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utorak, 29. rujna 2015.

What's With Serbs And Their Obsession With Necrophilia, Fucking Babies & Making New Born Porn? (aka Fuck Like A Serbo)

They keep telling me how how great a scene it is and how to fuck like a true Serb and how it's a big Serb cultural traditional thing, but I'm just really not into newborn porn. Is there some subliminal message behind the above scene that is pertaining to something relative to anatomy, Serb culture and anatomy again? Hmmm? I guess you'll need to watch the film to find out. (oh and don't forget it's "A Serbian Film", very important to know)


Well, you're probably thinking this is a weird post to do here, especially on a weekend. (Because regular readers of this blog will know that lately I've been doing "Photo Of The Day" posts over the past few "Televangelist Sundays" See my previous Top 10-Reasons Croatia Doesnt Have Televangelists post for more about that)

Anyway, from a viewpoint from someone living in Canada. I've never seen this film and don't plan too. Perhaps you're thinking I made it up to be shocking or put someone or something in a negative light, I assure the reader though Im not making anything up. The main thing is I don't want readers to erroneously think that it's a film made by other people, besides that I really don't care about Serbian films or the Serbian film industry or even the Serbian Testicle Festival, (which is also a real thing and not my kind of food festival either), actually not interested in watching it even a little bit. I don't know or care about where they got their movie making customs from but it's just really not my preferred form of movie entertainment. Actually, I'm not even going to talk or comment about the film at all. The only reason I'm putting this here is because for a number of years now, especially since starting this blog, lots of Serbs keep telling me how great "A Serbian Film" is, how it the greatest art film, it's this and that, amazing, spectacular, remarkable, astounding etc and so on, so here's a brief synopsis.


Even during my time in Calgary a few years ago, the Serbs kept telling me how great "A Serbian Film" is, on the bus, in the malls, the coffee shops, pubs, library, emails, even coming around where I lived and calling me on the phone to specifically remind me again and again how great and amazing "A Serbian Film" is and that I should post about it. (Then I looked into it a little bit and found out it's not my kind of thing at all like I said, some of the plot highlights reminded me of some of the actual real life shit going in some in some countries even today, you probably know which ones, and in parts of the Middle East also). After a while I just started to wish they were the new born baby that was fucked just like in the movie, fucked by an elephant or hippopotamus or whatever, and then stepped on afterwards, then maybe eaten afterwards by some wild animals for the ultimate new born porn film climax ever made, maybe then even sex with the animals poop afterwards for the most excellent superb best ultimate Serb new born porn ever made in the history of movies in the whole world. (Hey, that sounds like a good plot for a film down the road actually.."A Serbian Milkshake Film", it has a certain je ne sais quoi about it, the newborn baby gets eaten by some animal and then poops, then the character fucks the poop which is the baby, as a symbology of finding something sexy even if it's animal poop, and besides it's an extension of himself so it's philosophical also, sort of like reincarnation as a poop). Basically, if it's such a great Serbian film and the apex of art films, then why aren't you at home jerking off to it or with the neighbours kids like most people and film directors do? How come nobody I know went out and bought the soundtrack? Why not just simply wear "A SERBIAN FILM" tee which would make the most sense? (Actually come to think of it, I just may have seen David and Victoria Beckham and their kids wear A SERBIAN FILM when they visited Euro Disney, possibly also Roger Federer did also, but don't quote me on that)

That's a pretty good idea actually when you think about it, because years ago when I was a teen I had a Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" movie poster tee that I would wear once in a blue moon, usually when mowing the lawn, jogging or going to the local park to play tennis, soccer or bike along the trial. Oh sure that film had graphic violence in it too, but it was very creative, artsy and philosophical even because it was an observational commentary about society, they even used parts of the plot in some Simpson's episodes believe it or not. And then years later I even had one of those classic Bela Lugosi movie poster tee's also that I would wear once in a while, usually just around the house, ooooh, and it was a scary tee too boys and girls. (Well not really, but it sure was a cool classic horror movie film tee). After all, he had those wacked out crazy spellbinding eyes and those things he used to do with his fingers while gazing his spine tingling and chilling unearthly stare at the camera, that stare of his hypnotized maidens to fall under his power and become his slaves, supposedly it was a pure frikin diabolical evil stare that's for sure, example, (They didn't call him Hollywood's Dark Prince for nothing after all). He may have really been from the undead actually when you really think about it. (I read somewhere that he could give people heart attacks and cause fainting right through the screen with those eerie otherworldly eyes and penetrating evil stare, now that's a diabolical stare)

