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nedjelja, 20. rujna 2015.

National Security Alert: Why Croatia Should Immediately Ban & Imprison Foreign Televangelists & Other Subversive Mind Control Cults/Sects. (Videos)

It's a Sunday morning and readers on this side of the pond everyone knows what that means. I'm finding all the local botched drug deals, shooting and stabbing news kind of routine and boring too, (all their mugshots and social media selfies are really not all that great either), so I updated this post with some recent news and then added my own personal commentary, I reposted it already once before but now is as good a time as any for another one. Because brethren, as you know, this is verily the blog of truth. Oh sure it's Croatia related in various ways, but it's also the blog of truth. Some of the facts you may already know, some perhaps not, some facts may cause you to wonder in awe about a lot of things. You may wonder in awe or stare aghast in shock and disbelief at how these various hair styles, fashions, antics and charlatans are even allowed to be on television to spread their philosophies of filth and lies, or to even walk freely in public in the first place. (What if they hear voices telling them to do some really crazy stuff to people around them or next door or in the same room? what if their God tells them to kill people? To decapitate someone? What if God tells them to go kill a whole bunch of people and strangers like he's already done lots of times, he might command it again. You can't disobey Gods voice can you? That would be a sin, it's unthinkable, it's the law because it's Gods word and you can't argue with that) Either way it's all extremely important information for the benefit of the reader. But mainly to help make sure you're not worshipping the wrong gods or god, who just may be impersonating another god with the help of his earthly and spirit in disguise minions as well as subterfuge aliases and different names, so as to steal your mind, real history and even your real identity and make you only think you're following the real gods instead of the fake thief god who will tell people to go kill, and who kills, and who uses different names but says he doesn't. (but he does)

You see, the enemy is constantly trying to tempt you with empty and made up promises, ludicrous fables and fake contradictory stories which are nothing but musings by lying miscreants and history inventors from long ago, (eg: not believing in the history of tectonic plates, continental drift or dinosaur bones to instead believing in talking snakes and donkeys), all in the hopes of subversively stealing your mind, personality, identity and then replacing it with a confused and nonsensical mishmash of fantasy like a sly subversive Cymothoa Exigua attaching itself into your brain, telling you to believe folly and groundless absurdness and finally to try to get you to wish and pray to become a fool, ie; a modern day blithering automaton needing other worse fools to tell you that you don't know how to read, think, use your eyeballs to see or ears to hear, to, in effect become a pathetic suspension of disbelief theologies believer and follower. You will have to say "no" to that foolish and nefarious subversive Cymothoa Exigua they want to implant in your mind to become your new mind if you truly want to be wise, set free and know the truths. You'll have to pick it off from your mind and throw it to the abyss in the cosmos. (...."Everlasting farewell Cymothoa Exigua! I pick you off from my mind and soul, I cast you into the frozen space of time where you will have to suck and feed on another flat earth, passing comet, asteroid or space junk, you will have attach your tentacles to the shadows of rocks in space and live there instead on your way to the black hole until you are no more. My mind and body is my own and will remain free and real and full of truth, oh nefarious Cymothoa Exigua phantasm of dross and lies")

"I banish thee evil spirits with a wave of my manicured hand, (or jacket), I banish you to Hades then later the land of the Canaanites. (Look Benny! another shmuck in the 3rd row with their checkbook and pen out, the Lord he is truly great and swell!)

This isn't really all that related to the Croatian stuff that I usually do, but since it's Sunday and I have some free time, I'm going to quickly do this one that's been a long time coming. (I really hate these actors and their acts, lines and phoney antics) Anyway, this is the kind of stuff that isn't on televisions over there. Never. Usually on Sundays there it's mostly some soccer, other sports and other entertainment shows. Even if you don't have satellite and 300+ channels, you still get in some programming from other nearby countries. (Usually from Italy, Hungary, Germany etc, and again, on Sundays it's usually soccer over there too, either the local league or Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Premier League)

I should also add that over there there aren't any of those midnight/early morning televangelist programs either, and absolutely none of those 24 hour televangelist related channels. (Unless of course it sneaks through on satellite somewhere) I'm not going to touch upon any of the other religious programming that takes place, to me these types below are the kings of the glitzy bacon dancin'' carnival shows, the supremos of wacko-ism and the late night Sunday god-o-tainment business. I actually went with 12 highlight videos because I started running into just so many of these videos on Youtube, all though even some regular infomercials I could have easily thrown in here also.

In a way, this is sort of a humanitarian post when you really think about, I'm warning people about the tentacles that are outstretched and ready to snatch them and force them to sing gibberish then hop and dance like drunken frogs on speed, maybe even wear strange clothing and other bullshit garbage, it's much, much worse than any Shopping Channel fashion jewelry and moisturizing cream chit-chat. So if the reader is from Croatia, here is just a small sample of the kind of stuff you miss out on. (Even if you don't understand a word of English, I don't think it will really matter)


(I decided to come back and update this addition after originally posting it. I got to thinking how this topic reminds me of Mormons and Jehova Witnesses and those types. Readers over here will probably know what I mean. Even the last time I was in Croatia I noticed a few Mormons in Zagreb and in Rijeka who came over from Utah, which really made me laugh. (Elders Todd and Glen I think were the ones in Rijeka and Elders Burtis and Daben in Zagreb) It's remarkable, I was there to not even think about those types and here they sneak in trying to brainwash the people trying to enjoy their lunch at the table next to me. Going around just like here to tell the people who just came out of the downtown ice cream shop whether they know that bla bla bla. That's because when you really think about it, it's frikin ridiculous and absurd. There we have a case of 2 recently out of high school types who just finished some kind of 6 week indoctrination bootcamp or whatever,  and then all of sudden they ship off to even foreign countries to do some kind of mission...their shtick and book of magical stories stand up act.

You see, there you have instances of where the newly pep talked to and freshly indoctrinated individuals (with their new shirts, ties and fresh polished loafers) are then sent off to save, witness, preach, enlighten...whatever, to even people in other countries. They are now off with their backpack and name tag to explain the mysteries of the universe to people even in other countries, to people who speak other languages and who drink cappuccinos and who always drink those imported beers. (that last part was a joke, get it)...Only the good places and neighbourhoods though you'll notice, even around here it's only areas with freshly cut lawns, lawn ornaments and Ikea furniture, they don't even think about going in their suit and ties to the drug and crime filled parts of town with the crack whores, glue-sniffers, drug rehab centers, shootings, stabbings, and bingo halls etc, you know...places that supposedly need their guidance, expertise and mystical knowledge and all that, heck no.

Always with the miracle water kit.

Think about it, so it's off to the nicer locations and far off more or less normal countries to let people in on the mysteries of the universe, the meaning of life, the mind of god, the truths since the days of the dinosaurs, Mormon underwear sizing, how to pronounce correctly really long made up names of made up superheroes from the book of Mormon, etc. Isn't that strange, weird and absurd? (The book of Mormon is actually just nothing but really, really, really, really boring voodoo witchcraft btw, technically it's just an egregious emulation of black magic or most likely just some kind of Utah voodoo) So off they go leaving the less attractive parts of Detroit, Chicago, New York, Favelas, etc. No way are they going to the Walmart, no frikin way, instead they decide to head off to the downtown cafes, museums, restaurants, art galleries, promenades and the model filled walkways of Zagreb, Rijeka, Vienna, Munich, Paris, Oslo, Prague, Warsaw, Rome to teach those people their filth and the mysteries of the magics and the mind of God, telling the people their reason for existing, to even tell people about the history and even the future of the universe and all this before they are even old enough to drink a beer at the local shitty and grubby bar in their hometown. How about that? That's pretty bizarre if you ask me, and actually sort of a contradictory hubris.

A measly 1000 bucks will get you into heaven or me a new gazebo.

You see, scientists, historians, geniuses, archeologists, palaeontologists, astrophysicists, probably hundreds of thousands of them, from time immemorial and up to today have been searching for clues, answers and explanations about the universe and our place in it. Don't even get me started on the plethora of religions from even just the last 2000 years, long before the discovery of faith coins and miracle sand. But ohhhhh, now this guy with the backpack and name tag was perhaps struggling with grade 10 geography in high school not that long ago, (maybe he wasn't even sure where those cities I mentioned earlier were located on a map), Ohhhh, now all of a sudden after mission boot camp he has the answers to your and everyone else's eternity and understands the mysteries of the universe because he has a new clean shirt, a name tag and some free pamphlets to give you, some even have slogans and cartoons. Forget about those scientists, historians etc that I mentioned about earlier. Now they're doing you a favour and letting you in on their truth because otherwise you're lost, ignorant and no better than the philistine favela and bush people and their ways, how's that for bizarro-world? As for the Jehovah Witnesses and some other organizations, they're almost the same except they have different name tags, go to different buildings and they get their haircuts on Wednesdays instead of Fridays. The worst of them are the ones that are the most popular and on television, they make up stories and dogmas to the extreme and literally prey on desperate people giving them false hope of miracle cures and often uncurable diseases. (They're competition in that department also don't forget, each one of them is trying to get a piece of the lucrative faith pie, which will most importantly get them more members and envelopes mailed in)

God told me his ancient secret, now you have to pay to find out what it is.

Basically, it's like this. These types are just actors. Very bad actors at that, yet very good actors also, depending on who's their audience. Lots of these types will also get into the "author" biz. Oh yeah, actually these days hardly any of them aren't "authors." You see, it's quite easy being an author in this racket, it's just more or less the same stuff you see on stage. You don't even have to know what you're talking about, the people in the seats lap it up like a dog lapping water on a hot day. It's a simple math and equation being an "author" such as them. Just pick a sentence in the bible, any sentence, any sentence at all.

Now just make sure the sentence includes the word..."miracle"..."miraculous"..."reap"..."God"...."love" (don't pick the word "hate" though, that word is in there a lot, along with torture, burning, destroy, slay, kill, plague, stone, sores, blind, lepers etc, but they're not good words for "authors", "publishers" and of course "banks")..."sow"..."tenfold"..."hundredfold"..."golden lamps"....

..."scripture"..."heavens"..."heavenly"...."tithes"..."truth"...."truthfully" and/or a few others,  you probably will want to throw in the word "unequivocally" now and then also for emphasis to show that you really know what you're talking about. ("The Lord unequivocally demands that", "And I state again that I unequivocally"...etc) The next step is to just make stuff up, just wing it like on the stage, concoct all kinds of stories, futures, pasts, events, things that never happened, all kinds of bizarre scenarios and situations, amazing promises and prophecies etc, and then just throw into your book the above words once in a while and it's technically biblical, the word of God and the truth. (enter trumpets and epic music) That just about sums it up. You see, the vast majority of time that these types talk or write, it's just all made up. You can transform things into whatever you wish, anything at all. Make the bear, lion, rock, sea or bird into an angel, or into a demon, into God or into the Devil, whatever suits your purpose and book plot. It doesn't even have to make sense, it can even defy the laws of the universe and reality but the important thing is that you remind people the chapter and verse of the word up above that you slipped in, I mean that you used. It's that simple. Knowing the chapter and verse of the word you used is all that matters.

Heck, you don't even have to know anything about the bible at all, literally zilch, zero and nothing, just know the chapter and verse of the word you used. The rest is easy, Actually, I think most of these types should be spending more time "reading" books and sourced material/documents/historical writings in different languages and sources as well as scientific data, the last thing they should be doing is actually "writing" a book because books have to be based about factual things when it comes to writing about facts, you can't just make up facts as you write along. Heck, when writing anything at all, even comics. Like I showed at this post about the Merovingians and the Croat Royal Dynasties, lots of irreligious types also like to make fish into a Jesus, or a horned creature into a fish and then into a person, make an adjective into a noun, even make the Moon or a planet into Jesus and the Devil at the same time, as well as a fish into a magical holy or infernal bloodline. (ohhh, that's a good word also, throw the word "blood" into your book once in a while too, it makes for zany drama and suspense. I rest my case, you see it's just all the same entertainment and book writing biz)

On top of that, after a while you don't even have to mention the bible or any quotes at all. That's when you can just start writing and talking about the whole "it's a special relationship" thing. Now it's all just about some imaginary special personal relationship between just you and Jesus, or God, or some saint or the Holy Ghost or whatever. Everybody can have some kind of personal relationship. At this point you can just write about how it was the Lord who spoke to your heart, about how Jesus said this to you or God told you that such and such. Pfff, you don't even need any bible now at all actually. You see, the creator of the universe has decided to have a personal relationship with you, just you, and talk to you personally, you are a real somebody now and special, somebody really something that the being(s) behind everything that exists in the universe talks to you personally, picking you over everyone else in the world while you were doing your laundry or chopping onions. Wow, you are blessed that the being(s) has taken such an interest in you and your problems over everyone and everything else going on in the spinning dirt ball in space. "Oh, and Jesus told me that...." or "Glory be, the Lord filled my heart with his words and told me that such and such....." "God let it be known to me, so that I knew what path to take for his glory, he filled me with his truth" or 'Amen, the spirit filled me and spoke to me, telling me God's great plan and Jesus' wishes", maybe even what kind of shampoo to buy, how much to give to brother Popoff, where you lost your library card... Wow, How about that?, now you can just speak with them personally through figments of your delusional imagination so you don't need any books or sources to quote at all, no bible or anything. You don't even have to own or read or know anything about any books at all actually, now just "the Lord" and master of of the universe himself will tell you personally because you're special and a real important somebody now with real important stuff to do that's important to the world and him, he'll send angels to guide you and give you feelings and hunches and opinions so you can spread stories to save the world, sell books and so you don't screw up the map driving directions and be late when going to the carnival or theatre.

(Whatever you do though, do NOT talk to God about or mention in your new book anything about ancient civilizations, about archeology, especially about dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils, Neanderthals and the Eurasian Cro-Magnon populations, about archaic extinct humanoid species populations, no talking or writing about snake vocal chords, just only write about what happened after Adam & Eve and that's it) So it seems now you can talk with God(s) or others while taking a shower or cooking dinner because now you have a "personal relationship" and they will tell you secrets and all kinds of things, delusional voices and imagined feelings will show you the way and give you lots of stuff to write books about, so many stories to be told because now you're really a special somebody and suddenly know lots of things that others need to know. Maybe even while brushing your teeth or when you're on the toilet you will be filled with amazing heavenly sent personal information and secrets, voices spoken directly to you personally in your mind from...whoever. Wow that's really something, you should write probably lots of books now. you're a real special specimen now. lol.

(These types really make me laugh when they start preaching and feeling on their soapboxes, or from behind their desks and microphones. Feelings this, spoke to me that, babbling on quoting pointless meaningless words and chapter/verse quotes that even they don't who wrote it or what they mean, just moving on to chattering about their views and feelings and fantasyland now, just rambling on like it's some sort of information that's really important and that your life/eternity depends on it. Heck, explain your views and feelings now about cilantro vis-a-vis parsley, or how the Lord or Holy Ghost (whatever that means) spoke to your heart and mind that people should use clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of buildup and have more softer and luxurious hair etc, write a chapter about how such and such a chapter/verse shows that we really should think this way and not that way about whatever. It all amounts to pointless personal feelings chatter that makes me wish they really were talking about cilantro vis-a-vis parsley or shampoo ratings)

From there you get to different variations, different denominations and then eventually even cults. That's where you throw in some UFO stories, reptilian shapeshifting world leaders abducting Bigfoots and hiding them in the pyramids, and some other things. There you have a case of just adding even more made up stuff and choosing different words as your sentence/chapter-verse source. One thing you'll notice however, like I said earlier, most of these types ignore scientific facts and evidences staring at them right in the face practically. Even numerous experienced "Bible scholars", professors and people who study these things their whole life, they readily admit that most of the most well known biblical stories are just plain hogwash. Basically a case of either outright inventions (Adam & Eve, talking serpents, Noah and his closed boat door and animals, the man living in a fish, the Devil tricking God into tormenting Job with plagues and sores and killing his family all just for a bet or some kind of demented bragging rights or something, or to teach you a lesson that you better do this and that or else) or extravagant and ludicrously improbable exaggerations written down many centuries after the event or person was supposed to have happened and existed. Written down hyperbole with some fantastical "miracles" and events thrown in to the story to really "wow" and "gosh" the readers and listeners. Hey, let's make the sun stop moving, or let's make cereal fall from the sky, heck turn people into salt and lets have lots of plagues and whining lepers. (You will also come across tons of examples of Epimenides paradox, coincidentally in Croatian we have the saying "Ti si kreten i majmun drek i bezveze" when someone doesn't know what the hell they're talking about or are just bullshitting and pointless) Every preacher and book writer just follows their own personal brand of Confirmation bias anyway, just selectively using flaky imaginary characters or wishy-washy anonymously written text to prove their pointless made up personal views and then ignoring the mountain of contradictory text and meanings and evidence at the same time, just spinning the fables excerpts into hard or paperback personal fable version books. Of course for the Jonah in a fish for 3 days story you won't need any suspension of disbelief at all, because that's quite possible and probable.

