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četvrtak, 20. kolovoza 2015.

U.S. Swim Team Trained At "Kantrida Pools Complex" In Rijeka

I'm finding all the local botched drug deals, shooting and stabbing news kind of routine and boring lately. Well except this recent Loujack Nougues Cafe news story, (which is not the actual recent real cafe news story) People choose Facebook friends like this? Apparently so. Anyway, I might as well quickly throw this one in, it's from a few weeks ago, not all that important but interesting anyway. Some nice words fro the U.S. Olympics Swim Team during their training in the city of Rijeka last month. I've been to Rijeka and seen the Kantrida Pool complex, unfortunately I didn't have the time to take a quick dip and swim a few laps, but it is a pretty top notch pool complex and facility with great surrounding scenery and views. It's just down the road from where the new Kantrida Stadium and related facilities is being built.

Kantrida Pools (Croatian: Bazeni Kantrida) is a ports and urban complex located right by the shore of the city of Rijeka. The complex was fully completed in 2008 and consists of five pools (two Olympic pools, a 25 m long pool, a children’s pool as well as a diving pool), and additional facilities such as a health and beauty centre, fitness centres, public garages, coffee bars, restaurants, beach, meeting hall, lecture hall, and squares. The Olympic sized pools also have retractable roofs.

Recently even the Norway and Latvia swim teams and others held summer training camps at the Kantrida Pools, I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure, that word has been getting around about all the after swim training sessions stuff to see and do, or because the swimming training scene and beaches haven't been all that great in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Assyria etc lately. Some related links below have more information.

U.S Swim Team Decides To Train At Kantrida Pool Complex in Croatia

Source: www.croatiaweek

The U.S Swim team, who have won scores of Olympic and World medals, are currently in Croatia preparing for the upcoming 16th FINA World Championships which is being held in Russia…

Led by coach David Marsh, who has coached 47 Olympians from 19 different countries in his coaching career, the U.S team are spending 7 days preparing for the important World Championships in Rijeka at the Kantrida pools, and the Americans have been impressed with what they have seen in Croatia.

“I hope that you are aware of what you have. These are among the best conditions in the world, even if the sea was not in the background! But with the sea behind us, these conditions, I must say, are better than in the US!,” said Marsh.

“This is beautiful. We commented this morning that it is like heaven here. I am sure if the World Championships were not on we would definitely stay here,” Frank Busch, U.S team director told HRT.

The World Championships start in Kazan, Russia next weekend.


Some background information.

Members of the Norway and Latvian swim team training at Kantrida in 2013. Images:

A view of the terrace bar at night. Images:

The beach promenade just outside of the Kantrida Pools facilities. (one of the nearby fringe benefits while training)

The 25 meter pool during the European Short Course Swimming Championships, which took place in December 2008.

Following few images from

By chance I came across some more interesting tidbits, A Bridgestone Tires commercial filmed at the Kantrida Poools.

A Belgian commercial for internet provider Telenet from 2010 filmed at the Kantrida Complex.

An Austrian Film, TV and Commercial Production Company promo that films in the region, here they filmed in and around Rijeka including at the Kantrida Pools. (7 second mark)

DM Summer from Anders Forsman on Vimeo.

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