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srijeda, 16. rujna 2015.

Photos Of The Day: Pink Floyd Kicks Off 2015 European/World Tour In Pula Croatia

Concert goers filling up Pula amphitheatre on September 12th, 2015. Image:

There's actually quite a number of music concerts, festivals and other events going on all over Croatia right now, even as I'm writing this, but I've already touched upon a few of them, and they take place every year anyway. This more rare news caught my interest right away though. This post will probably be of most interest to Pink Floyd fans, so I'm not going to get all into the whole who Pink Floyd is either, because basically either you know or you don't. I will just add that it was pretty cool that they kicked off their World Tour in the town of Pula of all places, which is located in the northwestern Istiran region of Croatia.

Founding member David Gilmour who is singer and guitarist for the legendary and iconic band Pink Floyd, kicked off his first tour in almost a decade with a concert in the almost 2000 year old Roman amphitheatre that still stands today. The Pula amphitheatre is among the six largest and best preserved Roman arenas in the world. (See List of_Roman Amphitheatres,  for those not in the know, the Pula amphitheatre was threatened with being levelled and destroyed during the Muslim jihads between the 14th-18th centuries, but fortunately the Croatian forces throughout the region put a stop to Ottoman empire and Muslim chetnik advances, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this post because there would be no concert, your history fact for the day)

Also, for those not in the know, this isn't the first time that a concert has been held in the amphitheatre in Pula. Every year the annual Pula Film Festival takes place there, plus there are all kinds of music and entertainment events, large open air theatrical plays that take place there regularly, especially local Croatian music acts and artists have played there, some movie scenes have been filmed there in the past and even outdoor hockey games have been played at the amphitheatre. (yep, hockey in September believe it or not, us Croatians are a crazy and wacky bunch, fucked up and just plain ol' nucking futz)

The full European leg of the world tour before heading to North America in 2016.

There isn't all that many pics or videos floating around right now, but it was a full house and the concert had great reviews from what I read. Since being formed in 1965, around the same time that the the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and many other influential and emulated bands started, (and 22 years before Rick Astley became a household word btw)...a Pink Floyd concert has become something you have to experience anyway, so I've been told, it's much more than just the music so a few pics doesn't show the whole story and visual concert experience. Also, Pink Floyd is not a typical "rock act", they've been categorized as Progressive rock, which would also include Psychedelic rock, Progressive pop, Baroque pop, Progressive folk, Folk rock, Avant-garde, Experimental rock, Jazz fusion, Classical rock music, Neo-progressive rock and even other adjectives, so actually the music listener has to listen and then decide what category they want to call it, or even what category that particular song is.

I remember back in the 80's in grade school there was a big rumour thing about their whole 1973 The Dark Side of the Moon album being produced to synchronize to the The Wizard of Oz film, whether it was true or not I can't say. I highly doubt it but I put the video below and you can decide for yourself, if true this would make it the longest music video ever made. (there were lots of those types of rumours and urban legends floating around back the, the Richard Gere and gerbils thing was popular too)

Saturday’s gig marked the start of a world tour promoting his new album “Rattle That Lock” set for release on Sept. 18. Some related post links at the bottom.



Images taken from Pinterest, Facebook and some of the other links above.

I came across this amusing pic of some guy named David Beckham while doing this post, so I'm throwing it in here. Image:

I came across some cell phone footage, there's no sound but it's a good ground floor view during the concert.

Fortunately there wasn't any Serbian Film baby fucking scenes on the large screen at the concert, so that was a good thing probably.

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