The boat or his toupée?

It's basically that well known recently coined term "Suspension of Disbelief" actually, it's the exact same process except these days it's Hollywood, European and other movie film writers, directors and producers that employ this method, for thousands of years before the magics of film making they only just wrote the suspension of disbeliefs on the back of the skins of dead carcasses, then later something resembling paper. (The psychosis sometimes reaches such an obsessive level that some people will believe there is no suspension of disbelief at all, that instead everything written is truth and real, that a mountain is a river, even that God made your child blind, cripple or have an incurable disease because you wronged him somehow in the past) That's why there's no archeological evidence or historical written sources backing up what was written later.

Ironically, according to the bible Lucifer is described as a highly exalted perfect angel leader who's beauty is flawless and breathtaking.

There's absolutely no Egyptian mention at all actually, none whatsoever at any time that has been discovered that backs up what what was written in Exodus and lots of the Old Testament, nothing by any other nearby nations either. Nothing mentioned or recorded even later referring to something even remotely similar happening from that time or any time by any other peoples either, ever. (To put it in perspective, it would be like all American historians, as well as all Canada, Mexico and South American country writers never making any mention at all about the the Abraham Lincoln or JFK assassination, about the American Civil War  or even the events of 9-11 up to today, just simply left out of the news and newspapers if it never happened) I'm not even going to get in the whole Neanderthal DNA, Cro-Magnon man, various mostly extinct archaic human populations, Early European and Eurasian Human populations and migrations, long forgotten civilizations that are many thousands of years older than the whole universe is supposed to be according to the book writers/stage talkers.

The scene where Jacob takes on God in a wrestling match, God lost. Best wrestler and headlock ever.

When you have biblical experts and scholars even telling you that it's basically mostly invented stories and incredible exaggerations, because they've studied all the sources for decades, then that has to mean something. That's right, scholars who have studied all the ancient biblical sources readily admit that most of the written events and many times the people, probably never existed. The only thing is, they write their findings based on actual proven sources and evidence for the benefit of the reader, not to sell books or sell holy tap water to help you get a bigger welfare check or hamburgers falling from the sky to feed your hungry family.

Doctor said.

Maybe the reader still may not understand what I'm talking about, many of the types I'm talking about  want you to just believe them on "faith", to believe only written words in the bible as the absolute truth based on "faith," (Well, just the words or points that they point out anyway) However, this is just plain nonsense and self-delusion. Look, here's an analogy, and remember, your eternal soul, existence and after life will depend on your decisions and beliefs likewise.....

You are a passenger on a jet airplane about an hour before the plain should start it's descent to approach the runway and land. But the pilot and co-pilot both strangely suddenly die of a heart attack. (Too many fried foods, undercooked salmon maybe, I don't know why, they just did) Some passenger stands up from his seat and says. "I once was thinking about becoming a pilot, I read all the manuals, dozens of them, I studied videos, did simulations using the information at home, I think I know which controls to use and get this plane landed without crashing, it's common sense and will come back to me I'm sure, I think I can land the plane". Then some other passenger gets up out of their seat and says "Behold dear brethren, I have the faith, all one needs is faith in the word and that faith will land this jet airplane through me, it is only through faith in what is written by God that we can all be saved and get this plane landed safely." Someone asked the 2nd guy, "Well, do you know anything at all about jet airplane controls, what they do, how to use them to land the plane?" He replies "No, nothing, but I have the utmost faith that I will land this plane, it is only through faith that we can be saved, the Lord will save us by making this plane land if we just all have the faith that he will do it."  So, if you are the other passengers who are going to decide which guy should take a shot at landing the plane, who are you going to choose? (The clock is ticking, now only 35 minutes from the runway)

The guy with some basic fundamental knowledge about operating and landing a plane and who seems to understand the basic principles and controls involved, or just go back to your seat, put on the seat belt and have faith that the other guy will miraculously land the plane? All just because he has the faith that he will do it. (He has the faith that he will do it dagnabit! Dam you all fools he has the faith!) You can similarly try this out at home yourself sometime actually, just hop in your car and step on the gas aiming towards a high cliff, then step off the gas but don't brake, as the car is still coasting fairly fast just have the faith that the car will come to a speedily and safe halt before going over the cliff. That's a pretty fun and easy exercise to try out, let me know how it turned out and I might do a post about it. Good luck with that and don't forget to send some pics.

More information about the dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden in one of the videos at the bottom.

Let's face it, do these televangelists/scammers really know anything that this Jesus character purportedly said? He said, supposedly, some pretty crazy and weird things you have to admit, if he or anyone ever said them, according to the much later anonymous accounts, whoever, wherever and whenever they wrote them. Also, I noticed that if someone wants to double check and make sure they know what they're talking about and believe in, they usually find out they've been believing wrongly, no mention of seed faith gifts, envelopes, miracle sand, oil or a miracle cloth at all. (Take the very simple 20 Question Gospel Story Quiz for yourself and see if you can get even 5 questions correct, to see what I mean) The opinion of one very experienced scholar that I came across was that even if he did exist, he comes across as nothing but a leader of a small group of travelling hobos, and that he had serious delusions, was most likely mentally ill and had disturbing self-identity issues, also he was just one of a number of other similar self-processed leaders/gurus which was something very common in those times and areas. A complete stranger rapes your mom or kills a family member then burns your house down and shoots the dog, you're supposed to instead turn the other cheek and "love" them? Someone assaults you and robs you of everything you own, so instead give them your last piece of clothing or coat and "love" them? Hate your family but love genocidal murderous criminals? Hmmm? That sounds like a great idea, if you're a deranged serial killer or just robbed a bank or in another make-believe universe. These are strange foreign customs of deranged people and filth morals.

Makes a great board game, look at that concentration.

Another very learned scholar with over 30 years of thorough study and expertise explained that according to his findings, "without a doubt even he was a completely concocted story and an imaginary moron." Many of his colleagues agree he was a preposterous invented character with no historical evidence of existing, that he had the most preposterous contradictory words attributed to him time and time again, and the fact that much older deities, legends and other religious characters accomplished the same feats attributed to him much later, again prove he was fiction. Some have gone on to comment that the reason there is such a large Jesus statue overlooking Rio is mainly because the local area is the worlds largest scat porn and gay horse fuck video film production location, which again correlates precisely to the facts and statistics presented thus far, statistics don't lie.

wow! what more proof do you need?

Also importantly, if you want to be one of these types of authors, you'll have to be a better author and make-believer than even the authors of the bible. How so? Because there are so many contradictions all throughout as well. These days you can't write a book you want lots of people to buy or believe using those kinds of rules. For instance, and this is right from the bible, right from the start the reader is left confused because it's contradicting itself. That is right from the very start the reader is clueless as to what is going on. Genesis 1 gives the "Creation Story" where "God" (Gods and deities/powers actually and truthfully, because the original Hebrew word is "Elohim" which means plural "Gods", they're all in the same club of El who was the first original Hebrew god, all the deities/gods together make up the "Gods club of El" or "Elohim." (Lots of ancient Hebrew names are directly derived from the name of EL, everyone knows that..."Isra-el" "Dani-el, El-izabeth, Micha-el, Immanu-el, Haza-el, Ari-el, Samu-el, Hana-el, El-isha, El-isheba" and many other names and place name/topography examples. Actually, a number of researchers and archeologists from over the last century agree and have put forward evidences that the origins of the Israelites is from Canaanite origins. The culture of the earliest Israelite settlements in the land of Canaan and their cult-objects are clearly those of the Canaanite god El, also in the Hebrew bible it is the name Baal used many times when talking about their god Yahweh-Jehovah. Just watch the first few minutes of this video which explains a little better what I just briefly mentioned)...makes different things on the different days, including all the plants and animals and then finally mankind on the 6th day. Elohim then rests on the 7th. But wait a second, just a few sentences later in Genesis 2 it says that "God" (The name is Yahweh actually, now it's a specific single he who's name is Yahweh (aka Jehova and who's different from Elohim or El, the plural "Gods") creates Adam on the 8th day, then the plants and animals after him. This "God" tells Adam to name the plants and animals that were made for him and after him. Then he makes "Eve" from Adam's rib. You know this story probably.

Remember to affix sufficient postage.

But this is completely different from the earlier Genesis 1 "Elohim/Gods" plural account. What the hell is going on? You can't write a book like that and hope to sell lots of copies of the book using this formula right from the start. One version has the planet being nothing but water at first and then the land came up after, the other version has it that the earth was all just dry dusty land and then water and rain was made to appear after, one version that mankind was made male and female on the 6th day, the other version that Adam was made on the 8th day, then Eve afterwards using that old rib magic trick) That's probably why a lot of these types have sidekicks on television, someone to laugh at all their jokes, agree with everything they say, someone to "ooooh" and "aaaah" and "amen", to repeat what they say, slap their thighs, nod and agree and chuckle and say "Glory Be".

With faith seeds and faith, the master of the whole universe and Alabama will forsake saving the world to instead saving your personal world. He will become your very own personal genie and cosmic butler.

Did one god make most of mankind and then another god make just Adam and Eve and his offspring? It sure seems like it, because the original Hebrew text in the 2 versions is verily speaking of 2 distinct and different creations, 2 Creation stories truthfully talking about 2 completely different creations according to the text. (If anything, knowing that it was the "Elohim" (plural gods/powers) in the Hebrew text who created the humans races, then it seems much more probable that it was the Anunnaki who did the creating, because they are the oldest primordial line of deities recorded regarding the very beginnings of humans and life on the planet, from the time that the earth was still formless and void, the Elohim would equate to being the gods Anunnaki and the Epic of Gilgamesh then being the origins of a Garden of Eden and future flood and boat stories.

Drown the bastards, kill em' all.

It should also be noted that the ancient "Old Europe" populations and societies, and the earliest Croats and their descendants, are not included as part of the biblical mythological "table of nations" list nor are they included as a part of any genealogy or chronology belonging to any Noah character in the book of Genesis. Facts and even the biblical mythology and calculated timetable show that Old Europe populations never experienced any cataclysmic flood but were instead descendants of other pre-flood populations not accounted for in the book of Genesis during Noah's time, this would include of course Croatians, the Veneti, Balts, other Slavic speaking peoples, Germanic people, Celts and any others who lived in Europe and all Eurasia around 2,400 BCE. The very text of the bible excludes them as being any imaginary offspring from a fictitious Noah character and instead makes us a continuation of a pre-flood world and populations, which in reality is the case. They would actually never have been flooded nor did the populations living there ever come to an end, as their descendants are still here today (including me) and proven through DNA and physical remains. (aka the Antediluvian world by biblical proponents) They would not have suffered any cataclysmic flood nor were their lands affected by any flooding, and the reasons supporting this fact are quite simple and irrefutable. The dating of Noah's flood by biblical scholars using their very own biblical calculations and chronology is only to around 2400 BCE, and so any archaeological and material findings in large parts of Europe would then all have to have happened after the flood according to this timetable and belief/philosophy, believing that only populations that migrated there after Noah and the flood left behind artifacts. However this is absurd as any scientist and archeologist will tell and show you. The mythological "Table of Nations" scenario is a fiction invented by minds with personal agendas. (modern day fundamentalists and gurus will try to connect many modern nations as being descendants of and springing forth from a Noah character, but it's just fiction based on even more fiction stories, it makes for amusing movies but that's about it) This is a fact, the Genesis "table of nations" text EXCLUDES any populations in Europe and Eurasia because the pre-flood populations living there never experienced any cataclysmic flood but continue to this day and their physical remains are still being discovered today. Reality 1..Desert cave invented fables 0. (There are even 2 contradictory Flood stories in the Hebrew Torah and Bible even to this day, which many don't know about or want to talk about probably because it complicates the plot in movies and films and action figure toys. Is it 2 of each animal or 7 pairs? (14 animals) Make up your mind whoever wrote these stories. (clean and unclean animals??? Holy Moly, what does that even mean exactly in the context of burnt offerings??? unclean burning animal hair smells different or their burning carcass looks nicer? Why even make/invent unclean animals in the first place if you can't even burn them accordingly) It would actually have to be 7 pairs of clean animals and not just 1 pair if Noah immediately performed many more animal sacrifices/burnt offerings to his God after landing the ark as as per instructions by his God, otherwise lots of species would have gone extinct almost immediately, Noah was told by his God right after the flood to immediately go and burn as an offering...get this....1 OF EVERY CLEAN ANIMAL. (The extra pairs of clean animals would then logically be needed and put on the ark specifically for later burnt offering sacrifices by Noah as instructed by his God, because the flood didn't kill enough clean and unclean animals obviously, but mainly because if you burn even just one clean cow or sheep or chicken/bird after leaving the ark, then they're automatically extinct. Burning one of each clean animal as instructed by Noah's  God would have meant extinction, it would have meant only vegetarians from that time forward. The 7 pairs of animals were specifically required solely for 1 reason and one reason only, so as to sacrificially burn them later)

"Every Day A Friday" - Joel Olsteen. Just more bullshit on top other bullshit? Every day is NOT a Friday in the real world, everyone knows that. Why is he always looking at the ceiling anyway? Is there a big spider up there? Besides how pathetic, always using other peoples quotes to sound deep and real. (feel free to retweet that)

Let me expound even a little more on this particular biblical fairy tale story, since it is so important to all 3 Abrahamic religions just as the whole Genesis fairy tale, as well as their shows/movies and action figure toys and posters, It shows just how absurd and ridiculous supposed bible scholars even these days are when they attempt to explain things and make the reader out to be some moron idiot. Take a look below at the internet example of the supposed "logic" used in trying to explain away the obvious contradictions that are written right there in front of everyone to read. (and actually putting words intohis  gods mouth in the process to explain the contradictory mistake and then update the contradictory information with their subterfuge smoke and mirrors double talk "logic" of absurdity)...

It's obvious that the above biblical "scholar" is incapable of performing the most rudimentary and simplest of math, and that after graduating from their seminary they still don't know how to read and understand a very basic sentence, such as "bring two of every kind." It's obvious this seminary scholar should never work at a job that requires reading and following basic instructions as well as performing simple grade 3 math also. Heck, they would screw up making a can of soup, get all confused regarding amounts, measurements and ingredients, then start making up different scenarios to cover over the blatantly obvious mistakes/contradictions of the soup company. If the soup can label required to add a 1/2 can of milk and 1/2 can of water, they would play god and make up their own instructions and then imply that this is what was really meant and not what's written on the soup can label. (aka charlatan apologetics) Probably just add a whole can of milk instead, why?...As in "Why did you add a whole can of milk instead of 1/2 water and 1/2 milk as per the soup can label you blithering scoundrel knave?"....."Well, I used simple logic chef because it's plain to see, because milk is verily mostly just water anyway, after all it doesn't say it's "only" just water, therefore both halves are really just talking about milk." The above biblical scholar "logic" has explained the soup instructions contradictions and soup company label mistake, well done, bravo. (the pigeon and falcon both have feathers, so they're also both really just pigeons) I'm not going to even touch the answers I came across where the bible expert out of the seminary was also "explaining" (lol) how the dinosaurs would have easily fit into the ark etc. (one explanation is that most of them were still in their eggs, you might as well believe in talking donkeys) I don't go that far into the realm of the bizarro and absurdity. (I'd really like to hear their explanations as to why the biblical god doesn't repent but actually constantly repents) These are the types of subversive identity destroying sect mind control modus operandi I'm talking about, very sly and dangerously subversive agendas based on Confirmation bias. And this is just one of numerous other even more perplexing and obvious contradictions. And in the end the scholar still didn't explain the main point of the topic anyway, as to why people still only talk or mention just 1 pair of animals instead of 14 animals each that is in the text. All that the above seminary bible scholar expert did was prove my points that he's confused in his failed attempt to equate the completely contradictory text AND that it ACTUALLY IS 14 animals/7 pairs and NOT only 2 animals/1 pair that went on the boat, he admitted it himself and so I am doubly vindicated, thus sayeth the Lord of Ben-El Shareem. (possibly also that they don't teach people how to read and understand text/sentences in seminaries) All the Noah versions on TV and movies/pamphlets/books then have it all completely wrong, they are willfully lying to the sheep of the tribe of Judah and to you. When, Oh when Oh Lord! will your people finally be able to see a biblically true television/movie/book version of Noah and 7 pairs of animals and dinosaurs on the boat?! The people are still awaiting for them truths!

Lord of Lords at aisle 32 beside the tic tacs and dancercise DVDs.

