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nedjelja, 16. kolovoza 2015.

Filip Hrgović Wins Gold At European Amateur Boxing Championships

I don't really follow boxing but this might interest some people. Filip Hrgović took gold at the recently held 2015 European Amateur Boxing Championships in Samokov Bulgaria. This ends a 42 year drought of of gold and certainly makes his chances for a medal at the upcoming Summer Olympics very possible. He was recently the March AIBA Boxer of the Month. (More on that at Hrvoje Sep, who also competes in taekwondo I found out, took home the bronze in his middleweight category. More information at the links.


It was a historic weekend for Croatian boxing after Hrvoje Sep won a bronze medal in the middleweight category and then 23 year old Filip Hrgović returned home as the new European boxing champion in the super heavyweight category.

Hrgović, who was also the world junior champion in 2010 dominated in all three rounds and won a unanimous decision victory.

Hrgović is the second Croat ever to win the title of an amateur European champion. Mate Parlov won the gold medal in 1971 and 1973 in the middleweight category but this is the first time ever a Croat won the title in the super heavyweight category.

List of all medals won by Croatians at the European Amateur Boxing Championships:

1951. Milan, Italy: Milivoj Bulat (-60 kg) bronze
1953. Warsaw, Poland: Tomislav Krizmanić (+81 kg) bronze
1969. Bucharest, Romania: Mate Parlov (-75 kg) silver
1971. Madrid, Spain:  Mate Parlov (-81 kg) gold
1973. Sanjak of Smederevo: Mate Parlov (-81 kg) gold
1985. Budapest, Hungary: Pero Tadić (-81 kg) bronze
2000. Tampere Filip Palić (-60kg) silver
2000. Tampere Stjepan Božić (-75 kg) silver
2004. Pula, Croatia: Vedran Đipalo (-91 kg) bronze
2004. Pula, Croatia: Marijo Šivolija (-81 kg) silver
2006. Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Mirsad Ahmeti (-54 kg) bronze
2011. Ankara, Turkey: Hrvoje Sep (-81 kg) bronze
2015. Samokov, Bulgaria: Hrvoje Sep (-81 kg) bronze
2015. Samokov, Bulgaria: Filip Hrgović (+91 kg) gold

Full boxing match footage. 


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