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ponedjeljak, 9. studenoga 2015.

CBS Sports Producer Peter Radovich & 2Cellos Team Up For NFL Promotional Video

I'm not throwing this story from last month here because of the Croatian cello duo "2Cellos", because I already touched upon them quite a while ago and they've been getting plenty of exposure already anyway, so I don't need to elaborate further, and I'm definitely not doing this because it's NFL related for the exact same reasons. There's already plenty of people wearing their clothes and merchandise around here as it is. (Besides, I've noticed in the news a lot of times that when someone shoots someone or gets shot, is involved in a stabbing, caught in a drug bust, robbery or charged with domestic violence or some other scandal, when they show their photo they're usually wearing NFL stuff a lot of the times coincidentally, isn't the wierd? and lots of times they're wearing MLB and NBA stuff too I should note. The way I see it, then Pete Radovich's projects are also actually attempting to bring back again some form of fashionable normality, respect and a semblance of professionalism to the tarnished NFL team hats and clothing sector as well. A very difficult and perhaps even impossible task to accomplish, but that's another topic)

Nope, I'm strictly doing this one because of the interesting and probably little known fact to most, that being that the guy behind this NFL video project is Peter Radovich, (spelled Radović in Croatian using the Croatian alphabet)..and that he also just happens to be the same guy who was behind a 5 part behind the scenes documentary filmed just last year about the Croatian National Water Polo team, aka the "Barakude." (aka "Barracudas", which you can now watch HERE and other places in its entirety)

Basically, so this way when people see the video and him or his name pertaining to the video or television show, they won't mistakenly think that he's Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian background or even some Latvian guy. ("Oh he's that Polish or Russian guy, no you're wrong George, he's that Lithuanian guy from Austria or Finland or one of those places, etc). This way the person will know right off the bat that he's Croatian background after reading this post.

That pretty well sums it up, information is for the benefit of the reader, do with it what you will.



Pete Radovich & 2Cellos NFL Video Watched By Over 20 Million Viewers

 Pete Radovich, Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser behind the scenes during filming. Images:

The famous American TV producer with Croatian roots, Peter Radovich, and on the exact same day that celebrates Croatian independence Day, introduced on his TV show Monday Night Football on CBS the Croatian cello duo 2Cellos. Like many other world stars, they had the opportunity to be featured in the United States in the introductory part of the show which always includes an interesting way to announce the start of the weekly football game, this time between the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans. The show was watched by more than 20 million American viewers.

"So far I have had in this career countless wonderful experiences, but recording a teaser video for the NFL which was seen by 20 million Americans, and in which the young Croatian musicians were featured and on top of that it was televised on Croatian Independence Day - it all happened completely by chance- but probably it's one of the most significant events in my career! "- said Pete Radovich.

"The American public is very positive and were very receptive of the spots in January during the playoffs, we plan to take advantage of another video that we shot with 2Cellos and air it during the upcoming playoffs which will be seen by even more viewers. It was a pleasure to work with Luka and Stjepan. I look forward to future work with them and with other Croatian artists in the future, such as Zlatan Stipišić, aka "Gibonni" said Radovich.

The three-minute entertaining introduction to the program is always eagerly awaited by many viewers of the show, and so far many film and music stars have participated and continued the ritual the following Thursdays.

The culmination of Peter's creativity will happen during Super Bowl 50 early next year, when the whole America viewing public will watch the 50th Super Bowl, the most popular annual show in America.

CBS Sport’s Creative Director Pete Radovich pictured with the Croatian Water Polo Team during the filming of a 5 part documentary in 2014. More info HERE.

Famous Croatian cello duo Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser, better known as 2Cellos, were the stars of a promotional video advertising NFL Thursday Night football last week…

2Cellos provide the music for the 1:52 clip previewing the Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts game last week. The video was directed by CBS Sport’s Creative Director Pete Radovichon and was televised on the exact same day that celebrates Croatian independence Day. "It all happened completely by chance- but probably it's one of the most significant events in my career! "- said Pete Radovich. The 28-time Emmy Award winner, who is of Croatian descent, also worked with Rihanna and Jay Z on the project.

2Cellos, who played in Budapest on the weekend, leave today for Las Vegas where they will join up again with Elton John to perform in his popular Million Dollar Piano show. When the pair return to Europe they will head to Russia for November concerts, before going to Romania, UK and Turkey in December.

Watch the 2Cellos in the NFL clip HERE.

So Who The Hell Is Pete Radovich Anyway?...

I'm glad that you asked...Peter Radovich, Jr. currently serves as the Creative Director of CBS Sports and Coordinating Producer of “Inside the NFL” on Showtime. In his role as Creative Director at CBS Sports, Radovich is responsible for the CBS Sports on-air look, image and graphic style. In the past several years, he has directed music videos for CBS’s coverage of the Super Bowl and Final Four, featuring various award winning musical artists including Queen and Green Day.

During the NFL season, Radovich produces “Inside the NFL,” the weekly NFL highlight show on Showtime which is currently the longest-running show on cable television.

Additionally, Radovich recently won a News Emmy for producing his first-ever “60 Minutes” story, “Football Island” with corespondent, Scott Pelley and won three Emmys for directing his first-ever documentary, “A Game of Honor”, including the Emmy for Outstanding Sports Documentary. In his 17-year television career, Peter Radovich, Jr. has won 28 Emmys in 15 different categories, including a run of 16 Emmys over the last six years.

A Croatian commercial for his 5 part water polo documentary in 2014. Video/article:

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