Like I said, even after all their pleading I still haven't watched it or have any plans to. (but I think that's some kind of rudimentary Serbian dildo or something from the looks of it, probably the scene where...who the hell knows)

Now, every once in a while when I Google for photos and images related to something I'm doing, and not necessarily always related to this blog by far. (I do other things besides this blog), then I will sometimes come across very visual and graphic images of blood, violence and various so-called gruesome images related to a whole range of topics. Quite often the images are linked to and just to name a few. (Except in those cases the images are documented and real, many times related to things going on in the news right now but never reported as much as entertainment and ball bouncing/throwing/dropping news, and things also not in the news too, stuff like gruesome accidents and murders, vendettas and revenge massacres that your local television news program won't touch, usually because it clashes with the celeb news, sports scores, partly cloudy and chance of rain news, and lots of commercials too. The truth simply does not sell lots of snacks and soft drink commercials time, especially gum, sneakers and chocolate bars and some other disposable consumer goods)

The scene where that guy does that thing and acts all Serbian from the highly acclaimed and award winning "A Serbian Film".

Once in a while I'll even hit the link to find out more, to find out exactly what the image is about and the story behind it. You know, like how the hell did he get his head and face to look like that? Did it get eaten by a shark? Did he/she eat a grenade instead of an avocado by accident? Did he/she fall asleep under an elevator or decide to become a human lasagna? How did their eyeballs, face and legs end up all the way over there but his penis, toes and arms neatly on top of the mailbox? I gotta find out what happened to this guy because you sure don't see that everyday. (You have to be over 18 though, the warnings say that they are graphic images or video footage and that you must be at least 18 to enter. I've seen some footage that would probably make you not want to eat ravioli, rare roast beef or even a hot dog with ketchup ever again, not even or look at ground beef at the grocery store). Anyway...

Apparently the best time for a Serb to fuck a baby is when freshly popped out of a Serbian cunt, because it's fresher. (I recommend for the Serb to  instead fuck their mother so that later they can butt-fuck their own son or daughter, it just makes more sense that way)

For this reason I don't get all squeamish about seeing blood or graphic real life images, not even squished bugs or dead squirrels on the road, (I also helped gut some pigs and kill some chickens on the farm in Croatia when I was younger) watching "A Serbian Film" would not be a problem, I'm just not interested and don't particularly care to watch it. I have my own particular preferences when it comes to art films and movies basically, just like my menu choices, hairstyle choices, jeans brand choices and other choices. You however, are most welcome to Google the reviews and read or just watch it, by all means I'm not telling you to not watch it. (I read however that the only place where the film received rave reviews was in Brazil, but then again down they're known for producing tons of those shit eating videos also, so that's not all that surprising. And they coincidentally are the same ones who've been trying to sell me various Brazil gay horse fuck videos which I'm not into either)...Haiti, Nigeria, a few of the American southern states and of course the current ISIS, ISIL or whatever they're called now states. I quite simply have my own personal favourite genres and films plots that I like to watch.

Yep, there's definitely no doubt about it that's for sure, this is most definitely A SERBIAN FILM. that's for sure and you can't deny it. I don't know what sex move that is, but the main thing is that it's A SERBIAN FILM and the Serb woman is seen enjoying herself. (It's very important to remember that because it says so right in the title so you don't forget and always remember that it's most definitely.....A SERBIAN FILM)

