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subota, 21. studenoga 2015.

Croatia To Accept 16 OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopters From US Military..."Will Assist In Defence, Security & The War Against Subversive Anarchists/Cults"

Fully armed OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters will be flying and protecting Croatian skies in 2016.

This story has been in the works since last year, but just the other day the actual helicopters were chosen which will be transferred to the Croatian military next year. These Kiowa Warriors are to replace the Mil Mi-24 “Hind” attack helicopters that the Croatian Air Force already retired in 2002. They're flown by a crew of two and are equipped with, among other things, high-resolution cameras, lasers for marking targets, night vision and for when there's bad visibility, optical-electronic sensors and radio communication and navigation equipment. They're also armed with anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns and machine guns, the OH-58Ds will normally operate with speeds of about 110 knots (127 mph or 204 kmh) and have a range of 160 miles (555 km). Airborne for 2 hours at a time, the Kiowa Warriors can be armed on two points, one on each side of the chopper, with either a .50 or 12.7 mm machine gun, a LAU-68 rocket launcher for up to seven Hydra 70 rockets or 2 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. Sources say that Croatia will also order the Hellfire anti-tank missiles along with this order, with estimates running from 160 to 500 Hellfires during the first order. (I hope they also throw in some variable yield nuclear tipped missiles, 0.3, 5 or 1.7 kilotons would be good enough I think) They can also be used for search and rescue and other emergencies if required.

Apart from the Kiowa Warrior deal Croatia also hopes to be able to sell the remaining 12 to 14 Mil Mi-8-MTV transport helicopters flown by 93 Air Base Helicopter Transport Squadron out of the Divulje Barracks in Split, to free funds for the acquisition of 12 to 15 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, which would then be added to this OH-58D fleet. Various sources say that a deal may be worked out where all the Croatian Mil Mi-8-MTV's could be given at no charge to Ukraine in exchange for a large discount deal on the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk's.

This is a great strategic addition to the Croatian Armed Forces, and this helicopter fleet will integrate with the current ground forces for a much more efficient and powerful mobile reaction force, especially with the recently acquired PzH 2000 Howitzers, Patria AMV's, the current upgraded Mil Mi-8 and Mil-Mi-17 helicopters fleet and the newly upgraded and modernized MiG-21's and AN/FPS-117 Radar network across the country. You can't go wrong with almost free either, and these flying harbingers of justice and freedom will be used efficiently also. It makes much more sense for them being in the Croatian Air Force than just gathering dust or just flying training missions in Arizona. Sure, maybe a couple of them may have to be used down the road by the Croatian Army contingent in Afghanistan, but most will be based in Croatia and used exclusively as part of various joint military exercises or in a state of ready preparedness for any situation where they may be needed.

Also, Croatia without a doubt deserves them, and this is why they had first choice on which ones to choose, first dibs not just because, just because they're in Nato, but because for years now they have been part of numerous international missions in Afghanistan and elsewhere, they have a superlative record in combat situations fighting terrorism and contributing to stability and peace, (Interesting fact: not one Croatian male or female soldier has come back from tours in Afghanistan and then committed suicide, which is very important. To put that in perspective, 178 Canadian soldiers have committed suicide after coming back from Afghanistan tours, (some have even gone on to commit murder-suicides believe it or not) we're actually also promoting and helping Nato's public image and making it more thrilling and exciting and attractive to be a part of, that way the enemies and terrorists won't be laughing and snickering with all kinds of wuss and wimp related epithets, like "Wussy Canadian solider boy, your mommy looks like a goat, do us a favour and kill yourself" or "Hey crybaby wimpy Canadian wannabe soldier, your diapers need changing and you need a haircut", or "Yo Canadian soldier guy with the stupid look and shiny medals, we don't need your moms smelly diapers, go kill yourself",  "Hey, pussy faggot Canadian twinkie diaper, you left your twinkie diaper crumbs on the counter", or even now, "Hey suicidal wife-killer, your diaper medals aren't needed here" etc and stuff like that. We simply can't have that when it comes to the highly esteemed Nato and it's important public image after all, we can not allow denigration and ridicule of Nato professionalism and therefore in the process other Nato member countries), and also because of Croatia's strategic historical location and important EU member status also, so they're not free just for nothing, just because we have cool camouflage on our uniforms, drink better beers or because Catherine Zeta-Jones vacations in Croatia, it's much more than just that.

