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subota, 1. kolovoza 2015.

Sit On The Game Of Thrones "Iron Throne" Next Time In Dubrovnik (Video)

Now you too can sit on the real "Iron Throne" at King's Landing, above someone is seen chilling out on the Iron Throne. Image:

I came across this one today and then remembered I posted about it a while ago, so I might as well finish it up. It's not all that important or exciting as lots of the other stuff going on currently, but this is the blog of truth after all, the blog of truth and little known interesting and even quirky facts. There's not much more to add, a cool little known option worth checking out if in the area. (Do not jump on a plane just to sit on the Iron Throne because that would be ridiculous) Below I just put some text from the original post HERE which gives a little background info about the island.

This island located at the southernmost tip of Croatia is a small nature reserve and special forest vegetation reserve, and for the most part is unheard of outside of Europe, but it has it's fair share of legends and a long and interesting history. Some of the oldest instances of Croatian Glagolitic script in stone are found nearby in Dubrovnik (the mysterious rune-like very first Croatian and Slavic script with origins from Hyperborea), as well as Croatian knotted pleter reliefs. Back in the centuries when the royal Croatian lands were a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it's been visited by Emperors, Empresses, Kings, Queens, Archduchesses and more. A fort was built there when Napoleon's army occupied it for time and Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg had a summer residence on Lokrum. An interesting long tradition holds that Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked on it in 1192 when coming back from the Third Crusade. The monastery, fort castle and various other buildings which haven't been used for centuries are still basically intact, (one section has been operating as a restaurant for some time, there's also secluded swimming areas, kayaking, biking, trails as well as a nudist beach area), and that's why it has already been used as a Game of Thrones filming location, so what better way to make use of the already present fantasy and medieval-ish look and feel of the island?... a history filled and perfect location for an official Game of Thrones theme park I say.

When you think about it. it's a pretty cool concept even if it is just a a throne from a popular television series, it's almost like going the future. You're in Dubrovnik and in the summer it can get pretty busy, so you boot over to the island for a couple of hours to see some nature, history and relax. You're surrounded by centuries old forts and buildings and history, yet you can go sit on the Iron Throne from the modern day Game of Thrones television series, so you're actually taking a step the future.

Yep, I definitely think they made the right choice to go with an official Game of Thrones theme park. If anything, it's good to know that it's in safe hands and that especially these days no fundamentals, extremists,  ISIS's, ISIL's or IS-whatevers will be getting there hands on it to destroy it. When I eventually get to Dubrovnik down the road, I'm definitely going to go to this theme park, and I'm coming back with swords, goblets and helmets.

The island of Lokrum as seen from Dubrovnik. Some on the island views HERE and HERE.


Fans of HBO series Game of Thrones will now have an extra reason to visit the popular Croatian city of Dubrovnik, where parts of the series have been filmed over the last few years, after a new centre was opened there this weekend…

Situated on Lokrum, an island 600 metres away from the centre of Dubrovnik, a new GoT centre has just opened.

Another person sitting on the actual and real Iron Throne, (Now that makes for an interesting conversation starter, be sure to take plenty of selfies while there)

Apart from a number of interesting attractions from the filming of the series in Dubrovnik, the centre is home to the original GoT Iron Throne, and visitors can now sit and pose on it for photos. The original throne, as seen in the rtl video below, was the major attraction when the centre opened on Saturday.

One of the many Kings Landing scenes that were filmed using the Lokrum island location. The island of Lokrum is just a 15 minute ferry ride from the old town harbour in Dubrovnik and nobody permanently lives there.

During filming and when not filming. Image:

Synopsis of filming "Game of Thrones" scenes in Croatia. 

This is pretty cool, interesting behind the scenes footage of how they transform the filming locations to fit the series and storylines.

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