I should add though, there was just the one time years ago when perhaps I just may have in the very back of my mind just quite possibly thought about renting and watching the movie, (the local parking lot crowd and Tim Hortons coffee shop crowd kept talking about it all the time, talking about how after watching it they went home and fucked their baby, and how they would usually fuck their baby on weekends after coming home with timbits and their  coffees, sometimes give some tidbits to their baby before fucking it real good and hard). It was when I used to live near downtown and right after I had walked through an alleyway shortcut on the way home from the local crappy adult alcoholic beverage emporium called...I forget what it was named actually, it had a stupid name and smelled like puke and piss in the washroom all the time anyway, usually blood and syringes at the outside smoking area also, one of the popular drinking emporiums in the area. (I took a cab from that local supposedly "bar/adult beverage emporium" because I had 2 or 3 too many martinis with my beer, it was ladies night too but there were no ladies there, ladies-ish perhaps but I think they were men, in some way anyway but it's not the same thing, and the martinis made things better while watching the ultra boring and pointless spectacles going on around me)...and there were these two older guys wearing lumberjackets, local football team teeshirts and crappy dirty no-name sneakers, (not the most well kept hair styles either, just sort of everywhere, grungy baseball hat on the one guy and a camo type hat on the other one, I''m pretty sure though he was never in the military, but it didn't really help their cause whatever their cause or point was or could have been, they actually looked a lot like a couple slimy and grubby Serb chetniks but with just different caps, it was all a pretty unfortuitous creepy scene) and the one chap, fellow, guy, bub, whatever, was grinding the other chap up the ass beside a large garbage bin, I was about 25 feet away but it still smelled funky. I ignored them and kept walking, passing the local corner pimp and drug dealer who only came out at night to high five his odd acquaintance, although I saw all of them a week later at the downtown mall library, they were wearing the same clothes but talking sports scores and about looking forward to going home to fuck their babies or the neighbours babies because it was real tight and felt so good and it was cheap on the wallet on Friday nights after coming back from the drinking emporium) but then when I got home I instead did some channel surfing, ordered a pizza and eventually put on another movie trying to forget the alleyway spectacle and that night's sight seeing adventure and the local adult beverage and entertainment emporium. I think it was a Roman Polanski film on television if memory serves me correctly, and so that was that.

Were these Serb cannibal gangsters also baby fuckers? this could very we'll be the case. Also why eat them? Why not just grind them up like hamburger meat and feed them to the dogs, maybe then use the dog poop with some added spices to make burger patties, then pass them around to people, not eat them. This is the kind of tradition that comes from those shitty desert countries where they're constantly blowing themselves up and are always hacking off one thing or another. See also whats-up-with-serb-cannibal-gangsters?

I know that in Serbia for centuries during the Ottoman empire that lots of strange people moved in, all kinds and lots of foreigners crawled in and settled bringing in lots of weird customs, traditions and odd ways etc, even right into Dar Al Jihad. Plenty of Serb women were sleeping around with the foreign enemies and armies occupying their lands, it's a known fact that even as their very own neighbours were being pillaged, raped and taken into slavery, the Serb women sold themselves willingly and gladly for a few shiny coins and trinkets or even just for nothing, then later buying those very same neighbours goats or property with their newly found/earned "Judas coins." Just really pathetic, this is probably why the men had to resort to fucking babies in the first place. (We have words for them types in civilized European countries). But you have to remember an important fact, that's not Croatian history, or Slovenian, Macedonian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Russian or even Bulgarian history, traditions, customs or civilization and civilizational heritage. That's your world, not our world.

Like usual Serbs singing about killing, raping and probably baby fucking also after the cameras stopped rolling.

Well, that's about it. I quickly Googled around and found a few sights where you can find out more. You can read the information yourself if you want. Watch it, don't watch it. I don't really care. The Serbs telling me over years how great a film it is must mean something, so maybe you should watch it so you don't miss out on it. Have a pizza night while watching, extra sauce and sausage. Heck, you can even try out some of the film scenes if you want, it really doesn't matter to me. Let me know how it turned out though, leave some comments or send some photos if you want, maybe I'll post them. I don't care. It's all for the benefit of the reader after all, and I don't want you to miss out on quite possibly the greatest art film ever made, and that's the main thing.

 I lucked out and found some recent footage of Serbs travelling around on trains probably looking for babies to fuck. Self-explanatory I think.  (Also, you will see similar Serbs hanging around various coffee shops and burger joints on this side of the pond and they will probably try to fuck your baby when you're not looking. That's just FYI so probably best to leave the baby at home, get a baby-sitter or whatever)

(The Serbs around here really hate this blog, because it's not about them I suppose. I'll probably post it again down the road, so as to help the Serbian film industry, maybe even pass out free DVDs of the film outside a local Serb church, really spread the arts and Serb culture. Now you can't say I'm not doing my part for Serbian thespanism and the Serb film industry can you?)


 Rape, necrophilia, sex after chopping heads and newborn sexual will make you want to be a Serb and give you an appetite, pass the popcorn. (Note - I went to a culinary college in the past also, so always make sure your knife or hatchet is very sharp and able to split hairs which makes everything easier and shuts the baby up pretty quick. That's culinary college rule number one and it makes things a lot easier. Also don't overdo it with the butter and salt on the popcorn either because it'll give you high cholesterol, that's important too)

ponedjeljak, 21. rujna 2015.