Even many Hebrew archeologists and scholars readily admit and have shown evidences that the early Israelites were Canaanites worshipping El, that the character of Moses was invented and never existed and that their historical beginnings was made up many centuries later only during their Babylonian captivity. There are actually numerous multi-versions telling of stories and contradictions all throughout the early sources as well as there being 613 commandments and not just a measly 10. The original Anunnaki (as they were called) would then have been the ones that created the populations who went on to become the Hyperboreans many thousands of years later) So let us at least figure this one beginning part first before moving on to olive oiled virgin breasts, which people to stone, cursed lepers, incestuous drunk Noah's closed boat door and the evil drowning evil babies and cereal falling from the sky shall we?

It's a known fact and supported by numerous historians and biblical scholars that the sources used for all 3 Abrahamic religions were never 'written' by any 'God' whatsoever, but instead inspired by people (the vast majority being anonymous and their identities unknown) with their own specific hatreds, prejudices, racisms, other national political agendas, personal whims, logics, fictitious characters and historical accounts and fictitious views of the world, and they then simply just put those words into the "mouth of their God" with their human hands and ink. (see also 613 commandments)

(At this point, whatever you do, do not go searching this topic to find out on your own just what the heck is going on with the 2 contradictory creation stories. (Trust me, they're vastly different in chronology and events, as plain as knowing a pine tree and oak tree are different, so different they're opposites) That's because if you do you'll come across some really, really, really weird people then, that's for sure. (I know this because a long time ago I looked into it, because I wanted to find out just exactly how the plot for this thriller/romance/murder mystery/action/drama/science fiction novel starts out exactly, the real answer to this problem is because each one comes from a different source and from different times, even the whole book of Genesis was actually written by at least 4 anonymous authors from different times and locations)

Slavery and slave beatings and killings are OK, shrimp, lobster and crab bad.

 If you come across 10 people discussing just this one topic or someones personal viewpoint article, you'll come across 10 different explanations, weird explanations, really weird explanations, some people trying to make you look like you don't know how to read or have a brain to figure out the simplest math...

Jesus' and God's plan.

They will insist that it was written by the same person and that they are the same, describing the same events and that there is no problem. (magically the 6th day is the 8th day and don't ask stupid questions) They'll twist meanings, add meanings, take away meanings, distort what is right there on the page in front of you to instead point you on to other subjects and just believe them, each one of them has a different answer and different meanings for the written text. Talking about this page then that page and this quote and that quote, jumping thousands of years forwards and thousands backwards with the turn of a few pages to tell you their satisfactory explanation, some quote by a really strange named guy thousands of years later, according to the books time sequence, he has the answer, see..see, all explained and simple. (What? Nobody was supposed to know the meaning of what was written in the very first paragraphs until a weird quote from somebody thousands of years later supposedly explains it in a strange murky way, but really didn't explain it? That's weird)

So let it be written...etc.

They will slyly and cunningly using subterfuge and card and pea in a shell game tricks, like a sly wise serpent, attempt to make you believe what they want you to believe and to pay no attention to what is written or the question you asked, they'll give you answers to questions you didn't even ask way at the back of the book and that have nothing to do with finding out why the 2 creation stories contradict each other. Sometimes just nonsense. You'll get stuck in a spinning vortex of smoke and mirrors as you listen or read what those sly serpents want to whisper and put into your mind, you'll be wondering and thinking maybe one of them is right, because he/she sure has a lot of verses memorized or typed so they must know what they're talking about and be right even if you still didn't get an answer. Yep, some really weird people that's for sure, sometimes weird clothes and fashions too. It's at that point that you'll probably prefer to instead read about the ancient Hyperboreans, early Croatian history, the Unetice culture, Bronze Age history, the Veneti etc, or perhaps even about painting, art or the study of snakes, especially to find out more about that extinct breed of snake that could talk)

Just like for centuries previously, in the 90's Serbs and their Serb church gurus tried to make Serbian Jesus the one and only Jesus for Non -Serbs, even killing and raping for Serbian Jesus. Is this what Non-Serbs need or want?

(I should quickly add that even the word "God" is a very ambiguous and at many times it is a contradictory word with various meanings, these days many times even having the opposite meaning when espoused by television preachers and gurus. Todays word "God" is from an etymology that is Gothic and Proto-Germanic from ǥuđán, originally meaning "pouring forth" as in libation, pouring forth a liquid as an offering to an idol or spirit or an invocation at a burial mound, first introduced into Wulfila's 4th century Gothic Bible. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary says that the origin of the word ‘God’ comes from a Germanic word ‘Gad,’ pronounced as “Gohdt" and coming from an Indo-European word simply meaning the "invoked one" and even "Lord Moon",  as in conjuring forth and summoning up spirits and powers (Elohim? Lucifers? Shining Ones?) also an incantation. The Babylonian Talmud of the 3rd to 5th century describes the word "god" to mean "fortune" or "luck"and states that the word is of the pagan origin, as in "But ye who forsake Jehovah, who forget my holy mountain, who prepare a table for Gad and full up mixed wine" (Isaiah 65:11). The 7th-century Origo Gentis Langobardorum, and Paul the Deacon's 8th-century Historia Langobardorum derive their pagan named god "Godan" of the Lombards from the Norse god "Odin", ie; Godan is their translation of the name Odin. God-an is Odin. (So then why do you thank and pray to Odin for tricks and more television channels? instead of the biblical named god? Odin may send curses your way for disturbing him, no faith seeds and pearly gates for you.)

Behold, learn how to become a professional lying beggar and exploiter, let the shmucks send you money so as to beg from and exploit many others with nonsense, beg..beg..beg. (best perfectly groomed hair ever also means incapable of lying - Genesis 15:9)

So even the modern word God in the 66 books of the bible has an etymology that is purely of pagan origin with a meaning completely different from what people use it for today most of the time, and importantly a completely different meaning from the previously mentioned specific Yahweh/Jehovah. (This is similar to Slavic languages speaking nations, in Croatian, Slovenian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish and Belarusian the word "bog" means "god" and it was also applied as a suffix to some of the gods, goddesses and spirits names in their pagan deity pantheon, "buh" and "boh" is used in modern Czech and Slovak and it's also etymologically derived from the word "bog." In this case "Bog" as well as the etymologically connected "Buh" and Boh" have the same Pre-Christian Pagan etymology meaning earthly health/well being/luck/noble, they are older than and were used long before the introduction of Abrahamic/Semitic religions and so actually have nothing to do with any biblical Yahweh-Jehova-God in biblical stories, just like Godan-Odin. (Byelobog/Bielobog, Dažbog, Chernobog, Stribog, Boginki and Ipabog are a few examples) Nobody denies this however because it's a fact, so just like the word "God", "Bog" also is from ancient pagan origins and has nothing to do with Semitic desert deities, tents, camels, burning animals, temples, boats with animals and dinosaurs, eaten by large fish, talking serpents and donkeys etc) Now that you know this, when a person says "Thank God the Buffalo Bills won", "Thank God there's no anchovies on the pizza",  "Thank God there's real triple bacon on the pizza", "Thank God these jeans were on sale" or "Oh My God?, did you see that fumble? etc, it could actually be an ancient spirit you are summoning, one that you particularly didn't want to summon, the spirit may get angry and even put a curse on you, give you cancer, an incurable disease, die in a plane or car crash or even deform your unborn baby, perhaps even give your neighbour a disease to teach you a lesson. It could get even worse if your "God" is the same "God" that ISIS, Taliban and other similar God-talkers are always talking about it, (which it really is), then you are actually in league with them and their "God."  It's the same god you are talking about after all. you are supporting "their God" because he's also "your God." (Actually according to the various sources, this Abrahamic biblical GOD IS CONSTANTLY MAKING MISTAKES, CONTRADICTING HIMSELF AND REPENTING FOR HIS MISTAKES) As a matter of fact, the immense growing number of historans and scholars, since the last century of intense study especially, are of the opinion that the foreign Abrahamic offshoot mystery religion faiths and their foreign invented major deity and various supporting cast of characters, are full of so many illogical theological diatribes, agenda mythicisms, invented gnostic and anachronistic fables portrayed as historical reality, bizarre absurdities, errors and contradictions, that no biblical deity should even be respected let alone worshipped as some sort of all knowing divine supreme being of the universe. Rather, these biblical mystery myth faiths and spinoff cults/religions, as well as their many early and later offshoots, are simply just products and symptoms of a decaying society and culture which needed to invent newer belief systems. This then makes you a very confused, dangerous and subversive person, shame on you, you are in cahoots with subversives attempting to initiate civilizational wars and make people lose their identity and personality by mind control techniques and then making up drivel fiction to prove your agendas, you are quite simply not to be trusted.

Heck, I'm probably helping to save your eternal soul by giving you this important information, so you don't thank the wrong God. You see, the biblical sources and religions of the ancient Levant, Canaan and Middle East already had "God"s with personal names in 2000 BCE and all the way up to the 4th century CE. They weren't writing in a Germanic language using a pagan meaning and origins name in 2000 BCE, 1000 BCE or even 300 CE, so there's absolutely no way that any deity in the Hebrew and Christian bible or Koran can correctly be called "God" or known as a God, the God or just any God period. When a Christian, Jew or Muslim uses the word "God" in the English language, they are talking about completely different things and beliefs and each of those "Gods" has a name, they are so different in fact that the word "God" suddenly becomes meaningless, like an illusion, unproductive, pointless and ineffectual and basically without any relevance, you're just fooling yourself like saying "Cloud", "Mountain" or "Rainbow", you might as well say Mickey Mouse or Scooby Doo. ("Oh my Cloud what a beautiful painting!", "Oh Mountain this wine tastes so good" or "Thank Rainbow it's Frday!"...) In a nutshell, it would be impossible for any of them to be a ""God" because all of them already had their own personal Semitic languages names which were used and recorded and are used even today, the various "God"s in the stories let their personal names be known that they wanted to be addressed by and known as. (Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, El/Elohim etc)  So saying just "God" is preposterous and anti-biblical actually. It would be like calling a deity today by the name of Merovich, Marcomir, Branimir, Gatsby, Fred, Ted or G-Crew Fresh Base because these words/names weren't used either. It would be like calling a deity "mouse", well what mouse? which mouse? what kind of mouse? Micky Mouse? Jerry Mouse? There's lots of different mice after all. You can use the word if you want, but at least now you'll know that the real meaning behind and origins of this English language word "God" (just like "Bog", "Boh" and "Buh"), is quite simply not a name but is rather of ancient Pagan origins and has nothing to with the bible or any Semitic/Biblical desert deity.

The one and only best and cheapest text and prayer line ever, you'd be crazy not to. (Click Now for them secret words)

So again, we see it's basically all one big shtick selling suspension of disbeliefs, made up stories and drivel, trinkets and bric a brac and then more made up groundless stories solely for their own personal gain and personal universe. It's infomercials just without the monthly seed faith gifts. There are no television miracles and no god or angels or heavenly beings are speaking to anybody because it's just the televangelist entertainment schemebiz. Here's just one more example of many, many more examples. The practice of snake handling and of drinking strychnine and other poisons, found in a few offshoots of Pentecostalism in the southern American states and a few other places, find their Biblical support in Mark 16:18:..."...they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” But here's something most people don't know, that the 2 earliest manuscripts (from the 300s) and some other later texts do not have verses 9–20 and there's no mention about any snake handling or poison drinking etc, those verses were just added much later and nobody knows who added them. This is a common theme throughout the whole bible, stuff just being added and changed and taken away then added again for centuries. Why don't these types drink the poisons then? Could it be because so many have died and were bitten by snakes? Could that have something to do with it?  Is that why televangelists have to fake healing people and put on fake healing shows? Why don't the faith healers handle snakes and/or drink poisons also then? They don't trust God then?....Exactly. That also shows that they are of little faith.

Wrong for the 1001st time for  St. Jehosophat's sake, they can't get it right.

On the topic of the Gospel of Mark, here's some more tidbits that I'm sure every watcher of televangelist shows and every televangelist book seller already knows. Most general bible readers have the mistaken impression that Matthew, the opening book of the New Testament, must be the first and earliest Gospel, with Mark, Luke and John following. The assumption for the average reader is that this order of the Gospels is a chronological one, when in fact it is a theological one. Scholars and historians are universally agreed that Mark is the earliest Gospel–by several decades at least, and the others used it as the basis for their versions, much later given the names Matthew, Luke and John, even though nobody knows who wrote them because they're all based on papyrus scraps mostly written in Greek, not Hebrew or Aramaic. They were all written in Greek, including Mark, but we don't know who wrote any of them. Even Mark is a name later given to the text. And this insight turns out to have profound implications for peoples understanding of the “Jesus story” and how it was passed down in New Testament Gospel traditions.

The problem with the Gospel of Mark for the final editors of the New Testament was that it was grossly deficient and lacking, whoever first wrote it whatever their name, didn't include lots of information that was added later. First it is significantly shorter than the other Gospels–with only 16 chapters compared to Matthew (28), Luke (24) and John (21). But more important is how Mark begins his Gospel and how he ends it.

The Gospel of Mark is the earliest version by many decades at least, BUT it has no account of the virgin birth of Jesus, or for that matter, any birth of Jesus story at all. In fact, Joseph, husband of Mary, is never named in Mark’s Gospel at all, and Jesus is simply called a “son of Mary", Jesus is just a character who never at any time equates himself to any god, there is no Lazarus from the dead and many other things omitted. (There is however very clear indications even from the words attributed to the character of Jesus' that what the reader is actually reading is just a new offshoot mystery religion/cult and mythicism being spread...he speaks in strange contradictory parables to confuse the listener so that people will NOT understand what he is saying with even his very own disciples not understanding his words/meanings, cultic allegories, Pythagoras and Jesus parallels (153 fish) pointing towards Jesus being a mythic character, etc) But even more significant is Mark’s strange ending. He has absolutely no appearances of the Jesus character following the visit of the women on Easter morning to the empty tomb! Nothing. (and no mention of books, seed faiths or gospel music either)

Like the other three Gospels, Marks version recounts the visit of Mary Magdalene and her companions to the tomb of Jesus early Sunday morning. (Again different women and number of women in each gospel) And upon arriving they find the blocking stone at the entrance of the tomb removed, and it is only a young man (notice in the story - it's not an angel, it's just an unknown man) and he then supposedly tells them:

“Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has risen; he is not here. See the place where they laid him. But go, tell his disciples and Peter that he is going before you to Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.” And they went out and fled from the tomb, for trembling and astonishment had seized them, and they said nothing. (Mark 16:6-8)

And there the first original gospel story simply ends! That's it. End of story. That's all there is folks. There is no magical after death appearances to anybody at all ever. (To add even more contradictions, the other later gospel versions also changed Galilee (in the north) to Jerusalem (in the south), proving again that they are just later theological versions, especially the so-called Matthew version which later superceded the original oldest Mark version. The even later contradictory and ficticious Acts/Epistles attributed to someone named Paul, many times supercedes all 4 gospels and all he did was have an hallucination, according to the story, and he never saw anything or anyone but just kept getting into arguements with people everywhere he went by babbling his made up nonsense, even the supposed original disciples disliked him because he considered himself closer to the Jesus character even though he never met him, go figure)

The oldest Gospel Mark gives absolutely no accounts of anyone at all ever seeing any Jesus character as the much later Matthew, Luke, and John versions later reports. In fact, this Mark gospel is contradictory in many instances from the other gospel versions. (which also contradict each other numerous times and contradict themselves also, just like much of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible also) The oldest original Mark gospel, whoever anonymously wrote it in classical Greek, contains absolutely no mention about any snake handling, poison drinking, there's absolutely no angel in any tomb but just a man, there's no lightning hitting temples, there's no Lazarus story, there's no hundreds of dead people rising out of their graves and zombily walking around the city being seen by many, but most interestingly, there's also no nativity scene story or any information about birth and there's absolutely no after death appearances by any Jesus character to anyone at all ever, until the later versions where the concocted text was added and in the other 3 later gospel versions that is. who we also don't know who wrote them. (None of them of course never allude to any seeds, books, miracle oils, fake healing crusades, fake miracles, bacon dancing and babbling jibberish, mailing faith seed envelopes and all that other smoke and mirrors babbling and made up fiction and stories and "personal feelings" based views and preaching.)

