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petak, 14. kolovoza 2015.

Photos Of The Day: Summer Coastal Sunsets In Croatia

I'm finding all the local botched drug deals, shooting and stabbing news kind of routine and boring, so here's some nature pictures of summer sunsets in Croatia that I came across. Nothing fancy, artsy or touristy, with absolutely no celebs, models, bikinis, beach scenes, soccer stadiums, castles, cruise ships or hotels either. Just your basic ol' summer sunsets but still cool looking photos I think. I've seen the coastal summer sunsets in Croatia a number of times and it does really look like this, even at a few of the photo locations shown. There's absolutely no need for photoshop or special effects to capture some of the scenes and colours like this. A few of them would probably look good as a desk top photo.

Why, I remember it just like it was yesterday, particularly when I was in Rijeka last time, because there's lots of those seagulls flying around which adds to the sunset scenery. We were strolling along the water front having those ice creams that you can't get around here. Really good ice creams, The sun was going down and turning the sky different shades of purple, blue red. Some sailboats and other boats off in the distance and tied up at the dock, some kids and older men were fishing nearby, a nearby bench some more were playing chess. The people were filling up the nearby downtown main Korzo area, the patios were filling up and different music in the air, The sky was then turning an even darker purplish red, the waves were slapping against the pier and the tied up boats. All the ghetto fuckos, shootings and stabbings were a universe away. We finished our ice creams and then headed towards the downtown just a hop and skip away, the streets and patios were already filing up, the seagulls bid us farewell and told us to to meet them again sometime.

I think it may be images like this, and other summer tourism related images, why some people may get the wrong impression that it doesn't snow in Croatia, or that we even have winters and winter sports. Au contraire, Croatia really does have four seasons including the coastal areas, some of the locations shown here also will get snow in the winter. It makes it look completely different then and you would never know by looking at just these below images. (See snow-skating-in-opatija-croatia and photos-of-snowy-split-and-zadar to see what I mean) Anyway, if you want to see the other sunset images hit the link below.


“The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida.” – Alfred Hitchcock in 1964 during his stay in Zadar

If your Croatian holiday has ended already and you are missing the spectacular sunsets, we thought we would help relive them by bringing you a compilation of some of the most stunning sunsets in the country compiled by popular Dalmatia-based blogger Chasing the Donkey.

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