Photos Of The Day: Did You Know That The "Days Of Grapes In Buje" Wine Festival Celebrated It's 110th Year?

All the local shootings, stabbings and muggings news is getting really boring, then I inadvertently came across some interesting wine festival photos so I decided to throw them in here, and then I came across more at their Facebook page, perfect. Lately I've decided to cover the little known facts, places and events that practically nobody has heard of, because I've covered a number of the larger and more well known events anyway. Just a couple weeks ago I did a similar "photos of the day" post also about a not very well known wine festival, actually the first time that I touched upon this particular topic of "wine festivals."

Also like I mentioned at my previous Vinodol Wine Festival post, (link below) Buje itself is also not a very populated town or municipality at all, it's also more like in the outback sticks and boonies of Croatia, not near any of the larger cities. (pronounced "boo-ye" in Croatian) I guess you could say this is where the hicks live, quite literally in the middle of nowhere just like in the movies.The population of the whole town Buje is only a little over 5000 people, and it's located mainly on a hilltop 10 km from the town of Umag and the Adriatic, in the very northwest tip of the Istra region close to the Slovenian border.

(This sort of reminds about a repost I did yesterday about televangelists and dangerous subversive religious cults/sects and proves what I wrote there. Because believe you me, if they came here to this Buje grape festival event they would without a doubt be trying to brainwash and control the minds of all the people you see below. They would be subversively initiating culture wars and clashes of civilizations, trying to hand out all kinds of crazy subversive cult propaganda, wacko theologies and attempt to brainwash and replace peoples identities, personalities and even invent histories.Turn them into replicants or Walmart people practically. You can be sure of that, that's for sure, just terrible)

I'm not going to get into an in depth discussion about the long and interesting history of the Istrian peninsula right here and now, especially the Croatian Istra region, the whole region or large parts of it has exchanged hands numerous times through the centuries. But to simplify the last 2000 years in a nutshell.....The region and local Histri tribe was conquered by the Roman Empire around 177 BCE and this is how the whole larger peninsula got it's name. (Some scholars speculate that the names Histri and Istria are related to the name Hister, which was the ancient Latin name for the river Danube) After the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, the region was then taken over and ruled by the Goths, and then by the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), It was then annexed to the Lombard Kingdom, until later a large part was annexed again by the Franks and Carolingian Empire under Charlemagne. Then a large part of it became a part of the medieval Croatian Kingdom starting from the rule of King Tomislav until most of the peninsula was transferred again to the Holy Roman Empire in the 12th century. Then later for a time the Venetian Republic ruled it, then the Habsburg Monarchy, even Napoleon in the early 19th century ruled it for a short time, then the Austrian Empire, Italy and finally included as a part of the Republic of Croatia again in the 20th century. Today the Croatian Istra region and the Istrian region of Slovenia and Italy make up the whole larger Istrian peninsula. Between the 7th and 11th centuries there were a number of important battles fought in the vicinity. Croatian forces played a major role in repelling the attacking navies of the Muslim Moors, Saracens and Arabs, during their jihads not even one of their ships was able to stage a landing with ships intent to carry of women and children as concubines and sex slaves. (During the middle ages many other areas of Europe became Muslim ruled caliphates and emirates during the early Islamic conquests) However, even from those times there are sources which mention vineyards and the growing of grapes in the region. That's your Croatian history fact of the day.

Back to this modern day wine festival, there was fun and wine, music, dancing, food, a parade, raffles, grape stomping contests of course and other festivities. Local schoolchildren took part in a parade, there was a local humanitarian fundraising raffle to help local needy families, winemakers and visitors from the northern Zagorje region of Croatia (between the capital of Zagreb to the Slovenian border and also known for its vineyards and winemaking) also took part in the festival as well as even visitors from Slovenia and Italy. In and around Buje and this region there are also lots of truffles to be had, and olive oil, cheeses and specialty smoked meats, sausages etc, oh and there's a number of deep caves in the area. (I wouldn't go drinking wine then start exploring caves though, not a good idea) This 110th edition of "Days of Grapes in Buje" ("Dana grožđa u Bujama" in Croatian) wrapped up just a few days ago.





Assorted images are from over the 3 day event and in no particular order. 

Some video footage from 2014.

I came across some footage from a Maškare Buje (Buje Masquerade) event that also takes place annually. 

Previous related posts: the-2015-ruzica-vinodolavinodol-wine-festival








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