So many magical creatures to choose from. (they forgot the talking donkey though)

This would be like watching a modern day remake of a film from the 1920's or 1930's, it would be like watching a modern day version of the Wizard of Oz film, and then deciding to watch the original. Then afterwards wondering where the heck is that part where Dorothy is born in a Kansas barn, and the 3 mayors of Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles bring apple pies? Where the heck is that part where the Wizard has a ninja sword fight against the Witch and turns her flying monkey soldiers into frogs? Where the heck is that part where Dorothy and Toto die and then come back to life? Where's all the dogs rising from their graves and then zombily running around the city? etc and so on. This first original Wizard of Oz film doesn't have any of that stuff. Why not? (Importantly also, where's the cabbage rolls? How come no one is eating cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers with mashed potatoes? Why the heck are there no cabbage rolls, sausages or cheese štrukli?) The simple fact is that the later 3 "anonymous gospels" scraps used the oldest one (just given the the name Mark) as the source and then just added more stories not found in "Mark", adding zombies coming out of the ground all over the places (many undead zombies now walking around Jerusalem "seen by many" wow), adding 1 "angel" now instead of just the man, even later adding 2 "angels" in another gospel, and then just topping it all off with more "appearances" and more contradictory stories that the original didn't have. It's pretty easy to see what went on, basically that many people in Jerusalem simply didn't like talking or writing about eyewitnessing zombies walking around, because they found it boring and not newsworthy obviously.

Many pastors, book writers and preachers such as this guy above believe you shouldn't be taking eating dead sperm, you need to instead let only God jerk off His sperm into you and only swallow Gods sperm which will make you a glorified gay holy monkey disciple of truth and miracles, you'll be transformed into a new goat or creature of wisdom...for a seedfaith gift of $500.00. (DO NOT PUT THE DEAD SPERM INTO YOUR MOUTH TO EAT, ONLY SWALLOW GODS SPERM or you'll go to hell or get migraines) "Kids, hurry up and get dressed for church, it's almost time for eating God's sperm!" This will be better explained in one of the videos at the bottom. (Greek: Φάτε Ιερά σπέρμα του Θεού, Latin: semen sanctum dei comede, Hebrew: לאכול זרע הקודש של אלוהים)

The above pastor is just one of many examples of the absurd subversives spreading lies and delusional fiction, just to sound important to themselves and so you'll send them money and buy their stuff and read their books. Even modern day science, paleontology and especially genetic DNA evidences categorically prove that the ancestors of a large part of the African populations had in fact genetically interbred by inter-species mating with another unknown species of archaic hominin that was separate from modern humans species and which went extinct only about 12,000 years ago, it is thought by some scientists to most likely be a variation or subspecies of Homo erectus, a separate and archaic African branch who's offspring can even be found today and is shown in their DNA pool. Quite simply the pastor babbling about eating Gods sperm is not part of any Adam & Eve family, not any Noah or imaginary Noah's family and not even The Addams Family or Family Ties television show family or any other fictitious family. He's confused and absurd and doesn't even know reality or what he's talking about, (Greek: Φάτε Ιερά σπέρμα του Θεού, Latin: semen sanctum dei comede. Hebrew: לאכול זרע הקודש של אלוהים), just a plain ol' subversive guru looking to control peoples minds with filth and sell you things or just take your money. After all, we know these days thanks to science and the quest for truth, that the planet wasn't populated only just around 2500 BCE from one family coming out of a boat, We know there were a number different archaic humanoid populations in different parts of the planet at different times whose descendents are around even today, we know that there were Neanderthals, we know there were Cro-Magnon populations in Eurasia also and even other kinds of humanoids in different parts of the planet, as well as archaic bipedal creatures, hominins and also monkeys, apes and various squirrels, wombats and snakes. Instead we know there were dinosaurs roaming the planet for hundreds of millions of years until about 66 million years ago, (but not any talking snakes or squirrels or wombats) and now we even have out of place artifacts, archeological and fossil evidence of extreme human antiquity going back well before the Mesopotamian Garden of Eden. The simple fact is that not one person on this planet is descended from or is part of any made up family lineage from some fictitious old bearded guy who was told by any voice to build any boat. The boat family origins scenario story is all suspension of disbelief in some peoples heads and is actually just one chapter in the subversive propaganda cult books modus operandi, used by them to help control peoples minds and instill filth based fiction realities.

You mean that's in the book?

Also, if your "God" is the same "God" that ISIS, Taliban and other similar God-talkers and fundamentalists are always talking about it, (which it really is after all, it's all parts of the same storybooks and characters and plot twists, they're all Abrahamic offshoot religions), then you are actually in league with them and support their "God." It's the same god and plots you are talking about after all. You are quite simply supporting their God, so why the heck are you acting like an infidel? This makes you a very dangerous and confused subversive person, shame on you. Besides, I will show you later using your very own sources and beliefs that "God" didn't make the world or universe at all like many suppose and think is some kind of scriptual based truth, (the "Elohim" did, as in "Gods" plural, a whole bunch of them actually, even the bible says so right there in front of your nose), so people are really quite confused and don't even know what they're talking about at all. Just babbling nonsense really, talking to rainbows and clouds about nonsense dreamed up and just chatting about personal thoughts and fiction stories which amount to and mean absolutely nothing in reality. Many of them are Rumpelstiltskins giving beans to Little Red Riding Hood and Jack, and they have many Trolls and Ghouls working fo them, the worst kind of trolls and ghouls too, the kind that are trying to convince you that reality is fake and that concocted subversive identity destroying drivel is real. You might as well then believe that getting tuberculosis or being born blind is a good thing and a wonderful blessing.

Jonah swallowed by the fish for 3 days.

Now, I'm not the type to get up on a soapbox and preach anything to anybody, and especially go around telling people to believe something just because, just because I said so, just because some person said so, just because some person's nephew's cousin neighbour's friend who read that it said so in a book somewhere attributed to someone a long, long time ago somewhere. I'm not going to tell you that supposedly the mind/deity behind a cloud of dust and gas quasar that is 30 billion times bigger than the sun and more than 20 billion light years away, suddenly decided to appear in the distant past in a desert tent in the form of smoke to give out precise rules and guidelines about how to properly make burnt offerings, in the desert where there is no wood or grass for animals to eat, when to picks ups sticks and important rules about women's menstruation cycles and clean and unclean animals and which animals are acceptable as burnt offerings.

Look ma no more HIV, the HIV is gone!

(You see, it could make galaxies trillions of miles wide, and billions of light years away but it was suddenly very important to give out specific and exact burnt offerings rules from inside a tent in the desert somewhere to some people, only certain types of birds too, you can't burn just any bird as a burnt offering after all, it must always and at all times only be special types of birds or other animals, only those birds are the ones you can burn. WHATEVER YOU DO YOU MUST NOT BURN THE OTHER BIRDS! GOD WANTS YOU TO BURN THE GOOD SMELLING CLEAN BIRDS AND NOT THOSE OTHER STINKY UNCLEAN BIRDS!!! (IT'S BETTER AROMA BECAUSE THEY'RE CLEANER BIRDS) Nope, I'm not going to tell you any of that. But if you're the inquisitive type that likes to find out about plots in books and dissect the suspension of disbelief from reality, then hit on these few links just to wet your whistle. You'll find out information right from the horses mouth so to speak, directly from the grandaddy of all later faith crusades, bacon dancers and purveyors of pamphlets that will basically make all these televangelist types look like even worse actors, and their fans from their circus tours will then probably want to demand a double, triple and quadruple portion of faith seed miracles for their mailed in envelope seeds.

He cares about your monthly envelope seed faith gift, he needs a new pair of pants after all.

Look, what are you going to write? Are you going to start your book with the mighty magic Leprechaun making Billy Bob on a Thursday who then jumps on his horse leaving town, he gets lost in a storm, eats some grub that the mighty magic Leprechaun gave him and then he meets Petunia on a Saturday. But then just a few sentences later instead write that it was the mighty magic Hillbilly that made Billy Bob and Petunia on a Monday who both left town on their horse, ate some grub that the mighty magic Hillbilly gave them and then they both got lost in a storm on a Friday? You can't write contradictory like this in your novel, nope. You won't make any sense or sell lots of books using that kind of formula that's for sure, especially right from the start of your novel or book. They can't both be right, it's one or the other. The reader will be left scratching their head and wondering 5 minutes into the book what kind of fool wrote this thing anyway?...then go buy a Stephen King novel or a book about painters or artists instead.

The preachers on the left and rap musical artist on the right (roles reversed to keep the biblical contradictions theme continuity), with their Jesus bling are part of the same anti-civilizational filth, dross and personality/reality destroying cults modus operandi.

A Favela Dubstylin' preacher, preachin' them truths to the nations.

You will also notice, well I do anyway, that the increase of these types of performers on television seems to coincide with the increase in shootings, stabbings, scandals and just crime in general. If anything, one will notice that with these types the answer seems to be to not talk about it or mention it or look into it, but rather just fill more television slots with their programs and more so-called crusades wherever they can, and of course just write more books. All this then just increases the crimes and scandals rates, the vortex spins around and around ever faster and everything just stays the same but gets increasingly worse by increments. How's that for irony?

How is it that the televangelists are always having problems paying bills and vacations etc expenses? God and Jesus don't want to miraculously pay them?

Also, what the hell do a bunch of stories by travelling old gurus and men living in caves, who actually made the bible centuries after the many versioned stories and characters were supposed to have existed, actually mean to me, me with a Croatian descent that has absolutely nothing to with those times and places. Televangelists don't even know how the things they speech about and even the bible came to be, they treat it like it was written by Jesus or God himself, they're convinced because they believe it. It's ridiculous. Even at the beginning these old men were constantly arguing and at odds with each other about who even this Jesus character is supposed to be, or if he even existed, they didn't really know so they just started inventing things, they weren't even sure what his name was exactly. Excommunicating, censuring, banishing and condemning each other as heretics all over the place all the time, because they simply couldn't agree on their versions of stories about the very basic fundamental beliefs "No this goes in, that has to go"..."No, it stays and you go because you are a blasphemy guru"...."No no no, it stays out and both of you are heretics and servants of Satan (who isn't Lucifer because Hebrews never spoke Latin), but we'll make some other things up first then have a vote, we will vote and add and take away, invent more and vote more until we have the "Word of God" etc and so on) They were having all kinds of councils, synods, votes, more councils and more banishmments and more added fiction for the next council and meetings constantly and they still couldn't agree, the snowball just kept growing bigger with more snow and even sand and pebbles in it. The most boring and dumb eternal arguments and votes ever. (Thankfully later plenty of pagan stuff was added, picking good pagan dates and customs for the holidays and celebrations) These travelling gurus were arriving to councils and meetings with different views and beliefs from places like Syria, Alexandria (Egypt), Antioch (Turkey), Damascus, Nineveh (Assyria), Armenia, Carthage (Tunisia), Ephesus (Turkey), Chalcedon, Bythinia Asia Minor and many other strange places that have no history of stuffed cabbage rolls or painted easter eggs, each coming to argue their version of beliefs with the others, and even their own versions of bibles with others, who also brought very different versions of bibles/text than others. It was sects, gurus and cults all over the place. But all these places and times have nothing to do with my personal history, Croatians aren't from those places and times and they had no part to play in all those synods and councils that were constantly against each other and couldn't agree if there even was a physical Jesus character at all, all they had was stories. I don't even speak Syrian, Tunisian or Egyptian anyway, It's frikin' ridiculous and so are these televangelist actors who go even more beyond the boundaries of absurdity and stories. Basically the bible is no word of any god whatsoever or anyone, but instead it's the result of many thousands of arguments, meetings, banishments and more councils ad nauseum through centuries.....and even today. Don't take my word for it, the Lord came down to me in a vision and let me know in my heart, he spoke to me and told me that they're full of, what we in Croatian refer to as "sranje, glupost i ludost." Even today these types can't agree, there are too many different churches, cults, sects and organizations to list here. The way things are going these days Jesus will soon be a travelling she-male gay scat porn farmer and part-time fix-it guy from Detroit who's robe was made of lettuce and wearing a coconut-banana hat, he could rap like Biggie, dance like a drunken crackwhore and walk on clouds like Ana Pavlova whenever he felt like it, as well as play the banjo.

All I can say is, if some people feel mad or whatever, I'm just the messenger. I'm not the one who's been making stuff up, adding text and deleting text and making more stuff up for centuries, I'm not out there telling you what to believe or not believe. I'm putting out information for the benefit of the reader. If anything, if you are shocked or even mad you should be mad at yourself, upset as to why you didn't look into things that directly affect your eternity, supposedly, as the story goes. Mad at yourself for believing things that have no foundation in facts or truth, believing in things, events and in imaginary people that you always thought sounded far fetched and ludicrous, terrible ridiculous stories, but you just went along with the flow anyway, weird.

People gave Jesus colour televisions before he disappeared for 18 years as per the illustration seen above. (It doesn't say they didn't so it must have happened, you can't prove they didn't give him tv's so it probably happened) More real historical scenes HERE.

Angry as to how you've been believing crap and following various guidelines just because you thought it will all be worth it in the end, and that you'll be immortal and floating in the clouds happily ever after with wings and wearing a long white robe. Mad for sitting there listening to people, when you really get down to the crux of the matter, who are telling you that you don't know how to read or think or use your brain and shouldn't even attempt to. You should be angry at all the shucksters out there and their carnival sideshow acts, at all their fake miracles and fake made up stories and ridiculous logic and views, you should be mad at them because they are proving my points before I even type one letter, even just the few mentioned and shown here are on a regular basis proving that that they are spreading lies and subversive fake stories, they are regularly proving that their beliefs are b.s. because they're just constantly acting, bullshitting and faking things and don't even know what a new testament or bible is or where it came from. Don't you have to admit that when these types don't have real irrefutable facts and historical reality or have contradictory vortexes to escape, then that's why they have to resort to inventing fables, meanings, faking miracles and performing 3rd rate magician tricks to prove their holy positions? Like I said, maybe you would have been better off taking up archeology and looking for that snake that could talk, boy now that would be amazing and wondrous. I can't speak for all people, but I'm personally one of those types that doesn't like being lied to and made to look like an illiterate clueless moron dufus who believes anything, that's just me.

Actually, when you really think about it, wouldn't it make more sense to do the televangelist seed faith miracles the other way around from the very start? It's all about the faith anyway, that's all that's needed or required anyway, it's more common sense too. Who has more faith than them anyway? because they're Gods spokespeople already, handpicked instrument mouthpieces who already have been given faith gifts of performing miracles and cures, they verily already have proven that they already have the magic powers given unto them to perform various faith miracles already and possess the holy gabbing powers from the Lord, (because they have the faith), so it's really only common sense to put that already proven faith into action already for God's glory, the faith seeds multiplications will surely give even more praise and glory to his name. Look, only just the televangelist or his organization really have to send the faith seeds which will multiply, because if they send out just even 10, 50 100 or 1000 dollar faith seeds to lots or even just some of their viewers or members, it will verily be multiplied many fold unto the stars. Only just the televangelist has to get a loan, not lots of nameless people who might not really even have the faith, this even statistically works out best for everyone involved, especially in terms of paperwork. When the person receives their seed and it multiplies, then they just keep the original puny seed or a portion of it, and send all the new loads of extra seeds back to the televangelist to mightily runneth over the coffers. It's a win-win can't miss example of the statistically best outcome scenario also. Like I said, they already have the faith anyway, being able to perform miraculous cures and speak languages is proof from God that they have the faith already, so it's a guaranteed success for everyone involved and they would verily be fools not to. No more telethons and high phone bills, much less envelopes, name tags and photocopying costs, much less oil, sand and water vials overhead and storage, much less staff needed, a lot less emails etc. The results will wow many people and they shall be astonished, this will result in even many more people flocking to the crusades and to watch their television shows and they shall verily buy even more books across the lands even unto the Sea of Galilee and beyond.

Gather around and hands on leader, must save leader, ratings and my hotel reservations.

Also take the Qur'an as another similar later example of fiction and absurdity, much of what is written in the Qur'an (Koran) is just taken from the Hebrew Torah, and the much later added text is so unintelligible in so many spots to the point where it requires all kinds of special "interpreters" and "scholars" to explain semantics, meanings and just to tell you what it's about, otherwise the reader will think they're reading text written by and about a bunch of schizophrenic delusional characters suffering from heat stroke. It incorporates all kinds of strange and odd literary fragments that no average person can understand what it means, who wrote it or what the point of the text is, all the meanings are applied later in various and contradictory ways to make it seem that some sort of sense is being made when it's not. (about 1/5th of the Koran was actually written in a Non-Arab language, many scholars think it was Hebrew and that the meaning has been completely lost.

Jesus "is quoted" as saying that he did not come to bring peace, but a sword. (Amen oh Lamb of Sunday television) See also 50 reasons for next time you're draining your credit card buying Christmas gifts, having your holiday family dinner or at a Christmas party. If someone went around today preaching the same words he would....A) - be arrested for disturbing the peace and inciting hatred, overthrow of the government and murders etc. B) - be committed to a mental hospital for evaluations and medications. C) - possibly suffer violence at the hands of his neighbours and/or family. D) - be declared a dangerous cult guru by authorities because of his delusional complexes and irrational confused state of mind rants. E) - be denied by editors to publish a book about nonsense and gibberish. F) - be a hobo. G) - most likely all of the above.

