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subota, 3. listopada 2015.

Croatian National Theatre Ballet To Team Up With Zagreb Bears Hockey Club For Unique Video Project (Video Trailer)

Well, the usual local shootings, stabbings and ghetto muggings is getting sort of monotonous, and the various botched muggings and drug deal killings and stabbings and homegrown terrorism are boring too, so this is sort of a good diversion...and interesting. I came across it totally by chance as in just now, because I was actually in the middle of something completely different and probably the complete opposite. (I've been trying to not do that many sports related posts because I don't want to come across as just a sports blog, sports blogger or a sporto blogger after all)

In a nutshell, members of the Croatian National Theatre Ballet (Croatian: Hrvatskog Narodnog Kazališta Balet) and of the Zagreb Bears hockey club (KHL Medveščak Zagreb) are putting together a video. Yep, Croatian ballet and hockey of all things.

It may seem out of place or incongruous at first, but the aim of the video project is to highlight the history of both, focusing on the similarities of both traditions, ie; the need for imagination and discipline, hard work, long hours of practice, teamwork, how each player and ballet member is a part of the greater whole, training, perseverance, sacrifice and a commitment to a daily regimen etc. Sort of philosophical, but it will be presented in a unique and visually creative way. A cooperation between the arts and sport in the city that is hoped will intrigue fans of both, to create a new urban legend. What will it look like exactly? Well, the teaser trailer is supposed give an idea.

I used to play organized hockey in a league as a kid for years, and I've been to plays and orchestra performances before, but never the ballet. I don't know the technicalities, nomenclature and moves of ballet, but I do know it's a lot of hard work and that you have to be in tip-top shape, it's not just ballet attire and floating around like some may think. I actually remember a news story I read a few years ago where some bouncer started a fight with a guy at some club, it ended up that the guy was a ballet dancer and cleaned the bouncers clock sending him to the hospital, so that tells you something. (They go around lifting ballerinas all over the place after all)

I'm actually looking forward to see what the finished video will look like, will there be some villain or ghastly ghoul chasing the hockey club players around? Will a witch turn the puck into a pumpkin? Maybe a wizard will change the ice into water? or will the Hyperborean maidens dance the dance of the seven mountains, to make the hockey gods send astounding spells? Maybe hockey sticks will turn into swords, wands or vampires, who the hell knows, we'll have to wait and see what magical ballet events unfold. Anyway, the video is still being filmed and produced, but below is a trailer to wet your whistle in the meantime. More information at the links below. I also noticed they added a virtual tour of the Croatian National Theatre opera and ballet house in Zagreb, (built in 1895), just hit the link and it's like you're really there, like magic. More information at the links below.

A rare view of the Croatian National Theatre building in Zagreb grand opening in 1895.

(Since already on the topic, I might as well add that there are a number of similar theatres/opera/ballet houses in Croatia, a surprising amount actually considering the size of the country is not huge, and some of the theatre groups and opera/ballet ensembles have a history going back to the 17th century, some of the earliest ones to appear in Europe. (Incredible but true, even at the same time that the Ottoman muslim jihads were taking place, the arts were also a form of warfare and morale builder). However, some of the other more classic theatre/opera/ballet houses in the country (like seen in those 17th-19th century era themed movies about composers and musicians etc) are the Croatian National Theatre in Split which opened in 1893, there's a nifty virtual tour at the link also. As well as the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka which opened in 1885, the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek which opened in 1866, the Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik built in 1870, the Croatian National Theatre in Varaždin which opened in 1873, and of course the Marin Držić City Theatre in Dubrovnik built in 1865 and which also stages numerous Croatian productions and other well known international programs throughout the year, and that's just to name a few. (these classic pre-20th century theatre houses at times also perform modern plays and other performances throughout the year)


Teaser trailer for the upcoming ballet/hockey video project. 

Sample scenes from a Croatian National Theatre ballet productions that go on, "The Nutcracker." More videos at

What the hell, here's a peak of a more modern Croatian ballet/dance production, there's probably ghouls and witches in this one.

Yes that's right boys and girls, Snow White (Pepeljuga) featuring music by Prokofiev.

This one's Don Quixote, he's that guy on the horse who went crazy. 

If you're in or going to be in the Zagreb area, here's what's going on over the next year. More information about ballet at the Croatian National Theatre website:

This isn't all that ballet related, just a video spot commemorating the 150th anniversary since the official establishment of the Croatian National Theatre in 1860.

Interesting rare arhival footage and information about the 120th anniversary of Zagreb's Croatian National Theatre. (video from

Lastly, for those not familiar, a Zagreb Bears 2013/14 season playoff promo.

...and Medveščak Zagreb playing Slovenian club Olimpija Ljubljana at Arena Zagreb in 2011, during their time in the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga.

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