After all, there are numerous threats these days all around you, you see it on the news every day and even around you. Every time you turn on the television it's chaos and killings and kooks all over the place. All kinds of terrorists, extremists, televangelists, weird religious beliefs and creeds and just plain pointless irrational specimens migrating and hanging around all over the place. That's without even getting into what's directly going on in the Middle East and Africa right now at this very moment. These threats to security and civilization are coming from numerous sources and spreading like a virus, an absurd virus of chaos, terror and creeds based on imploding and destroying various things, using even non-military subversive means to destroy civilization and the future. This helicopter fleet will be perfect for those situations also because they're extremely maneuverable, they can fly low and fast, hide behind hills, buildings, trees and garbage bins, pop out of tunnels or caves, perfect for silent and quick responses, see the video examples below.

Regarding being used for military purposes and defence against any foreign country attacks or incursions, I'm not worried about that actually, Nato countries took care of the Serbs back in 1999 after their years of slaughtering and raping sprees and and they have their own problems with Albanians in Kosovo anyway, while still holding genocidal war criminals as holy heroes. I'm of the opinion that they will also come in handy against other less well known national armed thugs, criminals, subversive organizations and just plain ol' pointless scum, such as when Serbs recently came to Ukraine for vacations as just one recent example, we need to ensure there's no repeat of their killing and genocidal orgies in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo like in the 90's, or else these helicopters will be leading the charge, eyes in the sky helping to rain down glorious hot metal and plenty o' explosions on the specimens.

This new helicopter fleet will also help ensure that threats to Croatian territory from within our borders never happens from foreign subversives, including border surveillance. If some kind of illegal and suspicious populations decide to just saunter around disregarding borders, EU, national and international protocol, laws or territorial sovereignty, or if suspicious types decide to hold some kind of odd suspicious events or are dressed suspiciously or not and are chanting some wierd subversive slogans or initiating various conflicts, (or the first sign of some foreign televangelists and religious cult kooks trying to initiate a brainwashing event or mind control convention), then these helicopters will be ready to respond, same goes for even just the odd looking types with their weird and disturbed habits and traits going around being irrational and so a threat to the order of things, it's best to respond with rounds and rounds and missile strikes of freedom and justice. A few quick hellfire missile strikes after silently floating up from behind some trees or a building will take care of things pretty quickly, the helicopter machine guns can then clean up what's left over. The main thing is to contain the threat and prevent it from spreading and putting lives and civilization at risk, as well as protecting the children, it's very important to protect the children from the clutches of the various violent and non-violent subversive scum and suspicious foreign agitators/rabble-rousers, even foreign subversive mind control cults/sects have been a festering threat attempting to brainwash people with their mumbo jumbo like I said, and sometimes only missiles can stop them. (they're really no different than the commie one-worlder utopianist identity destroying subversives) Like many of my posts in this blog have shown, or just by simply browsing around some images at the website which shows just a small glimpse of what we're protecting.

Time and time again since the middle ages stopping various westward advancing hordes and armies and even from the sea, from Saracens to Moors to Ottoman muslim and later Serb jihads, victories that have been critical in ensuring the continuation of civilization. A strong, independent and free Croatia ensures a free and safer continent, and without it a domino effect would be the repurcussions, a domino effect extending all across Europe and then across the Atlantic and eventually all around the world. If Croatia was to fall, you know what the ugly repercussions and scenarios would then be in Ljubiljana, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and other capitals. Croatian ports, in Split and Rijeka especially, have been an extremely important access point and European hub for Nato over the years. Then it's a great holy mission actually, all and any explosions and body limbs flying around will really be about ensuring peace, civilization and progress and that's the main thing.