Even many Muslim scholars and archaeologists today readily admit that Mohamud never existed, but was instead invented decades later by traveling Arab conquerers as they went around slaughtering villages with people who wouldn't join their cause, and so they just went making up more stories and rules as they went along from place to place. The earliest biography of Muhamud was written by Ibn Ishaq only in the late 8th century and this is the primary source for later writings, etc. Even Ibn al-Rawandi and Abu Isa al-Warraq, just to name a few, believed Islam to be a very erroneous and concocted fiction with many instances of absurdity, and that was already in the 9th century)

Jesus hiding them 6,000 year old dinosaur bones under the fig tree.

Now, I'm not pushing any religion or philosophy, but that Shinto religion makes sense to me in many ways according to some things that I've  read. (It's an indigenous religion of Japan and the people of Japan. It is defined as an action-centered religion, focused on ritual practices to be carried out diligently, to establish a connection between present-day Japan and its ancient past) And everyone knows that the Japanese make a lot of cool stuff so maybe they're onto something. I'm not a Buddhist or plan to be or know all that much about the practice of Buddhism either, but this is a quote attributed to Buddha that I found..." Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." Now that there is different, not too crazy, not too improbable or extremist, light on the eternal burning, stoning and gouging etc. Basically this quote is saying, "Hey look, don't take my word for it, if you go play with and tease a poisonous snake it's going to bite you, if you use frayed live high voltage wires to skip rope, it's really not a good idea, if you decide to fall asleep on the railroad tracks after drinking beers you're going to have a really bad hair day and will probably miss your next birthday." etc.

Pastor Lethebo Rabalango: "she had so little faith that she couldn't withstand such a simple task." Basically the foolish unbeliever got hers.

Shata kalalumba dosey talamba shequi bulu tandre batala putashelakaka kendalabweh balumba..amen (makes total sense to me, it's the holy language of aliens probably)

Now you may say, "Well, aren't Croatians Catholic? Isn't it a Catholic country?. or something like that. Well, the answer to that question is yes, and also no. Like a number of other European countries Croatia can also be considered a Catholic country and nation, but that's a very generalized all-encompassing description and many times a narrow-minded used adjective. It goes far, far, far beyond any specific religious rituals or any faith system if any, it takes on the much larger scope of a long and linear politico-civilizational process in Europe that has been going on for many centuries, even well before Croatian tribes entered the historical chapter of Europe in the early middle ages and before televangelists. ie; centuries of Latin lingua franca, western civilizational processes in regards to literature, education in the sciences, the arts, music, the European Renaissance, Humanism, philosophy, higher learning, the growth and study of magic, alchemy and esoteric revelations from the cosmos and the very earth itself, even gastronomy/food and fashions etc. Quite simply, being Croatian is not bound and limited by religion or a particular religious doctrine, no religion "made" the Croatian tribes in antiquity because we existed well before arriving to where we are found in the early middle ages and it's proven in our genetic history, it's undeniable.The pope is not the president or prime minister or on the flag of Croatia, heck, he's not even a mayor, minister, alderman, secretary, chef, mailman  or even a janitor of Croatia. All those images and videos of Croatian folk and folklore groups? All that Croatian folk singing and dancing you see has no lyrics or have anything to do with any pope or religious topics, they're singing about various Croatian stuff but no pope, no patriarch, no rabbi, no imam, no pastor, no other voodoo guru or any religious leader whatsoever is in the lyrics. We are considered a Catholic country the same as a number of other European nations, albeit a Catholicism with Croatian traditions it should be noted, different from that found in Brazil and the Philippines as a few examples and not completely and exactly the same as that found in Spain, Argentina, France or Poland etc. In the end being Croatian trumps and supercedes any particular religion or faith systems that came afterwards because of our long history and civilizational process, being Croatian is a progressive momentum, a dynamic, a linear force and ideals, Catholicism is the civilizational club that we've been a part of for many centuries. Afterall we weren't Hindus, Muslims, Scientologists, Buddhists, Voodoos, JW's or Mormons etc during our civilizational process. It's also in our genes and DNA afterall, you can't delete and/or change your DNA can you? Denying your genetics and history would be a sin against nature. For centuries when we were defending against the Islamic jihadist incursions into Europe and the Saracens attacking in various places, we weren't going to battle solely to fight specifically for any pope or patriarch or church or person or book or saint or superhero character. Heck no, on the contrary it was rather for our continued freedoms and the continuation of the civilizational process and our place in it. There was no pope performing miracles on the battlefields bringing down fire, it was Croatian soldiers who made things happen. Croatian Easter Eggs and various sausages or stuffed peppers and cabbage rolls don't have anything to do with Shemaliah-Ben-El-Gad from the tribe of Jonah and his lamenting in the desert against the Moabites, our holiday cookies, pastries, beers and wines and various other festivities don't have anything to do with camels or caves or lamps and lamp oil in the desert, there's no camels or crocodiles in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka or Split. We don't have monkeys in the trees or elephants in Varaždin, Karlovac or Zadar, which likewise equates to there being no Christmas banana pies or Easter alligator soup. The men in Croatia don't suck horse cocks like they do in Brazil. Instead it was Easter eggs customs which we brought down with us back when the Romans and Greeks used to call us Hyperboreans and later the Veneti also. Look at it this way, when walking or traveling around Croatia you will see permanent reminders from over the centuries of the civilizational processes that I'm talking about, you will come across many instances of medieval stone castles and fortresses, Carolingian era Croatian art and architecture, Pre-Romanesque art and architecture and buildings, Romanesque and Gothic art, architecture and buildings, Baroque and Renaissance era art, architecture and buildings, Gothic and Baroque Cathedrals and even later Art Nouveau and Art Deco art and architecture. You're really not going to run into a pagoda, stupa, African mud brick hut, minaret, mosque, mandala or a Kingdom Hall during your travels. (Correct me if I'm wrong, which I'm not, but it's from this so-called term "Catholic nations" and the related linear civilization-politico-cultural sphere they were are a part of that is responsible for the nations Latin alphabets through the centuries, western civilizational processes in regards to literature, education in the sciences, the arts, music, the European Renaissance, Humanism, philosophy, higher learning, the growth and study of magic, alchemy and esoteric revelations from the cosmos, Croatian art and architecture, Pre-Romanesque art and architecture and buildings, Romanesque and Gothic art, architecture and buildings, Baroque and Renaissance era art, architecture and buildings, Gothic and Baroque also. These things definitely didn't come from the Orthodox/cyrillic sphere, or from the Jews, Mormons, Pentecostal Baptists, Jehovah Witnesses, televangelists, or hundreds of other offshoot cults/sects and voodoo gurus. Our customs, traditions and culture is what's fundamental in the equation, it's all about the long civilizational process and linear cultural dynamics because Croatians weren't eating Jar Doo chicken wings, Tsukune or Taco's in the 15th century, not until the 20th century did we start doing that, along with watching Croatian MasterChef programs)

Jump into the brainwashing pool of cool cults to become the ultimate mindless subversive anarchist to enslave minds and identities. One great Theocratic Dictatorship for all who join and eternal trumpet choir songs, no evil facts, reality, reading and thinking allowed in this pool paradise. (More on this later)

This above image and article I updated in August of 2015. Another perfect example of what I'm talking about. An image of the inside of Zagreb Arena getting ready for a World Jehovah Witnesses Con-gress to be attended by about 15,000 Jehovah Witnesses from around the world. (Full news article In the foreground one can see the brainwashing pool set up to try to gain new blind followers and sect members, I mean new cult converts. (It is a cult though, it's been classified as a brainwashing and controlling fundamentalist organization since its invention in the 19th century by this guy and especially over the last few decades. Yep, they're found all over the world and now even making an appearance in Croatia. More made up drivel and invented nonsense, stories and rules. They think any form of any kind of cross whatsoever is ultimately symbolic of a penis. (Does this then not make a penis is the symbol of a cross?) They celebrate absolutely no holidays whatsoever because they are all pagan, every single one of them come from pagan origins) Now I ask the reader again. Why again in Zagreb of all places? Wouldn't it be much more common sense to hold it where it is truly needed. Zagreb or Croatia doesn't have mall shootings, cop shootings, drug and gangs warfare and shootings, movie theatre shootings and similar things going on in the news recently like in the Jehovah Witness Headquarters country does, what gives? What's up with that? They prefer not to knock on doors in the hood in Detroit or in Rio, ? Why not? Elders Jeb and Dolorna might actually like it. What kind of illuminating spirituality logic is that I ask you? They are in effect avoiding and abandoning their own people and sheep to seek prettier pastures with better beers, coffees, pastries and scenery to help make more mindless subversive followers and start up new sects and cult buildings. They are hypocrites spreading filth (plastic pools of filth actually, just let the filth seep into your pores and become one of us) and sending their own countrymen to burn in hell forever just so they can erect more plastic pools elsewhere in other nations. See Criticism of Jehovah's Witnesses to see how many times they've been wrong just about predictions alone, which has caused them to splinter off and invent more cult groups with newer and fancier predictions and updated name tags. (One of the big fights that caused them to splinter even more was the topic that the Great Pyramids were constructed under the guidance of "God", one group believed it was made under the guidance of "God" and the other side believed it was under the guidance of "Satan." Do you see the utter bullshit nonsense going into hyperdrive here just for the sake of erecting more plastic pools and simultaneously campaigning to disobey and even overthrow the governments, religions and customs of the country where the pool is being erected?) Why the heck couldn't God or Satan make it more clear by making the pyramids float or whistle once a year or something? Besides, everyone knows and its been scientifically proven the Pyramids were constructed during the earliest dynasties who in fact settled after migrating from the north, DNA and skeletal/archeological evidences prove this. Check out Jehovah Witness Brainwashing Cult links to see why. They have been compared to the Serb church in terms of crazy, bizarre and ludicrous beliefs and invented mythomanias. Why don't they preach the truth which every scholar knows that it was El who made the universe, and earth and everything in it according to the oldest sources, not Jehovah. If Jehovah made the universe and earth then why didn't he just make everyone Jehovah's Witness cult members from the very start? Including the Jews and Muslims. I think the Mormons, CBN network and those companies making Halal meat products are behind this. Why are Jehovah Witnesses anathema in Israel?, why do the Jews dislike Jehovah Witnesses so much and ban and protest them at every chance? If everyone in Israel became a JW then ISIS could just walk in and take the country over like it was nothing. Look, don't you have to admit to yourself that if the JW's are right then God is basically a moron and has no control over anything and never has, that he can't even predict tomorrows weather or a sports score, that he constantly keeps f****** things up and has multiple personalities at war with each other in his mind and needs humans to fix his mistakes and contradictions in the books he wrote? This is what the facts show. Wouldn't you have to admit that he keeps pulling the rug under peoples feet at the same time all over the world, telling different people different things and then telling them that he didn't do it and that he's looking forward to burn ALL Non-Jehovah's Witness humanity with fire to prove that it's his and the JW's way or the highway? (Telling the world through fancy mind control and telepathic powers only to specific charlattans, when it would be so much easier to have written it down for them using heavens magic pen and ink)

Let's see what Jews have to say about even just this one very abhorrent, dangerous and very subversive sect that promotes anarchy, excerpts courtesy of" One of the most aggressive missionary groups operating today in the State of Israel is the sect which calls itself 'Jehovah’s Witnesses'. “The Watchtower (one of the names of the sect) has experienced conflicts in almost every nation of the world - this writer was unable to locate a single country where they have not experienced problems. At one time or another they were banned or their activities severely restricted in almost every nation of the world, and are still banned in twenty six countries according to their official world-wide activities report published in 1995. In the United States alone, members of the sect were repeatedly charged in the courts of law, with among other things, blasphemy, ridicule of other religions and of authorities, inciting violence, breach of peace, desecration of the American flag, criminal syndicalism and sedition. In July 1940 the government of Canada banned the 'Jehovah’s Witnesses' outright. The law, passed under the War Measures Act, was vigorously enforced. According to recently declassified wartime documents, the reason for the ban was: “The federal government described 'Jehovah’s Witnesses' as subversive and offensive religious zealots... in a secret report given to special parliamentarian committees in 1942”. The government report on the sect concluded that, “probably no other organization is so offensive in its methods, working as it does under the guise of Christianity (Religion). Many of the teachings have led the sect into bitter conflict with civil authorities all over the world, in democratic as well as in totalitarian states.  'Jehovah’s Witnesses' are scornful of all other religions and “members of the sect repeatedly collided with the law.”  Articles in the 'Golden Age' and 'Consolation' (official publications of the sect) depicted members of other religions in the vilest of terms, and numerous illustrations showed them in a slanderous light. A well-known researcher summarizes the attitude of the sect to the outside world from 1922 to the present as “the extremist attitude”,  it could only be interpreted as complete negation of all governments, religions, churches and international organizations. The major reason for their troubles was because Witnesses are taught to believe that ALL governments and ALL religions are of Satan - and under pain of excommunication ALL of them must follow Watchtower policy. In the Watchtower’s own words, they teach that: “ALL organizations on the earth that are in the opposition to God and his kingdom (all religious and political organizations outside of 'Jehovah’s Witnesses' or the views of 'Jehovah's Witnesses' leadership that is) therefore, necessarily take the name “Babylon” and “Harlot.” And what is their ultimate goal? They openly declare that they work for the establishing of Worldwide Theocratic Government. In other words, replacement of ALL existing governments by worldwide rule of Governing Body of 'Jehovah’s Witnesses'. This is basically a DICTATORSHIP!!!! The members of the sect "joyfully wait" for the day when “the rest of humanity would be condemned to death and then they can take over; whoever did not join 'Jehovah’s Witnesses' in the mean time would have no hope of receiving God’s mercy and would be destroyed.” This is without a doubt a morose psychotic DICTATORSHIP!!! Nowadays 'Jehovah’s Witnesses' continue to disseminate huge amounts of anti-Seminic materials. As a matter of fact, they’re one of the biggest distributors of hate literature in human history. A few examples will suffice. In 1982 they published a book called “You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth.” It was published in 15 million copies and distributed worldwide in 55 languages. On pages 25-26 of the book we can see what is their current opinion of the Jews. Among other things it says there of the Jews:“Was God really their father? Did God accept their form of religion? Not at all!”... Jews are “from their father the Devil, and they wish to do his desires.” The Jewish religion “served the interest of the Devil.”And they concluded that because of their evil, the Jews “were on the way to destruction”. In another official publication from 1984 they say that 'Jehovah’s Witnesses' “have no intention to falling into the sad course of the Jews”, because the Jews “exchanged the truth of God for the lie." All Witnesses are expected to abide by the doctrines and organizational requirements as determined by the Governing Body. (Big Brother) Watch Tower Society publications strongly discourage Witnesses from formulating doctrines and "private ideas" (thinking) reached through independent Bible research. (reading). (Absolutley no thinking or reading, bad bad bad) Witnesses teach that people must choose between God’s organization (the JW's Governing Body) and Satan’s. (Non-Jehovahs Witnesses) and that the Bible cannot be properly understood without guidance by "Jehovah's visible organization." Jehovah's Witnesses have consistently claimed to be the only true religion. Based on their interpretation of Revelation 18:2-24, Jehovah's Witnesses believe ANY and ALL other religions are part of "Babylon the Great", a "world empire of false religion" under the control of Satan. JW's believe that Jesus was the archangel Michael (Micha-EL, see previous EL information) before becoming Jesus. they have translated and re-translated the bible into what they call the New World Translation. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society altered the text of their bible numerous times to change meaning and make it fit their organizations doctrines, their New World Translation has gone through numerous editions, as the Jehovah’s Witnesses over time discover more and more scriptures that contradict each other. JW's (I'm getting tired of writing the longer full name version) aren't allowed to accept or give blood, but they will gladly condone Non-JW's eventually being ripped and torn apart, bled to death and burned for eternity. JW's believe that ALL governments are tools of Satan, every single one of them, they are all the same Satans, and if you aren't a JW then you are lost and damned with absolutely no hope. Everything and everyone is just lumped together and equally evil under the power of Satan. The actual real name of the cult is the "Russellites", followers were known simply as "Russellite"s since Charles Taze Russell founded the cult in 1879. (He later admitted that he doesn't understand and never learned Hebrew, Greek or Latin which are the languages that the biblical original sources were written in) In 1914 many thousands of followers defected when the end of the world didn't occur as predicted. After 1920  many thousands of members had defected and left so the new president Joseph Franklin Rutherford announced that Jesus was actually the archangel Michael, (up to 1920 the Russelites taught that the pope in Rome was the archangel Michael) and that Jewish patriarchs (such as Abraham, Noah, Abel, Moses and Isaac) would be resurrected in 1925, then when that didn't happen over 3/4 of members defected and left, so then he changed the organizations name in 1931 instead to Jehovah's Witnesses and further centralized control and rules. He then went on to define the great pyramid as Satan's tool, which up to that time was taught as Russell's belief that it was God's word in stone. Their bible is constantly edited, text is deleted and added to and meanings changed to support their views and written material, their new bible is actually far secondary to the much more important official writings of the organization known as "scripture studies", which are revelations from Jehovah to the Governing Body. They don't even want JW members to read their own JW bible on its own ever. The Governing Body in Brooklyn formulates all the doctrines, oversees the production of all the written material for publications and conventions, and administers the group's worldwide operations and invasions into other countries. Just recently they held conventions in Australia and even Italy of all places to crowds of 70,000 JW's arriving from 60 countries. Even as I'm writing this, fundamentalist Muslims and their illegal migrant operatives are invading Europe on a daily basis, and some to escape the Muslim world itself also, which just proves that Islam is a failed imploding faith system and that the Muslim god and prophets are killing other Muslim gods and prophets solely for the reason because they can and want to. (with them invading from one side to JW's, Mormons, Televangelists and the many other traveling purveyors of subversive propaganda, beliefs and ideals from the other side, it is obvious their sole intent is to destabilize and promote foreign ruled complete subversive anarchy in every country they are found in. They have much more in common with similar goals than meets the eye) Various televangelists on tour and on television are basically Jehovah's Witness-lite, (sort of like drinking 89% lethal poison instead of 99%)...slightly lesser extreme versions of filth yet equally dangerous, mind controlling and dehumanizing just the same, because in essence they also want to turn as many people into brainwashed and molded lumps of obedient unthinking subversives also. They employ the same methods of made up stories, fiction, promises, threats and proclamations, they too go on about golden lamps, trumpets, robes, prophecy and eternal death and damnation for those who don't fall for their craftily worded fantasy scenarios and filth in the hopes of making more out of touch with reality and fantasy history pamphlet passer-outer clones and envelope stuffers. In Mormonism there is a lot of strange mysticism, including Jesus and Satan being brothers, also different planets being heaven, stuff like Adam actually being God, Jesus in North America teaching the Native peoples, invented civilizations and societies and other much wierder made up stuff, and also many other esoteric "secret doctrines" which is known only to an initiated few. But JW's are straight up front with their views right from the beginning and let you know from the start that you are lost and with no hope...unless you also "joyously await" the coming destruction of normality, linear progressive history and civilization. All these various philosophies, voodoo trash and lying filth doctrines are an abomination to the natural order of things, even to the bugs crawling in the dirt. They'e just peddling irrational and historically untrue fantasy and faked absurd stories. Just a few examples concerning just the JW's......

