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nedjelja, 6. rujna 2015.

The 2015 Ružica Vinodola/Vinodol Wine Queen Festival Took Place (Photos + Video)

The full schedule of events that took place during the 2015 Vinodol Wine Queen Festival. 

I was going to quickly do a Roman Abramovich in Dubrovnik mention, just to forget about all the boring and pointless city riff raff stabbings, shootings and drug overdoses around here, but then I remembered I already did a couple before, plus I'm trying to stay away from the celeb stuff. So then I came across this event that took place just a few weeks ago. I liked the pics right away, even if I'm not there to enjoy the festivities in person, it still makes me feel good checking out the pics, sharing a facet of my heritage with the world that they otherwise may never have known, just like lots of my other posts. Now this one is not some big well known festival or event at all though, on a scale like some other ones I did, but interesting enough to quickly throw in here. Also, I've done a few Croatian beer festival related posts before (links at the bottom), but never a wine festival related post. I like doing these little known facts and events that take place, stuff you don't usually see on the front pages, brochures or much advertised anywhere, it's historical but it's also fun and entertaining.

So what is the "Ružica Vinodola" anyway? What's it all about? That's a good question. Well, in a nutshell it means "Rose of Vinodol", similar in meaning to "Queen of Vinodol", something like that. Not only does Croatia have a long beer brewing history, we have an even a much longer winemaking history and it's an important part of our culture. In this less populated area that's not near any of the larger cities, back during the medieval times there were many vineyards that were on the estates of the Croatian nobles, dukes and aristocrats, especially the Frankopan princes of Krk, and counts from the houses of Zrinski and Šubić noble estates, so then many of the local peasants and populace in the countryside would end up working on their estates. A wine festival tradition eventually was started and then rose in popularity 19th century. That's when it was decided to hold an official and annual Rose/Queen of Vinodol event before every grape harvest. This particular event now has an official 124 year history, the very first official Rose/Queen of Vinodol was Anka Piškulić in 1880.

Vinodol municipality is located within the larger Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia, and includes the cities of Rijeka and Opatija, and nearby islands off the coast including Cres, Rab and Krk. (Not to be confused with Vinodol restaurant, because that's in Zagreb) Vinodol itself is not a very populated municipality at all, and is more like the outback sticks and boonies of Croatia, (only about 3500 people live in the municipality of Vinodol year round, and the name literally means "Below the vineyards" - Vino+Dolina), and it's largely bears, deers, wolves, foxes and lynx territory also, but there is cool scenery, history, castles, fortresses, manors, fishing, hunting, vineyards, various fields of olive and fruit trees and then annual things like this also. Besides being historically important, this area is also rich in various folklore and legends that go back many centuries, such as vampires, werewolves, various spirit beings and all that. (For some reason the vampires and werewolves liked hanging around the vineyards, some people have even said that they've seen the ghost of the first Vinodol Wine Queen in 1880, Anka Piškulić, walking around the vineyards when there's a full moon) The images sort of remind me of yesterday when I had to go to the local Walmart to get something and then the local strip mall, well not really all that much actually.

Anyway, these photos show some of the crazy fucked up shit and grill poppin' fucked up retarded shit that goes on regarding during these centuries old annual wine harvest traditions. I came across some photos from previous years so I added a few of them here too. That's about it. Basically they dress up like they did centuries ago during the grape harvests and have to perform various tasks as part of the contest, everyone seems to have had a good time and especially the Vinodol Rose Queen contestants. (I found out there are actually quite a number of similar annual wine harvest festivals and events like this that take place, too many to mention here) Quite a few of the wines that are produced in this area are actually even award winning wines around the world. so if you're ever in the area during this time it would probably be a good time to try out some wines or buy a souvenir corkscrew, wine glasses etc. I'll just classify this under "information that's good to know" for down the road.


Like I said, I came across some interesting photos from the past few years also so I threw them in too. Images are in no particular order. 

Some behind the scenes footage from this year which marks the 124th edition. The very first official Rose/Queen of Vinodol in the new era was Anka Piškulić in 1880.

Bonus video footage of courtesy of

Image: Lucijan Španić

This last photo I came across by chance and found interesting enough to throw in here, a Polish folk dance ensemble that performed during the 2013 Ružica Vinodola Wine Festival. Image:

The location of Vinodol in the Croatian outback boonies.

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