Canadian Military Army Special Ops and Psy=Ops soldiers on patrol for subversives and one-worlder utopianist commie mind-control sects, ready at a moments notice to apply the lethal death grip to pointless subversive mutants in a nanosecond, for progress and civilization. (the very death grip alluded to Canada's best selling and most popular comic book character Captain Canuck)

Yep, a great deal I say, practically brand new helicopters and expected to last at least the next 20 years with lots of spare parts and weapons options. Next year is when an official decision will be made on the purchase of the next generation jet fighters for after the MiG's are decommissioned. (F-16's, Saab Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon, French Mirage, the Israeli Kfir and some other possibilities are still on the table, more on that HERE) I'll update this post after the helicopters arrive in Croatia next year, get their new paint jobs and have the Croatian military emblems and insignia added. (I think maybe they should even get a special new painted on insignia on the helicopters and patches designed specifically for this helicopter fleet pilots uniforms. Maybe a flying wolf or bear with dragon wings, or a bear with a flaming human skull head and wolf ears and dragon wings holding a sword and a bloody dripping heart in the other clawed paw, or a mermaid with dragon wings flying around with arrows or olive branches or lightning bolts between her teeth and holding a bunch missiles or a machine gun. That would look pretty cool, I'll keep you up to date on that important subject too)

The United States Donates 16 Military Helicopters to Croatia To Assist In Defence Security, Border Control & Protection From Travelling Subversives


A few weeks ago, the US Congress has approved a delivery of 16 light reconnaissance helicopter gunships Kiowa Warrior and a simulator to Croatia. The value of the donation is more than 100 million dollars, but in the next three years, Croatia will have to pay 20 million dollars for spare parts, training and ammunition, reports Jutarnji List on September 13, 2015.

Within a few weeks, a team of experts of the Croatian armed forces will go to the USA to select the 16 helicopters. Croatia has been given the right to first choose among 200 surplus helicopters, while the rest will later go to other US partners. The helicopters were completely modernized and refurbished in 2011 and are in excellent condition. They are equipped with sensors for thermal scanning, optical sensors, laser systems to determine the distance and pinpoint targets, and optical targeting systems. In addition, they are equipped with launchers for anti-tank missiles and air-to-air missiles. The ammunition for these launchers, training of pilots and technicians as well as the spare parts and tools are not included in the donation and will have to be paid by Croatia. The helicopters will be used for the national defence and border control, as well as in international operations in which Croatia participates.

Importantly, in addition to helicopters, the Croatian army will get a simulator in which soldiers will be trained. It has all the systems and equipment just like a "real" helicopter. The simulator will reduce the amount of weapons that will be purchased because the soldiers in training will not be using real ammunition.

Estimates are that the helicopters should arrive to Croatia by the end of 2016, when the Croatian army will again have combat helicopters after more than 15 years. In the 1990s, the military had Russian combat helicopters Mi 24. After the war, ion 2002 it was decided that they will not be modernized. The armed forces are currently equipped with transport helicopters Mil Mi-8 and Mil Mi-117 Sh.

The American donation is another proof of the partnership between Croatia and the USA. According to some estimates, the USA have to date donated to Croatia military equipment worth about 200 million dollars. This includes various types of vehicles, communication equipment, soldier training, destruction of obsolete weapons and ammunition. In return, Croatia has so far proved to be a reliable partner to the Americans in Afghanistan, and also in the framework of the anti-terrorist coalition.

Sneak peak images taken from the

From around the 9:30 mark is what I'm talking about, at the first sign of suspicious and illegal or unfashionable activity, televangelist and mind control cult events or even cases of annoying pointless celebs, noise pollution or littering, they can be dealt with quickly and thoroughly from even 5 miles away. You will know that the flying missiles and explosions are for peace, freedom, progress and civilization.

Besides supporting ground forces movements and patrolling for enemy military formations, they are also perfect for patrolling Croatian beaches, parks and cities, don't even think about causing any religious crusade or civilizational warfare, post another pointless selfie and there'll be hell to pay.

While on the topic of military, I came across this recently made video, some interesting behind the scenes footage of Croatian Army cadets during basic training. Croatian soldiers are voluntary btw, as in there's no enforced mandatory conscription policy (only just the haircuts and uniforms are mandatory)

An interesting collage themed around the Croatian Military and Special Forces.

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croatian-air-force-fighters-civiliian-jet-intercept _Croatia

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