They are forbidden to serve in the military
They are forbidden to buy Girl Scout cookies (Boy Scouts and Girl Guides are organizations that serve Satan and his world)
They are forbidden to celebrate any holidays (Christmas, Easter, New Years, Hallowe'en, Chinese New Year, Japanese Autumn Equinox Day, Valentine's Day etc.)
They are forbidden to celebrate their or anyones birthday
They are forbidden to run for or hold a political office
They are forbidden to vote in any political campaign
They are forbidden to serve on a jury
They are forbidden to own or wear a cross (any version of a cross is ultimately a pagan symbol of a penis)
They must not pet a dog or any mammals
They are forbidden to speak to former members who are shunned (disfellowshipped)
They are forbidden to accept Christmas gifts
They are forbidden to purchase any Christian products (books, music, plaques, pictures etc.)
They can't enter any non-Jehovah's Witness house of worship or building  (it is Satan's den)
They are forbidden to read any Christian literature
Jews are children of the Devil
They are forbidden to have friends who are not Jehovah's Witnesses
They are forbidden to marry a non-Jehovah's Witness
They are forbidden to say "God bless you" when someone sneezes
They are forbidden to have a tattoo
They are forbidden to use pet foods made with blood or blood products
They are forbidden to donate blood or their organs or accept them
They are forbidden to read any anti-Jehovah's Witness material
They are forbidden to interpret the Bible without Watchtower literature to explain it to them
They are forbidden to wear any Christian or other religious jewelry
They are forbidden to support their country and be patriotic (every single nation is a tool of Satan)
They are forbidden to be involved in martial arts, yoga, boxing or wrestling (they use demons to gain strength, coordination and flexibility)
They are forbidden to join any clubs or sports teams
They are forbidden to participate in a school play
They are forbidden to use any tobacco products
They are forbidden to attend the funeral of an ex-Jehovah's Witness
They are forbidden to say "good luck"
They are forbidden to be a police officer (they are servants of Satan)
Women are forbidden to pray in the presence of men without a hat or head covering
They are forbidden to play chess
They are forbidden to salute the flag, stand for or sing the national anthem, pledge allegiance to the country or own a flag (in effect silently declaring to be an enemy subversive)
They are forbidden to wear jade jewelry
They must not own wind-chimes (they are for chasing away evil spirits)
Their source of authority is not any actual bible, but the voluminous writings of their Governing Body
They must read and study Watchtower literature regularly
They must go from door to door weekly to gain converts
They must attend five meetings per week
Only officially approved sexual practices are allowed in marriage
Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Halls have no windows (it is thought of as a holy bunker, so they don't want members to see the real outside world or be distracted by outside light or the window frame designs/curtains)
If they witness another Jehovah's Witness breaking the rules they must report them to the elders to be interrogated
They are forbidden to take a blood transfusion
They must not pet a dog or any mammals
Men are forbidden to wear beards
They are forbidden to discuss dinosaurs, archeology or scientific results without Watchtower approval
The Watchtower organization is God's prophet on earth today
Women must submit to the authority of Watchtower elders
They must forgo vacations to attend annual conventions
They must study Watchtower books at least six months before they can be baptized
Before baptism, one must answer over 80 Bible questions with Scripture references in front of a panel of elders, just like a gameshow
Most of The Book of Revelation applies only to the Jehovah's Witnesses
They cannot celebrate Mothers or Fathers day (it may produce pride)
Kingdom Halls cannot have pews for seating
They must appear before a Judicial Committee if they are caught breaking Watchtower rules (Secret files are kept on all members which record these meetings-these files are kept in New York and are never destroyed)
All pastors are the "Antichrist"
All churches are of Satan
God only speaks through the "Governing Body" in Brooklyn, New York
They are discouraged from attending college
The Lord's supper is only to be eaten by select Jehovah's Witnesses (144,000 group-99.99% of Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden from taking the Lord's supper)
The Lord's supper can only be celebrated annually
JWs in times of crisis, are strongly discouraged from consulting with family counselors, including mental health professionals who are not Jehovah's Witnesses
Only faithful Jehovah's Witnesses will survive Armageddon
If they have a non-Witness spouse their first loyalty is to the elders over their spouse
Angels direct the Watchtower organization
Judgment day is 1000 years long
If you leave Jehovah's Witnesses or are expelled from the organization you will not be resurrected
Only Jehovah's Witness prayers are heard by God
Man's salvation is secondary in God's plan; Jesus was sent to "vindicate Jehovah's name"
God will destroy all non-Jehovah's Witnesses at Armageddon
They are strongly discouraged from giving to charity (except Watchtower causes)
They must never enter a church building
They must never attend a church service
They are discouraged from buying a two door car - A Witness will have a full size car for the door to door work
Automobiles are the work of the Devil, based on explosions, chaos and chemical combustion conflicts not peace, harmony or the word of Jehovah
Men must wear short hair at all times, hair touching the ears is frowned upon, any sideburns are style of the Devil and his works
They must refer to all Jehovah's Witnesses as "brother" or "sister" (even if not related even remotely in any way)
They can never question what is printed in Watchtower literature
They must report their witnessing activity to the elders

.....Just when you think you've come across all the crap and filth from just the JW's alone, you even come across more. As mentioned, this Charles Taze Russell character who founded the cult, admitted early on that he didn't know how to read any of the languages which were actually used to write the earliest biblical material and bibles, (Hebrew/Greek/Latin) so he wouldn't have even had a clue what the original words used were or their meaning. (How ridiculous is that? pfff, Everyone knows that the ancient Hebrews, Greek and Latin writers never ever wrote in English) Early on he was very obsessed with the Pyramids however, so much so that the "Russellites" broke off into other sects just about this topic alone, (the whole did God or Satan guide the building of the pyramids thing), before more later major defections over other subjects. Russell actually founded the now called Jehovah's Witness religion based on Pyramidology. (Witnesses to what anyway? Who or what exactly have they seen or witnessed? Why the heck would "God" then let Egypt become a Muslim country and hate pyramids and ancient history? Why didn't Jesus build a pyramid or at least mention pyramids in a parable or visit the pyramids?) Russell tied in the measurements of the internal passageways of the Great Pyramid of Giza to first calculate the pivotal date of 1914. That's right, 1914 was based on the measurements of pyramids! Only in 1928 did the Watchtower society abandon the pyramidology from their religion but they still kept the 1914 date, which required them to come up with a new way of calculating it because it is so pivotal to their religious beliefs. To do this, they had to recalculate and play around with and fudge the numbers of the fall of Jerusalem to 607 BCE, when all reference books, both secular and religious, agree that Jerusalem was actually destroyed in 587-586 BCE. He was so obsessed with the pyramids early on that in 1914 he spent the equivalent of $7,063,000 today to produce an 8 hour film, (enter trumpet sounds and violins...ta-da...) "The Photo-Drama of Creation." In this early filmed piece of verbal diarrhea trash he rambles on and on and on..... and on (video at the link, Youtube has practically everything on video and I just love sharing the wacky absurdness of mind control cults) about all the crazy and invented things he made up, but which he called the eternal Gods truth. From before Adam and Eve going down right to his time. His beliefs are a con-cocted bubbling mishmash of pyramids, bible excerpts, pyramid measurements, invented symbology and meanings and amount to just his own personal brand of filth, a Russell-pyramid voodooism. He proclaimed that Jesus already invisibly returned to earth in 1874 based on pyramidology, based on inch per year rules based on measurements of the interior passages of the the great pyramid, its height and width. Of course after he died and the Russellites splintered off into other similar ridiculous organizations, they kept the same important dates but just continued making more stuff up, inventing more fiction, deleting text, deleting pyramids, adding text and going through mountains of pencils and erasers doing calculations proving something or another, then more calculations to fix mistakes and unfulfilled prophecies and events so then they invented even more crap.

Check out the grave site of Charles Taze Russell and the memorial pyramid stone put there by his later named JW Watchtower society. Notice the cross on the stone also, which Jehovah's Witnesses later denounced as pagan, Satanic and ultimately a penis symbol. Wacky kookism all the way around. 

One can clearly see that these are strange foreign customs of deranged people and filth morals. You know, with all the recent news about ISIS, muslim fundamentalists and terrorists promising death, destruction, conquering the world and filling all the lands with blood, doesn't this sound exactly like what the JW's are "joyously waiting" and praying for? Now, I would like to know how this dangerous subversive cult is allowed to even exist, allowed to spread their subversive doctrines, anarchy and lies to other nations, and the other subversive mind-control cults as well. (but then again, same thing goes for televangelists on television as you'll see, yet there's been plenty of them over the years too and even still today) Also, why do the JW's even use the internet and computers to spread their views and subversive theologies in the first place? Everyone knows that the internet is just one tool of the almighty "Great Beast" of Revelations, they are in essence gladly using Satanic powers, tools and technology to accelerate their own demise, or accelerate the Beasts work which either way is an abomination and a great sin, perhaps the greatest sin in the history of the world since the talking serpent duped the first humans and took over the whole world from God. They are hypocritically and gladly and joyously employing Satanic methods, magic and technology from the harlot and "Great Beast", this only makes the Great Beast stronger and in more control of things to fight the JW's. Every single day that the JW organization is on the Satanic internet spiderwebs of blasphemy they are actually hammering a nail into Moses' feet also, giving Jesus turpentine to drink, spraying graffiti on the pyramids and cursing Jehovah to the high heavens, they are in essence breaking his golden lamps, pulling his beard and untying his robe and sandals to mock his predictions and to show his shame all in the name of Gods or Satans pyramids. It would be correct to say that they are also assisting ISIS and making it easier for muslim fundamentals and migrant operatives to infiltrate and continue their wars, they are force feeding Jewish people to eat pork chops and pick up sticks on the Sabbath, they are attempting to destroy European Renaissance art and architecture and replace it with Kingdom Halls, pamphlets and subliminal cartoon images of the Beast. (also called Beelzebub, Leviathan, Satan, Devil etc) They and the other similar mind-controlling sects and organizations and their minions want to overthrow Chinese restaurants, Mexican taco stands, Sony, Ikea, Hugo Boss and hair care product companies world wide to instead install a theocracy of crappy suit stores and bland and boring one world one mind theocratic food, probably just hot dogs, no name macaroni and cheese dinner and plain mashed potatoes. One large theocratic mind-controlling brain with tentacles reaching into your very DNA, identity and soul. They want you to gouge the speck out of your own eye but ignore the large pile of manure all around you, to ignore the filth they are spreading, time to go off to other places, countries and doors to point out the speck on their tunics, the specks in their unholy literature and books and history, even the crumbs on their sandals but not the manure on their own loafers or the filth in their newly con-cocted pamphlets and writings. They are coming from the land of Miley Cyrus and other much worse creepy crawlies, yet they are on a mission to erect pools in as many other countries as they can? Look, just take a look all around you or watch the news or television, this maggot filled piece of dirt floating in frozen space already has enough maggots crawling around, it's even overpopulated with various kinds of maggots, why let maggots control your mind or tell you how to think? why the heck would we need to make more kinds and varieties of maggots, making them spread and now even erect their subversive pools?

It's really weird why scientists and doctors don't use biblical sources for curing diseases and ailments but instead use "doctor witchcraft",  I mean c'mon, it's God telling you the right way to do things and that's the way it must be done, he knows best after all.

One can see that this offshoot sect and cult is ideal for mindless zombie automatons who need to be told what to believe, how and where to think and not think, and practically when it's ok to wipe their butt after going to the washroom, reminiscent of hardcore super boring and nonsensical pyramid communism mixed in with a bit of quasi-ufo time travelling ol' time religion and puky gospel trash melodies and then topped off with mind-control subversive anarchy. A bunch of truly filth infested doctrines and soul and personality destroying morals. Their ways are not Croatian ways, they preach foreign creeds from feeble minds. In a nutshell, this subversive sect and cult travel and campaign all across their country of origin and then around the world for people to not take up arms to defend their country or nation but reap as many benefits from the country as possible to further their religious zealot campaigns against the country or nation until all the Non-JW's are destroyed, they campaign for and promote the overthrow of every single and ALL world governments and every single religion that is not Jehovah Witness, they campaign to eliminate every nations personal customs, cherished traditions, beliefs, history, way of life, holidays, flags etc if it is not in line with Jehovah Witness leadership views, every single religion or belief system and especially non-belief system is evil and of Satan and should rightfully be destroyed, ALL and every single one of them. They are basically spitting on the graves of any Croatian who has defended their lands through the centuries. They are spitting on Croatian customs and history, festivities and celebations and equating it to being the same in evilness as any other customs found on the planet. They are spitting and verbally stomping on the traditions of every nation that in many cases were around hundreds and even thousands of years before Charles Taze Russell came along as the chosen one. (Equating Croatian festivals or celebrations, take the over 300 year tradition of the Alka Knights Tournament or the educational, historical and entertaining Croatian Order of the Silver Dragaon medieval re-enactment group as just a couple examples, to being somehow the same as ISIS festivities, as a Voodoo religious festival, as a Serb Trumpet Festival, as the Mecca Black Stone festival or a local hot dog eating contest festival or even a plethora other traditional festivals in different countries, is downright lunacy and preposterously absurd, it's just plain firkin absurd) It would also be a great unpardonable sin. That's basically why the Jews, State of Israel and many other nations don't like them with a passion.

