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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Croatian National Theatre & Zagreb Bears Hockey Club Promote Local Sports/Culture (Video)

I might as well finish up this post from last month, I'm not going to analyze or get too in-depth about it here, just hit the previous post link below for much more background info. For those who didn't read that original post, recently the Zagreb Bears hockey club (KHL Medveščak Zagreb) and the Croatian National Theatre Ballet (Croatian: Hrvatskog Narodnog Kazališta Balet)  decided to combine their history and presence in the city for a video project, a video basically reminding people that both seasons are officially underway.

Members of the hockey club and ballet section of the theatre got together for the short promotional video highlighting both of their traditions, a promotion of sports and culture in the city, showing that one tradition doesn't necessarily outweigh or exclude the other. A very creative concept and project when you think about it, and not something you see everyday, or probably even something most would ever think of. But it makes sense, because sports and culture are in Zagreb's, and even the countrie's DNA actually, culture and sports all over the place.

Did their point get across? Does it make the hockey players look like wuss pansies holding onto their mothers skirt? Do you think it makes them gay because they're lifting women above their heads instead of balls or hitting or catching balls or even scratching balls? I guess that's up to the viewer, it's an amusing video clip and certainly different when you think about it. I played organized hockey in a league for a while when a teen, and like I said before, hockey is sort of like ballet on ice when you think about it, both demand commitment, perseverance, teamwork, hard training, a regimented diet and lifestyle routine, sacrifice, long hours of practice and a regimen of exercise, stretching and vitamins. Most people don't use the words ballet and hockey in the same sentence, so maybe that was the whole point. To get the regular theatre, play and ballet goers to attend hockey games and vice-versa, which is as it should be, because it's always best to be multi-faceted, eclectic and creative, experiment with different genres and motifs to broaden your mind and make you a more well rounded and complete individual. Anyway, the short video below is the final video product as promised, you can decide for yourselves.

Since already on the topic, I might as well add that there are a number of similar theatres/opera/ballet houses in Croatia, a surprising amount actually considering the size of the country is not huge, and some of the theatre groups and opera/ballet ensembles have a history going back to the 17th century, some of the earliest ones to appear in Europe. (Incredible but true, even at the same time that the Ottoman muslim jihads were taking place, the arts were also a form of warfare and morale builder). However, some of the other more classic theatre/opera/ballet houses in the country (like seen in those 17th-19th century era themed movies about composers and musicians etc) are the Croatian National Theatre in Split which opened in 1893, there's a nifty virtual tour at the link also. As well as the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka which opened in 1885, the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek which opened in 1866, the Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik built in 1870, the Croatian National Theatre in Varaždin which opened in 1873, and of course the Marin Držić City Theatre in Dubrovnik built in 1865 and which also stages numerous Croatian productions and other well known international programs throughout the year, and that's just to name a few. (these classic pre-20th century theatre houses at times also perform modern plays and other performances throughout the year)

(I should note that the Zagreb Bears hockey club aren't all just Croatian players like on the Croatian national hockey team, a number of players on the roster over the years besides Croatians has also included players from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and from North America etc, and that a number of Croatian hockey players likewise play for other teams and leagues)

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