. 'Croatia Squad' is some of Switzerland's most wanted and respected deep house and nu disco producer. Creating not only tracks, but more circumstances of life and society.


Croatia Squad is a staple on the up-and-coming Enormous Tunes label. Headed by Swiss beauty and one of the fastest rising stars in electronic music, Nora En Pure, Enormous Tunes has carved out a nice niche by continually presenting listener’s with some of dance music’s most relaxing and down-to-earth stuff to date. “All The Girlz” features a catchy vocal hook to reel the listener in before the piano and percussion pattern really have you groovin’. A various assortment of cowbells and other whistles make the track whole and upon listening it is easy to see the progression the track makes as a whole. Croatia Squad is a producer on the rise along with Enormous Tunes, and the expansion of this label, and the development of his talents prove to us that the sky is really the limit for this young producer.

More information:

Everywhere "Croatia Squad" goes people will also learn geography.

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