Serbian Jesus bread is the bread Serbs kiss and eat before trying to get rid of Non-Serbs wherever they are found as well as when they celebrate the non-existence of Non-Serbs in general. Now, why the heck would I or anyone want to kiss and eat Serb church guru blessed bread and worship Serb Jesus? That would be crazy like believing that Moses was Serbian. (or Canaanites, Moabites and Jebusites who where also Serbs anyway)

When one scratches beneath the surface and inspects beyond the tip of the iceberg, then the real facts and chain of events come to the surface. Then their true missions, ideals and dogmas are much clearer. What we then see is not just some harmless or quirky religions, charlatans and just odd snake oil salesmen. What their own deeds, words and literature/propaganda truly is attempting to do is destroy. This filth wants to make you believe that a frog is a bird, that a rose is a weed and that blatant lies is the truth. That they can invent past and future histories and then change them again and again, and so everything is as it should be. The weed really and truly is a fine smelling rose, mind control is freedom, the most blatant lies are the most beautiful holy truths. Living and believing according to these kinds of dogmas and rules actually makes subversive anarchy their actual and real faith and purpose. False filled dangerous subversive anarchy in the guise of a harmless Saturday morning chirping disease spreading bird on your front lawn. Chirp chirp away chaos and subversive anarchy bringing birdie, my you chirp so well and sublime, Lo there! yonder is a hungry cat across the street who would like you to scratch his nose with your most excellent and blessed feathery wings of truth. He beckons for your wise chirping for you surely are the wisest, holiest and most high of all the chirpers. (Moral to the story? Just because someone chirps or talks a lot, it doesn't mean anything important, interesting or true is being chirped/spoken)

Put it this way, regarding the above JW example and other similar examples, doesn't it plainly show that some people can even brainwash themselves without even needing others to do it to them? If Charles Taze Russell was supposedly given secrets by "God" about prophetic events, information and about how "God" guided the building of the great pyramid and his new religion was totally based on his and these "revelation" truths, yet the professed events never came to pass, shouldn't that be the end of the story? In a logical world wouldn't that be the end of his new religion and belief system?, especially by the 5th or 7th failed prediction? Wouldn't any scientific experiment or thesis proven to be wrong then be not believed as truth? Wouldn't any medicine discovered to be bad for your health after a while be substituted for one that in the long run helps your health?  But nooooooo, after he died the new people in charge did a 180 degree turn around and proclaimed his pyramid beliefs as wrong and Satanic, and then they continued on keeping all the same dates and many other of Russells beliefs anyway. What is wrong with this picture? If the foundational "truths" of the religion were proven to be crap numerous times, then that should have been the end. As in time to look for another religion or hobby. But they kept on going with it, obsessively keeping the same made up dates and many of Russells beliefs, except his Satanic pyramids beliefs now, and then just kept on rolling with it even to this day. This is a classic case of people brainwashing themselves even when the truth has hit them on the head like a hammer, a hammer hitting them on the head numerous times even. They are still believing the round ball is a square piece of wood even as they're literally watching the round ball roll down the street.

(We need to be like holy and wise ol' Noah and shut the door on them and all the various servants of subversive anarchy, even those masquerading under various guises with other foreign voodoo creeds of filth and irrational ideals. Let them turn back to Newark, Cincinnati, Toronto, Calgary, Salt Lake City, Buffalo, Canaan and Egypt etc. Gods will and nature is not to be tampered with and it must take its course and will, just close that door like godly and good ol' Noah. Let the rains fall and close the door, let the Akkadites and Jebusites carry them off to slave and toil making bricks, let their filth parade go elsewhere with Noahs and Gods blessing. Does not even camel dung float? Verily, even their dung screams to high heaven cursing their very pointless existence, no waters can clean that dung off of these sects and their dung scrolls, their words are written on the backs of the skins of dead carcasses using dung ink. Because it's all the dung of the Great Beast and his minions, trolling the nations to invite them to hate themselves and be ashamed of their very own dung, tricking them subversively to accept anothers foreign dung as their own and even that they are walking and talking dung just like the others, verily it's pure frikin foreign subversive anarchy. Clean the camel dung from your own tent first blasphemers, before before giving it to others. That's when the people and nations should rise up and unequivocally declare: "Off with you, you try to give and sell us your foreign camel dung from your own tents, this is not our camel dung, we don't breed camels nor do our tents liken unto your tents, you verily blaspheme upon our tents which we have made with our very own hands and which God made for us. You are servants of the filthy bird of perdition and his subversive lying helpers from Babylon. You verily spit in the eye of god and his table, you pull his beard and mocketh the Elohim! Your are verily the traveling freak show circus demons cast out of hell to do Satan's bidding. We unequivocally cast you to the bubbling sulphur where you belong and came from!)

Above is the opinion of Ze'ev Herzog, an Israeli archeologist, professor of archaeology at The Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures at Tel Aviv University specializing in social archaeology, ancient architecture and field archaeology. He just might know a little more than, well, more than lots of people writing and spreading fiction stories. Here's an excerpt of what else he thinks..."This is what archaeologists have learned from their excavations in the Land of Israel: the Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel. Perhaps even harder to swallow is the fact that the united monarchy of David and Solomon, which is described by the Bible as a regional power, was at most a small tribal kingdom. And it will come as an unpleasant shock to many that the God of Israel, Jehovah, had a female consort and that the early Israelite religion adopted monotheism only in the waning period of the monarchy and not at Mount Sinai. Most of those who are engaged in scientific work in the interlocking spheres of the Bible, archaeology and the history of the Jewish people - and who once went into the field looking for proof to corroborate the Bible story - now agree that the historic events relating to the stages of the Jewish people's emergence are radically different from what that story tells..." Find out more about what he thinks at

“And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping things, (see below) and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.”...(self explanatory, I'd repent inventing this group of bullshitting specimens too)

This finally brings us to another interesting and important to know fact. An important fact for those who are big fans of this novel, the bible, and most likely a fact that most people don't know. (I'm the messenger remember, I'm not telling you to do or believe this or that, I'm just putting information out there for the benefit of the reader which will probably save your soul) Now that I've just barely touched upon this supposed character that supposedly goes by the names of Satan, Devil and Lucifer. (Which you know by know are not real names of him/her/it/whatever or of anybody, but just names that developed from adjective words in different languages) However, the main thing is that most of you probably think of this supposed Devil character as the one who makes and creates the evil. Everyone keeps saying how he's the evil one, he is the cause of evil and he is just plain ol' evil. But that's not the facts at all. Actually, he's only referred to a measly few times in the whole of the old and new testament combined, usually mentioned when he hasn't even done or said anything whatsoever. (the serpent in the Garden of Eden is NOT any Devil/Satan or Lucifer, it was just a talking serpent that was wiser than any other creature...and a story that really wowed the desert imbeciles) On top of that nowhere in the bible, not in any versions of the bible whatsoever, nowhere in the Hebrew bible either, does this character say that he makes or creates evil. Not once does he say (and here I'm using modern day English speech to help explain)..."Yep, it's me, the evil one, I'm the devil and I make the evil, I create evil and do all kinds of evil things, I invented evil and am nothing but pure frikin' evil I tell you. See that evil over there? I did that. It was all my doing. I'm the purveyor of evil-orama. You can call me Lucifer and Satan too, because I make the evil things happen. "....Truthfully, the only person or thing in all the biblical sources that takes any credit for creating evil and making evil things happen is......(drum roll)....God. Yep, the Old Testament God is the only one who is ever recorded as "creating evil" and who actually takes credit for "creating evil."

"But I really don't want to, I'd rather not."

 (Here's where it gets interesting) You see, the original Hebrew word Ra' is the word that means "evil", it's used 623 times in the Hebrew bible/Old Testament alone and always means "evil." And in all those examples the only place where anyone takes credit for creating evil is God. That would be in Isiaah 45: 7....."I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things". Well now, how about that? That's very interesting to say the least and very different from the Hollywood movies and bullshitters on television wouldn't you say? You certainly can't argue with that now, God says so himself that he's the one who makes the evil. This original Hebrew word "Ra'"which means "evil" is also the same word used when describing the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." This is the very first ever example of 623 examples in the Hebrew bible/Old Testament of using this word "Ra' in relation to the concept of evil. The modern day Devil/Satan/Lucifer "characters" actually never and at no time whatsoever takes credit for creating or inventing any evil whatsoever....not once.....ever. The simple fact is that people are wrongly giving a Devil character (and I strongly stress the word "character"), credit for creating evil. In the original sources it's God who clearly takes credit for creating evil in the first place and making evil exist. Well now, how about that? Now that's very interesting. This new information is very different from what most of the readers have been led to think or believe, it's information that's good to know and bring up before you're pitchforked to death by horned and tailed ghoul demons and thrown into a giant blazing hot dog bbq for decades. You see, every preacher and book writer just follows their own personal brand of Confirmation bias anyway, just selectively using flaky imaginary characters or wishy-washy anonymously written text to prove their pointless made up personal views and then ignoring the mountain of contradictory text and meanings and evidence at the same time, just spinning the fables excerpts into hardcover or paperback personal fable version books.......

A short video which better explains some of the previously mentioned facts, ie; How in the mythological fables the talking serpent eventually became Satan by going backwards in time because he didn't exist yet, how the biblical God really is Satan who creates the evil (Isaiah 45:7) and then performs evil under the guise of his other name/names/identities and also by giving himself permission to commit his evil for your own good, which you should be thankful for because God does not repent and because he really can't make it rain cereal from the skies anymore anyway.

Here's another example of the contradictions and absurdity in a biblical mythological story being covered over by preacher types to instead "selectively preach words and meanings that aren't in the text" as well as omit text that contradicts. (And remember, "God" himself states that he is the one who makes and creates evil in Isiaah 45: 7....."I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and I CREATE EVIL: I THE LORD DO ALL THESE THINGS") Just like the previously mentioned mythological fairy tales of Adam and Eve and the 2 creation stories, Noah and his boat and 7 pairs of animals, Moses and the numerous other fictitious characters and events, the fairy tale about Job, Satan and God is another well known fairy tale story. But again like I said, preacher types don't tell the real story of the series of events and the ultimate actual meanings of the written text that is right there on the pages in front of them. Why? because people would again realize that the God of the Old Testament and bible/koran is one ridiculously contradictory absurd being character with a demented, sickly twisted and illogical warped personality and mind.

I'm not going to add here all the biblical text involved because it's far too long, too full of long winded boring speeches, twisted and absurd poetry and just pointless babbling in many parts, it's a whopping 42 chapters of what preachers call a rich theological work and poetry but it's really just absurdity that rhymes, just Google for the verses or click onto for a quick entertaining refresher. Basically, this mythological and demented fairy tale proves that the God of the bible is one cruel, sadistic, sickly twisted and pompously deranged character, so deranged in fact that he jumps at the chance to make a bet with Satan and rain down death, destruction, plagues and horror upon even his most favourite person on the whole planet, even killing all his sons and daughters just for some sick and twisted bragging rights to prove that he is to be feared at all times and that he can do anything, is always right and he doesn't have to answer to anybody.

One thing the reader of this ridiculous biblical Job fairy story will immediately realize though (and that the preacher always avoids, doesn't mention or just quickly glosses over with opposite meanings and the always popularly used term "mysterious god" rigmarole) that the Satan character never initiated any bet whatsoever as they are wrongly led to believe, the Satan character never at any time hinted, implied or said that he wanted to inflict any harm on Job or on any of his family. He was just roaming and walking around (sort of like window shopping or just browsing at the library) and he supposedly could just walk right into heaven and talk with God at his throne like it was nothing, and he never even brought up the topic of Job in the first place at all. God did, it was God who was being the bragger to Satan about Job, afterwards Satan just made an observation and commented his personal opinion. To condense and simplify the fictional 42 chapter biblical text in todays English, (42 chapters! that's right, the whole universe, earth, all the humans and animals were done in a measly 2 chapters) for those not in the know this is what happened......

It's party time, bring on more wine and those sheep tail crisps. Condensed full boring absurd story/poem and images: 

....Job was the richest guy in the whole Middle East with tons of sheep, donkeys, oxen and camels, tents and servants and everything just like one of those oil rich Arabian sheikhs, he had a very large family and they were always having elegant feasts and sacrificing burnt offerings to God as commanded, blessed and protected by God and getting richer by the day. Later the Sons of God/Angels appear for a meeting at God's throne to praise God and sing praises. Satan also shows up for some reason although he wasn't invited, he just walks right in and mingles around like it was nothing and God didn't mind or cast him out, or even call the angel bouncer. (Jesus was around somewhere else, probably ordering from the take out menu) Then God asks Satan what he's been doing lately, (sort of like "Hey, what's up Satan? How's it going? What are you up to these days?") Satan answers that he was just roaming and walking around on the Earth here and there. God then asks Satan if he noticed Job, and mentions how Job is his most super-duper favourite human in the whole wide world because he does everything God commands and fears him, that Job burns offerings to him regularly and never does or says bad things about him and is just a really great example of righteousness, how Job is just an all around swell loyal servant...

Hey what's up Satan? long time no see.

.....Satan then replies that of course Job worships and fears God and does everything commanded and burns lots of burnt animal sacrifices to God, only because God put a protective shield around Job and his family, his servants and all his flocks and tents, and Job is blessed with riches and he's getting richer all the time, but that Job would think differently and probably think not as highly of God or act as obedient if all his blessings and riches were taken away.......

I'll show you.

......Long boring story short, (42 chapters of brain numbing absurd "poetry" and diatribe speeches), the next thing that happens is that God out of nowhere says ok fine, and decides to make a bet with Satan regarding Job right then and there, totally out of nowhere and of his own volition. (the whole topic and bet about Job is 100% God's idea from the very start as Satan was just making an observational reply to a question, he never asked to make any bet) God then tells, well he actually encourages and approves Satan to go ahead, I'll let you just go right ahead and rain down death to all of Job's family, have all of Job's sons and daughters and servants and all his animals killed by raiders and other peoples, disease and fire, God then even tells Satan to send boils, plagues and horrible suffering torment on Job, but just to not kill him. (because that would be cruel probably) Satan then departs and just simply leaves. Then after a whole bunch of long winded speeches by Job that go on and on about how he wishes he was never born and that that he curses the day he was born because of his painful anguish and suffering, then later God eventually shows up with equally long winded speeches that go on and on and (yawn) and on. (42 chapters of absurd poetry meant to make Job and his few friends feel like crushed worms for daring to even try and figure out just what the heck is going on around them, btw the whole making of the universe, humans, earth and everything in it was just a measly 2 chapters), he has a tantrum about how he's the most powerful and smartest thing in the whole world, that he can do anything he wants (how he can tip the water jars in heaven to make it rain, etc and so on), and how dare Job or anyone question the order of things and ask any questions or think God will answer or even acknowledge any puny humans and their puny questions and etc.......

It's all good.

.....this sickly demented mythical story/poem then eventually ends with Job eventually getting twice as much sheep and camels and riches and sons and daughters and servants and he goes on to live another 140 years, (an extra 140 years! wow), because "he never blamed God" (lol, just who is to blame here anyway then? nobody? it's all just pointless?) or cursed him in anger or questioned his magnificent wisdom. (the innocent dead sons and daughters and servants and animals were replaced by "new and improved" more plentiful and beautiful sons and daughters and servants and animals btw, wow) In this fable it's unequivocally clear that in this instance Satan holds no personal hatred for his targets, but is rather only performing the will of God. That just about sums up this bizarre creepy sadistic story, the moral of the story by preachers is usually just about having unwavering faith, remaining at all times loyal and not questioning things when it comes to the great and magnificent all knowing and doing Wizard of Oz....I mean God. But the real truth of the matter and story is, according to the text and words of this biblical fairy tale, Job's sons and daughters and servants were killed, Job lost all his earthly riches and animals and he then suffered horrible personal anguish and torment simply because God initiated a bet with Satan. Actually just a bragging rights bet that Satan didn't ask for or even bring up as a topic, possibility or idea.

Listen up bitches, this is my crib and rules. Can you count the clouds and tip the rains jars? 

Well then, this God character in this sadistic morbid biblical fairy tale only shows that he has a very megalomaniacal and sick twisted personality on top of it all, that he is a God eager to kill, murder innocent people, inflict torment and diseased anguish even on his most favourite human being in the whole wide world for just one twisted and demented reason....simply only just for his own personal bragging rights bet. God is the one who came up with the whole bright idea of the bet and he's the one who gave Satan the green light to send death, fire, plagues and painful torment. The truth is that Satan had no part to play in this story except to do God's dirty work which God thought of in the first place.....

Much more treasure, riches and much better looking and plentiful daughters to be had now, good ol' lucky Job.

