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petak, 28. kolovoza 2015.

Photos Of The Day: An Evening Of 'Ri Dance' At Trsat Castle In Rijeka (+Video)

I've done a few posts before about some of the events that take place at Trsat Castle in Rijeka. (Those posts are below). It seems there's always something going on there in the summer, be it some kind of fashion or art or music event or a medieval times folklore and legends events, (They hold some pretty cool concerts there too) and so here's some pics from some new modern dance event that took place just a few days ago.

Now I personally don't dance, I don't follow modern dance either, I couldn't tell you a thing about what's involved with modern dance or their dance moves. I quite simply know absolutely nothing about modern dance. However these are some interesting pics and I like ambiance and atmosphere of the event, a lot more interesting than a touchdown celebration dance personally speaking. I was at Trsat Castle a few times, but my last stay in Rijeka was during a busy traveling schedule and there wasn't something similar going on at that exact time. If there was something I probably would have gone, because I remembered to pack some nicer shirts and pants and shoes, that way I wouldn't show up in just shorts and a t-shirt and look obtuse while ordering some wine and eating cheese etc. (Trsat Castle was built by Croatian nobles in the13th century and has had a very eventful history over the centuries, notable especially in defending Europe also, when it was used as a base fortress to successfully repel the Muslim jihads, Moors and Saracens especially)

This seems much more interesting than al the lemon parties that go on around here. I think even if you don't particularly even care much about the art dancing, it would still be cool to hang out there and have some drinks, watch the accompanying dry ice and light show or even for just the amazing view of the city of Rijeka down below. It's a pretty cool panoramic view. Some of the dancing is even sort of like that vampire dancing that you see some of the vampire women in the movies do, and actually very similar to what the dancers and jugglers during medieval times did.

Also, this evening entertainment event didn't have anything to do with the current large scale tragedies and terrible dolphins crisis going on all over the news lately, so that's as good a reason to go as anything. You can sit back and enjoy the art dancing, drinks and conversation or just view the images and have a clean conscience knowing that you aren't endangering any dolphins, which is very important. Anyway, more information about this particular dance company and event at their website More images and information at the links also.


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Dancing around and around in the castle grounds, casting their dancing spells under the full moonlight..buhuhahaha.. "Ri Dance" website:, Trsat Castle official website:

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