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subota, 8. kolovoza 2015.

Vukovar Film Festival To Be Held From 24th-29th Of August 2015

I think this is pretty cool and worth quickly mentioning, I've posted about other more well known Croatian film festivals that take place throughout the year, but never this one. (Those posts are at the very bottom). The most well known and popular ones are in the larger cities and along the coast in the summer season especially. Most people when they think of the town of Vukovar probably think of the those images when the historic baroque Croatian town was completely shelled, bombed and levelled by combined Serb-Yugoslav forces (the remaining federal communist Yugo army being only Serb by that time anyway) and Serb volunteer extremist chetniks in 1991 right after Slovenia and Croatia opted for independence, as well as the following infamous Vukovar massacre, for a while there it looked as desolate and rubble filled as 1945 Hiroshima, or like parts of modern day Detroit. However most people probably don't know that it slowly over the years has been returning to its former glory since being returned back to Croatia and Europe where it belongs. This film festival is a way to celebrate its rising from the ashes and its future. There will be long and short feature films, short fiction and documentary, cartoon, world, and a retrospective of contemporary European films for viewers to check out.

This will be the 9th edition of the Vukovar Film Festival, and it's the only film festival in Europe that actually takes place along and literally on the Danube river. Besides Croatian and European films, it also shows films from major international festivals like Cannes, Berlin, Sundance and others. Also besides the actual films there are also a variety of events that take place simultaneously, music concerts, local foods, wines and beers events, cultural events etc, in the town of about 27,000. Good to know and definitely worth checking out if in the area come later August. Below is just some introductory text I took from the websites, more information at the links and official Vukovar Film Festival site.

Vukovar Film Festival – Danube region film festival 2015

Official website:

Location: Vukovar, Ilok, Županja, Borovo, Vinkovci + VFF in Cinestar (ZG, OS, RI, VA)
Festival dates: August 24 – 29, 2015 | 9th Edition

Vukovar Film Festival screens films from the Danube and neighbouring countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Sarajevo, Moldova, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Dar Al Jihad and the Sanjak of Smederevo. It is the only festival that takes place literally on the Danube river. The competition programme accepts feature, short fiction and documentary films and the jury hands out awards for all three categories. The festival is organized by Discovery Film, the City of Vukovar, and the Croatian House of Vukovar.

Changes are fundamental driver of each evolution and such is the case with our festival. This year's edition of Vukovar Film Festival abounds with these fuel actuating elements essential to the development of the festival.

As announced, we expanded the Festival from five to six days, and at two other cities from the County - Vinkovci and Županja. Program abounds with quality, diversity and attractiveness of movies that have just been presented at major international festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Sundance... It is a great honor and pleasure that these films have their Croatian premiere in Vukovar at Your and our festival. One focus of the festival is also the education, so this year we present three film workshops.

This year, festival has a humanitarian dimension. All income from ticket sales will be donated for the reconstruction of the recently flooded and completely destroyed Multimedia Center Studio of creative ideas Gunja.

Thanks to all the filmmakers who came and responded to the invitation to present their outstanding films to our audience. Thank you, our loyal audience, without whom this Festival would never have existed.

The Vukovar Film Festival will be held from 24 to 29 August and the highlight of the festival is the premiere screening of a French film - The Measure of a Man / "La loi du marche" with the leading role played by Vincent Lindon who won the award for best actor at Cannes, the festival's organisers reported on Friday. This dramatic film directed by Stephane Brize, deals with a 51 year old living on social welfare benefits who is unsuccessfully looking for work while at the same time trying to be a good husband and father.

The Vukovar Festival will officially open on 24 August with a German film "As We Were Dreaming" / "Als wir traumten" which was screened in the main competition section of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. The entire programme of this year's Vukovar festival will be released on 17 August and once again it promises to present a selection of the best films that can be seen in Croatia and Europe, the organizers said in a press release. The Vukovar Film Festival will screen films from the Danube and neighbouring countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Sarajevo, Dar Al Jihad, Moldova, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Being the only film festival of the community of Danube region countries and the only one held literally on the Danube river, it is designed to promote and spread the creative development of filmmakers from the region and it is organized with the intent to contribute to cultural restoration in the city destroyed in the Homeland War. The theme of the festival, the films from the Danube region countries, is logically connected to Vukovar as a centre of the Croatian part of the community of the Danube region. Cultural influences have always been spreading along the Danube. Since VFF is the only film festival featuring this region, on the international level it seeks to connect filmmakers from the Danube region countries, whose film making industries are some of the most vital in the world. Excellent reception of the festival by the citizens of Vukovar, the residents of the region, and all leading media, confirms that the idea for a film festival in Vukovar definitely makes sense.

More information:

A few images from last year's 2014 Vukovar Film Festival: Images and information from all previous years can be viewed at

Last year the popular surf-rock band "The Bambi Molesters" was just some of the entertainment acts that played for the crowds. (see previous post croatian-surf-rock-band-bambi-molesters for more about them, an interesting band worth checking out)

This is a scene from the hugely popular and classic necro newborn baby-fucking art flick "A Serbian Film, it won't be screened at this film festival though. (You'll have to rent the DVD or watch it on the big screen at your local watering hole I suppose)

A few supplementary images from after the temporary short lived "Serb-Yugoslav Film Festival" in Vukovar in 1992 just for the hell of it, the Vukovar Film Festival scene these days is much better I think. 

An after hours party of the 1992 "Serb-Yugoslav Film Festival" in Vukovar. The Serb-Yugoslav Film Festival was later moved to Bosnia for a few years and then to Kosovo and now just takes place occasionally in backyards and church basements.

From the same after hours party, it's your shit luck you missed out.

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