...Does this sound like the wisest most intelligent mind behind the whole universe? Does this biblical God, this God of all 3 Abrahamic religions and all their offshoot sects/cults/religions come across as an all knowing mastermind behind everything that exists? In my personal opinion this quite simply does not come across as the smartest thing in the universe at all. (It's a good thing his God didn't start a bet regarding Noah after he landed his boat, otherwise there would be no hamburgers or bacon today) Now don't get me wrong, what this God of Job's did to him I don't "in theory" have a problem with, because I could in no time easily come up with a long list of people and their families who rightfully deserve to suffer death, destruction, fire from the sky and excruciating horrible plagues and festering disease, people who easily deserve to lose all their possessions and offspring and be wiped off the face of the earth right now like a squished bug on a windshield, as in right this moment be sent to oblivion by horrible awful yet rightful means. (many of them are seen throughout this post, heck I would even help God because Satan is probably busy anyway, getting the torture rooms ready for various "celebs" and especially televangelists of course) But this Job guy was his God's most super-duper favourite human being and faithful obeying servant in this whole wide spinning dirtball in frozen space world for crying out loud jehosaphat's sake glory be. That means his God simply is irrational, unpredictable and cannot be trusted because he's a psychotic liar. I personally, and probably most logical thinking people, could not even hypothetically think to worship or sing praises to or burn animals to such a fictional demented and warped backstabbing confused floating robed and sandalled super character. (Is there even any other deity out there in history known specifically for torturing and killing their most faithful and favourite servants like this?) What do you suppose Satan thought when he went back to his throne and was chatting with all his ex-angel princes and fellow associates? Maybe something like?....."Hey guys, you're not gonna believe this, I went up to heaven to check out their dumb boring gospel singing party for a laugh because I was bored, and the old guy is losing his mind for sure, out of nowhere he made a bet with me for absolutely no reason and then even asked me, actually basically encouraged me to go ahead and torture his most favourite follower in the whole world, kill his family and send fire, boils and plagues. I think his robe and sandals must be too tight or something." (Probably afterwards Satan was sitting around on his throne and clapping..."Well done, well done there old chap, (clap-clap), you sure showed that Job who's boss and in charge and running the show, just a really great epic tale for the ages, (clap-clap), bravo...bravo.") You certainly never hear this more truthful version of the biblical text and series of events from preachers or book writers, just usually only talk about faith and never questioning things and keeping faith and having the faith to never doubt or question things and great ol' Job who got twice as much treasure at the end because of his faithful faith. (42 chapters of just really awesome "poetry"!) I guess the moral to this bizarrely sadistic and demented story is pray God doesn't make another bet with Satan that includes you, and also that if God does decide to send your way evil, (because he creates the evil remember, he said so himself that he's the only one that makes and creates evil), death, destruction, disease and torment, then just shut up and don't complain, do not question anything at all, keep the faith and deal with it. Because who the heck do you think you are to think or question or comment about anything that you know nothing about? Have you been to the storage houses for snow and hail? Anyway.......

Look, the reader doesn't have to take my word for it, there are plenty of qualified people out there writing factual and real history books that revolve around these topics, I'm not the one trying to ooh and aaah you or anyone with impressive shenanigans. Above is just another one that you certainly won't see being offered to viewers by televangelists. The book Biblical Religion: The Great Lie by Greek author and researcher Michael Kalopoulos investigates and proves many of the things I only just touched upon here. (He's also a member of the Greek Society of Historians, and the American Historical Association) Kalopoulos even goes on to show that the cherished Orthodox Christian tradition of Holy Fire as a miracle that occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem the day preceding Orthodox Easter, is nothing but entertainment, smoke and mirrors, suspension of disbelief and totally fake. Kalapoulos, along with Russian investigators and many other learned sceptics, clearly shows that the Holy Fire spectacle is fraudulent and nothing but the continuation of a popular common tradition involving naptha, white phosphorus and some slight of hand that was already known about and practiced by the ancient pagan Greek priests, and by other sorcerers/wise men and peoples in antiquity also. Kalopoulos points out that knowledge of chemical reactions of this nature was well known in ancient times, quoting Strabo, who states “In Babylon there are two kinds of naphtha springs, a white and a black. The white naphtha is the one that ignites with fire.” (Strabon Geographica He further states that phosphorus was used by Chaldean magicians in the early fifth century BC, and by the ancient Greeks, in a way similar to its supposed use today by the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem. They were considered fantastic displays of magical power and even "miracles" back around 500 BCE too by the viewers, then later as miraculous televangelist feats from the middle ages. Just a really great show and way to obtain donations, coins and awe from the masses/faithful as a bonus. (see here) It's sort of like ancient televangelists but they were wearing robes instead of shabby suits. The author Ken Humphries I mentioned earlier, he's just another author among many thousands of others who have painstakingly researched and studied these topics for years and know what they're talking about, they don't just verily write about feelings, imaginary conversations and using occasional contradictory anonymous quotes from who knows who and or when or where just to back up their own personal thoughts and views.

Basically, many of the things I've mentioned and information that these authors and history researchers have found out, immediately proves one thing in the end. Basically that they're all just really some sort of ill-concieved haphazard witchcraft, Yep, just various types of different low quality and not well thought out witchcraft that are held together by a few very hazy and ill-defined concepts and interchangeable contradictory rules. It's just different chants, motions, clothing, characters, prayers, invocations to spirits and superheroes, offerings, burning incense or birds or goats etc, in different areas at different times. If they didn't like the usual witchcraft, then no problem, they would just start their own new witchcraft and make new characters up and a new master with a new name and then only sacrifice and burn things for them because their own new masters will make them just top notch great at the end. This is how Islam started later too, "We gotta have our own master and characters too." (but they all borrow some characters from others too of course, even borrowing some things from the ancient Hyperboreans, like the Romans and Greeks did, Leto and the lineage of Apollo is from there as well as Abaris the Hyperborean, and they started the Olympics after coming down to ancient Delos after all)

Lastly, there's one other interesting fact to take into consideration regarding all these topics and examples when everything is taken into account, a fact that is very interesting, strange, bizarre and yet verily true nonetheless. That being the indisputable fact that as the rate of these types of televangelists, religious and psuedo-religious voodoo organizations, subversive book and trinket selling cults and mind control sects increase, then the rate of crime, shootings, stabbings, violence and other subversive associative activities, also likewise increases proportionally and then they both remain at an equilibrium again, in equal measure but overall greater amounts. It's a fact and disturbing trend that is proven statistically time and time again. (I Googled this topic and checked it out, and you can too) They seem to go hand in hand, as the rate of televangelists, televangelist programming, book crusades, fake miracle crusades and fake heal-o-thons etc goes up in a city, region, location or even country, then the other rates will likewise also rise in equal amounts completing the static equilibrium and the percentages remains constant per capita. It's uncanny and seems weird and perhaps unbelievable to some at first, and the reader may think it's just an anomaly or once in a while freak coincidence, but it is a regular proven trend and pattern through the last few decades especially. It follows an easy to see climbing rate mathematical formula. There simply is no denying that according to the various facts, statistics and graph curves that they are both part of one overall very dangerous and subversive civilization and identity destroying trend, they both keep the subversive pendulum ticking. I'll just leave it at that for now, you can look into this fact and read the easily accessible information that's out there on your own.

 God sends down a 5th inning triple, botched throw to first base and ankle cramp. Next is healing a bunch of lepers and then a nice good ol' flood to get rid of the Rogers Communications Inc. Blue Jays, all things are possible with the Lord. (but God, Jesus and Allah do a turnaround blessing diss and the other team gets the 9th inning win)

There, this introduction to the videos may have ended up being longer than originally planned, but in retrospect it's all important information for the benefit of the reader anyway, and it's information which may actually and probably will save your soul, because this verily is the blog of truth. I updated with more JW information that wasn't originally planned and tI touched upon some other groups/sects/cults and beliefs, but the truth must be told. (This blog is all about the truth after all, truth, sources, statistics and reality) And that's just one of the crazy mind control cults out there that are spewing crap, constantly updated voodoo fiction and trying to change the natural order of things, trying to change the natural world harmony with made up fiction, words spewed forth from self-serving and lying maggots. To believe such absurd fictions and invented contradictory stories over reality, facts, real history and truth would be one of the most worst sins I could commit against myself or anybody. To believe fiction drivel over reality just to be a part of some group, organization, to be popular or to get more votes, more blog views or accolades from celebs, would be throwing reality and my very real identity and real life experience into the camel dung pile. (I might as well then make myself into a fiction cartoon character who can make it rain by throwing some magic beans to the wind) It's also just a few of the reasons why I pay more attention to and follow my own personal "Big 5 Rules" instead to make sense of things and the world and universe. Those being:.....

1) History
2) Archeology
3) Science/Facts/Statistics 
4) Ancient Magic and Esoteric Mysteries/Philosophy including Unexplained Supernatural Powers and Paranormal Anomalies
5) Fashion and the History/Origo Gentis of Fashions, various Esoteric Recipes and Adult Beverages.

Look at it this way, we know why these traveling con artists aren't going to the Middle East, but why aren't they at least going to other other countries that really need their stories and pamphlets? In some places even today they're still showering under cow urine for Pete's sake.  

Are these Jehovah Witnesses and other fundamental subversive identity destroying and anti-human religious cults/sects trying to tell me, and other people, that the below people are the same lost and damned people and needing their guidance as those partaking of modern day Renaissance era themed masquerade parties? or Chinese New Year festivities? Aren't they verily deserving of pools and various pamphlets also? 

Another example of what I'm talking about, the Bubal tribe's testicles won't even allow them to put on  undewear that fits because of eating menstrual secretions from cattle, yet the know it all Jehovah's Witnesses and other subversive sects are going around Europe erecting plastic pools to convert the foreign imported beer and wine drinkers? They're trying to equate these customs with the Zagreb Film Festival? Karlovac Dani Piva? Oktoberfest? or the Roncesvalles Polish Festival?

When freshly scrubbed and powdered, shoe shined and haircutted religious cult newbies go a-missionin' overseas, why on Earth would they decide to go to Croatia? or to any European or to any other country in general? Are they blind or perhaps they don't understand geography or even how to read the news or a map? For Pete's sake why on Earth are they abandoning the needy shitty countries and local areas to instead spread subversive material and foreign dogmas to Romanesque, Pre-Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque buildinged countries? They verily are playing all other countries for naive fools.  If there really was a God or any kind of justice left in the world, then shouldn't they truthfully and justifiably just be tarred and feathered and sent back from where it is they came from for their blatant hubris and subversive anarchy lies? Perhaps the most sickening and abhorrent aspect of their charlatanism is their disturbing and twisted misappropriation of the cravat/necktie, using them for the complete opposite reason of their original intended use, in the process besmirching and disgracing the honor and valor of the fashion history and original intent of the accoutrement. In these disgusting instances even the cravat/necktie is a victim which has been debased and reduced to being associated with anti-human subversive mind-control. (The very heavens verily cry out against their conceited non-existent self-importance and anti-civilizational anarchy driven subversive identity destroying literature and underwear theologies. Let the heavens rain justice upon their deceitful brainwashing ways)

Isn't even Baltimore closer to Utah? There are tons of people there begging to learn about the magics of the secrets of the universe and mind of Mormoni, why waste time and money travelling all the way to Europe? For Pete's sake show them the way.

Look at it this way, here's a scene from the Middle East somewhere. Don't these people require their guidance and expertise about the universe much more than Croatian or European cake eaters and beer sippers? For Pete's sake they already even know who Jesus, Moses, the Canaanites and a bunch of the other characters are already, their missionary work is already halfway done, brand spanking new cult converts practically.

A recent image of Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, here seen sipping a beer at a soccer match. As mentioned in the previous photo, this is undeniable and irrefutable proof that what I'm telling you is verily the truth. Photo: Hina.

I think the Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, televangelists and other subversive cults don't even need any text here, anyone can easily figure out that there are many more places that are in much more dire need of their subversive proselytizing, pamphlets and mind control ways. Also as discussed earlier, how can they equate these dances to being the same as Lord of the Dance or the Bolshoi Ballet in Satanic evilness?

The People they are verily hungry and thirsty for them truths and heavenly blessings, why are they being forsaken by the suited television and other book salespeople? Why are they not worthy of the Lords great news, his books and his semen seeds in their mouths also?

I ask the reader, why aren't all these know it all sects and subversive cults trying the control the minds of, I mean save the souls of, people like this chap below in Rio. And there's lots and lots of more chaps like this down there and other similar chaps and chapesses. How is erecting plastic pools and handing out secrets of the universe pamphlets in another hemisphere going to help him? Not much that's for sure. Why the heck would these sects and cults so blatantly ignore their very own brothers to fly off to foreign chapless lands?

This is the blog of truth after all. It's all about the truth, facts and telling it like it really is, not telling made up drivel as the truth, anything less would be uncivilized. Because I think it's important that people know that a pine tree is not an oak tree, that if a Dalmatian dog or Posavac hound walks into your house that it doesn't instantly and magically turns into a French Poodle or a Bulldog, or that it even automatically turns into a parakeet, frog or a tree which is really some kind of devil or angel. It's important to know that it's people (plural) who erect a building or who made your computer, not just one person. These and similar things are important to remember because it's truth, because you can believe the contrary all you want but it won't be so, no matter how much you believe it or want to believe it. And just because some anonymous guy supposedly wrote something in a cave somewhere 2500 years ago, it doesn't mean it's true and the way things are and were. (How do we know that dinosaurs didn't really exist? They are never mentioned, so they could be made up, or maybe they were created by another god, the god of the dinosaurs, this could be the case) If you believe all the stories and events and everything else he and his pals wrote back then, then you might as well believe that I'm typing this paragraph using telepathy or magical powers while eating popcorn, or that my cat is actually typing it and that the cat used to be a dog before coming into the room, because it's written right here in front of you. It's written and you are reading it with your very own eyes. (Unless of course you're blind) You certainly couldn't deny it then if it was written right there in front of you and you printed it out and shook the page in front of your face. I could even upload a photo of the cat at the computer keyboard, even a computer brand that actually exists and that they sell in the stores, I could even mail you a piece of the computer or keyboard, what more proof would you need then?  Yep, it's all information for the benefit of the reader which will probably save your soul. After all, what if you die tomorrow and have to answer to the Elohim and Lucifer in the afterlife why you didn't even bother to open up his book to check the facts, why you didn't use your brain that was given to you. If you end up having to pass a bible quiz similar to the one I talked about earlier, then there's no way you'll pass it and enter the pearly gates and have all you can eat seafood platters without gaining a pound. You'll just probably get thrown into hell and roast like the main course of a million year long weenie roast bbq, getting burned and burned over and over and over again until you become charcoal that burns forever.

Look, these types when they're walking down the street on the sidewalk to knock on doors, full of their blatant subversive anarchy hearts and made up lies and filth fantasy, you have to realize that every time they step on a sidewalk crack that's it's actually your mothers back that they're breaking, not theirs. They want to break your daughters back before she even becomes a mother. Verily, every time they step on a sidewalk crack they are crushing spines, destroying souls, personalties and identities, every time they step on a sidewalk crack they are decimating generations of mothers, centuries of real history. They are purveyors of filth for the mind and soul. A filth that you can't simply wash off with soap and water, this kind of filth has tentacles that siphons personalities and truth. If you listen carefully while seeing them approaching on sidewalks or walking up steps to front doors everywhere, you'll be able to hear the screams of anguish and terror as peoples identities and souls are being crushed underneath their anarchy loafers and other subversive shoes. All these types are just deranged purveyors of strange foreign customs and filth morals.

I would also like to know why so many paintings, statues and portrayals of the purported Jesus character over the centuries and even today make his appearance look like he was some kind of Medieval Viking, an early Goth or Slav prince or warrior, or even like Croatian King Tomislav or King Zvonimir etc. All tall and thin and even with long blondish flowing locks, sometimes even redish hair with blue eyes like in a Diesel or Guess jeans poster. What the heck would King Tomislav or a Viking be doing walking around the Levant 2000 years ago starting a new religion? Why the heck would Bjorn Bjorg be going around spitting in lepers eyes and talking parables that nobody was meant to understand but just to confuse them? These are important questions also that we must ask ourselves.

That's as far as I'll go with this topic, and remember,..."Lo, thus sayeth the King of Joab Ben-el Shareem, the son of Sharoth and Inga from Canaan, and husband to Queen Ivana from the lands of Goshen, beyond the Moabites, just as the oceans reap the soul of God's holy miracles, so too can you conquer the Devil and experience miracles. Lo, I your Lord and God do these things and I do not repent. Victory is yours because the blood of numerous sacrifices has ensured that your reward will be eternal and be multiplied hundredfold, Lo, even unto the stars and the sea of Galilee, should you not also sing with joy? Verily, singest with the voice of a thousand trumpets and the brightness of 70 golden lamps for the gift of true riches promised to you by those nephilim of renown, those mighty heavenly hosts who have conquered the Belzebubs from beyond the lands of the Ammonites. (Genesis 6:4) On that note, let the Voodoo circus begin and enjoy the video films!.....

If you have children in the room, please make them leave before watching this one.

Never trust anyone wearing Buffalo Bills clothes, they lost 4 straight Superbowls and are actually really and literally located in Buffalo.

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