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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Croatian Foreign Worker Tomislav Salopek Abducted In Egypt, Threatened With Death In New ISIS Video

Well, these are the types of posts I don't like to do at all, unfortunate and a crime against civilization and normality, but someone has to do it. I read about this when it first came out on July 22nd, but information was sparse until today. The worst scenario that could have happened is taking place it seems, just one of many similar scenes over the last while.

Tomislav Salopek had been working in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, as a surveyor for the French company CGG. Reuters reported two days after he was taken that his car was stopped by militants while Salopek was traveling to work. In a brief statement, CGG said “His car was stopped by an armed group who forced the driver to leave the car and then took off in an unknown direction.” General Geoscience (CGG) specializes in the exploration and production of gas and oil.

The below video footage just came out today. A masked extremist in the new video stands over a Tomislav Salopek, who they have threatened to kill if Egypt does not release 'Muslim women' held in its prisons within 48 hours. This is the kind of stuff that the Serbs were doing against Non-Serbs in the 90's all over the place, abducting and or killing unarmed people during their Serb jihads. (example), and even recently actually going overseas to fight Libyans for murderous dictators and other similar scanarios. (I kid you

I wil just add a few words about this though, in my opinion, no matter how much pay is offered to take on employment in all of these places, they should all be refused. Even if it's 100, 200 or 500 dollars an hour it's just not worth it. If it's 50 thousand dollars for a week long stint, it's still not worth it. No amount of money is worth having your blood spilling in the sand and your head chopped off in many cases. Until these places get their shit in order nobody should take on any work there, even if your current job requires to travel there. If you have any common sense, from this time forward I would be packing if you are already there. Anyone reading this and not taking my advice has a major malfunction and needs a major shrink session. Even looking around at the all the illegal migrant invasions trying to get into the UK and France and other places the past few weeks, Italy especially lately, it' s been shown and proven to be part of an orchestrated invasion of extremists and fundamentalists posing as otherwise and orchestrated by extremist human smugglers. You just have to read the news and all the sources to see and know what's really going on, it's a subterfuge and a silent jihad. For centuries during the early middle ages Islamic conquests and then Ottoman empire it was wars, battles and invasions with swords, not it's by hook and by crook and free benefits. There are plenty of internet sites that give all the real stats and behind the scenes facts that your local news chat sites don't touch because they're scared, of truth and of the realities. They don't want a local or even a foreign Imam or leader to order them to walk into the television studios spraying bullets like they did in France recently. Some of the comments at the sites openly mocked western nations for being so gullible and stupid for helping and even accelerating their silent jihads..."the stupid white people", "all the children of the infidels will eat only halal meat" "every knee shall bow to Allah" "Prophet Muhamud and Sharia law for all the kafirs" etc. (they're words not mine)

A bunch of Croatian tourists in Tunisia staying at a nearby hotel recently escaped from being killed during the 2015 Sousse attacks, that nut job extremist was described as always smiling, friendly and he even dressed like a typical beach tourist, until he suddenly pulled out an automatic weapon and gunned down 38 people, including 30 people from the UK. Just over the last few years there have been hundreds of foreign hostages, does this not mean something? Anything at all? Maybe it means something? This is the way it goes in those parts of the world these days especially, self-destruction is the new normality, self-implosion by the day and even hour, self-imploding creeds and dogmas and even self-destructing against each other at times and then blaming everything and everyone else. Run to the infidels from our civilization that is a self-imploding vortex killing us with our own words, using our own words to self-destruct us. Just back in February 2 Japanese hostages were killed, one of them a journalist. The militants declared it was because Japan was supporting the coalition attacks against ISIS, however Japan has only been giving humanitarian aid to nearby countries, no soldiers or Japanese military involvement at all.

Front page of some of the Croatian dalies.

Another Croatian news daily front cover showing the leader behind the order of the kidnapping. 

It's bad enough that many of them have arrived to foreign shores to start various jihads, do you want to go live and work even temporarily where they are are the majority, all those crazy wacked out ideas and beliefs floating around in their minds, no thanks. Fix your country first then people just might think about it. No amount of money is worth that risk anymore, these days you would need to have a team or at least one Croatian Special Forces member with you at all times just to go to work, stay with you while at work and then travel back home with you, even to go with you to the washroom. (It's getting as bad there as Rio and lots of American cities practically) Why aren't these large companies doing that anyway come to think of it?, as in providing some kind of special security for employees who are putting their life on the line for their profits? Also, it doesn't matter who's abducted in the first place, but why a Croatian anyway? We have no troops there and we aren't taking part in any of the recent and current anti-ISIS military actions that have been taking place, he wasn't even working for a firm related to any military industry, what does that tell you? It tells you that you can be next and will be next. They're going to have to start renting buses for employees with armed special forces guards on board to take them to work and back, escort them everywhere they go actually.

My personal view is that this is just one more in a long line of proofs for normal people to stay away from these countries these days. No amount of money is worth working even temporarily in nations and civilizations that are imploding, cultures that are elf-destructing on a daily basis, nations filled with various religious kooks and creeds that would be more than happy to chop your head off, (especially if you're unarmed, alone and minding your business just doing a job) religions and religious beliefs based on committing massacres, bombings and "spilling blood all across the lands" as they have been quoted as saying. If you do go and something happens then you will have no one to blame but yourself. That's another topic though, perhaps for another time. That's the way I see it and that's the way it is and I always tell it like it is naturally, with sources to back it up. Anyway more information about this recent news at the links...


More information:



Salopek and his wife, Natasa. (Facebook)

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