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utorak, 13. listopada 2015.

Photo Of The Day: Rare Giant Devil Rays Filmed In Croatian Adriatic...& Ziplining Near Cetina River (+Video)

In the past 150 years the Giant Devil Ray has been observed only 15 times in the Adriatic, but yesterday was the first time they have been filmed .

Well, the usual local shootings, stabbings and ghetto muggings is getting sort of monotonous, and the various botched muggings and drug deal killings and stabbings and homegrown terrorism are boring too, and then all the boring political scandals and protests, so this is sort of a good diversion...and interesting. It's also just by chance related to my croatian-dolphin-preservation-in-adriatic post from a few weeks ago. This would also be pretty cool to see up close and in person I think, seeing this rare Giant Devil Ray fish fly through the water all majestic-like and mysterious alongside your boat or while swimming, a lot cooler than seeing an Anglerfish, I think so anyway. (You can hunt, shoot or eat that fish for all I care, god was probably drunk or smoking crack the day he designed that one)

The Giant Devil Ray is also known as a Mobula ray and they're even known to jump out of the water much like dolphins do, I personally think they look more like bats. This story will probably especially be of interest to future oceanographer types the most.

 Giant Devil Rays Filmed For First Time In Croatian Waters


Marine scientists capture the first taped encounter with giant devil rays in the Adriatic Sea.

The video was recorded in the Croatian part of the Adriatic near the Jabuka Island pit.

The Giant Devil Ray is often called the devil fish, because in the bible the devil is described as the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, but because it also has horns and a pointy tail it resembles modern day cartoon depictions. Divers said they were impressed with its wingspan, which was about 10 feet.

Although large, in the past 150 years this ray fish was observed only 15 times in the Adriatic.

The latest data collected by the Blue World Institute (Plavi Svijet) in Croatia says there are more devil fish in the Adriatic than was previously thought.

Scientists estimate that in the summer, following the plankton, about 3,500 giant devil rays come to the Adriatic Sea, which means there could be more encounters in the future.

The devil fish, or giant devil ray, is listed as an endangered species.

Experts say they are most common in the Mediterranean Sea and can be found elsewhere in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, off the southwest coast of Ireland and possibly in the northwest Atlantic.

Video courtesy: NBC News Channel.


Ziplining In And Around Omiš And the Cetina River

  Viewing the Zipline Virtual Tour gives a good idea of what to expect.

What is ziplining? Well, the video below pretty well explains it all. This is going on my list of things to do next time I'm in Croatia. (like I've mentioned a few times before, It's a very long list, it's always important to make a list so you don't forget) This venture was also coincidentally started up by members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, so you might want to check out my croatian-mountain-rescue-service-saving-lives post from a few weeks ago, which has much more information about them. Activities like this, river rafting and windsurfing are becoming more popular in Croatia every summer, over the past few years especially, as more and more people are looking for adrenaline filled extreme activities to do in the summer besides the usual swimming, tanning and boating etc, something exhilarating. That's about it, the 2nd related video I threw in from their Facebook page, because it's that cool timelapse stuff.

(Also, in case you wondering who the statue is of in the video footage, it's a statue of Croatian folk heroine Mila Gojsalić, which was made by renown Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. She was a distant descendant of Croatian King Gojslav, (who ruled from 1000 to 1020) and lived during the time of the Ottoman jihads against Croatia and Europe. In 1530 the Ottoman leader Ahmed-pasha gathered an army of 10,000 men with the goal to conquer the area. He made a camp nearby and Mila Gojsalić was among other local women who were forced to lose their virginity with the Muslim Ahmed-pasha. Because of that act she then infiltrated the Turkish army camp and blew up the munitions stockpile, killing the Muslim pasha and numerous officers and soldiers. That act completely surprised and confused the remaining Turkish, Saracen and Moorish soldiers who were then overrun by the local populace and they left escaping back to the Sanjak of Smederevo. Your Croatian history fact of the day. More information about Mila Gojsalić)

More information:

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This below cool video was made by Zipline, which was founded by members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, experienced rescuers, mountaineers, covers and climbers. Not a big deal or that uncommon these days, similar extreme climbing and mountain related activities can be found in many places. However according to their website, this one races you down the canyon of the famous Cetina River at up to 65 km/h on a steel wire rope, secured with a belt. The experience also includes training and a short nature walk.

Zipline is located 3 km from Omiš in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, a small coastal town of about 15,000 people and about 20 km southeast of the city of Split. It has 8 wires totalling 2100m ( 2.1 km) in length and depending on the size of the group, he whole Zipline course will give you up to 3 hours of unforgettable fun and a different view of some spectacular nature.

Based in the area of ​​Omiš, between the Adriatic sea and the Mosor Mountain, the entire area is garnished by the splendour of the Cetina river flowing into the Adriatic sea, which carves an imposing yet tranquil canyon below the steep cliffs of Omiš Dinara Mountain. The Company and its founders provide its guests with a brand new content and entertainment that has not been present in this area until now. The below short video gives a sneak peek of what to expect and some great views.

This related video has some cool summertime timelapse views of the nearby historic town of Omiš including some of the mountain ziplining. 

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