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ponedjeljak, 23. studenoga 2015.

Photos Of The Day: November Snowfall In Zagreb, Rijeka & Opatija

Well, all the constant and incessant extremists, homegrown terrorism and fundamentalists news on the television is boring the fuck out of me, that's just the local stuff and not what's going on overseas, and that's on top of all the local shooting stabbing, drug deals and protesting protestors news. It all amounts to a very boring and lacklustre waste of time. So on to something else, something completely different yet illuminating and interesting.

From a military helicopters post the other day to just this subject of snow. (I'm fucked up and crazy like that...helicopters, beaches, beers, hockey, opera, food, wines, music, terrorists, hats, soccer, assassins, bears and wolves conservation, bikinis, fashion shows and designers, televangelists, internet, films and filming, castles...and yes...snow. It's almost disturbing how many topics I cover actually) A perfect time for another "Photo Of The Day" snow post. In this instance just some images from yesterdays first winter snowfall from around Zagreb, and the coastal cities of Rijeka and Opatija. I like doing this topic once in a while, coming across some images of winter time scenes of Croatian locations that look completely different from what one usually sees in the brochures and tourism posters and videos. It all takes on a completely different appearance, like a different place and time altogether.

The best photos are usually the ones closer to the holidays and new year when all the decorations and lights are lit up in the cities and towns, but this snowfall came early, and remarkably there was more snow in Opatija and Rijeka than even fell in Zagreb. Most of northern Croatia received similar snowfall, around Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik the temperatures dipped but they didn't get any snowy this time, another month or so and you'll see snow there also. This wasn't a full fledged winter snow storm or a particularly large snowfall that happened yesterday, although large parts of the country did get between 30 cm to 50 cm, basically just interesting snapshots and views one doesn't usually see. (Although I noticed recently that they updated the official tourism site with some winter time scenes and events, which is good, that way people won't think it's summer there all year round) Some related posts are at the bottom.

These first few assorted images are from Medvenica mountain which overlooks the cit of Zagreb, specifically near Sljeme where the annual Audi FIS Ski World Cup Vip Snow Queen Trophy takes place. The city of Zagreb actually received less snow than Rijeka or Opatija believe it or not, and this time the snow accumulated mostly in the surrounding mountains overlooking the city. Images:

November Snowfall In Rijeka

 Rijeka got a taste of an early winter also. This first personal and typical summer time pic I threw in for contrast because it's probably a scene of Rijeka that one is usually accustomed to seeing, so lots of people wouldn't even think that it snows here regularly. Images:

Many people probably also don't know that just over those hills about 1/2 an hour away from Rijeka is Platak Ski Resort. The popular Platak ski hills are one of the rarest around, you actually have a spectacular view of the Adriatic sea when going down the main ski hill. This early snowfall is of course a good sign for the upcoming ski season.

The old Kantrida Stadium was under snow, this stadium is going to be demolished soon to make way for the new Kantrida Stadium. More on that HERE and HERE.

November Snowfall in Opatija

And just across the other side of Kvarner Bay is the town of Opatija. The first pic is another example of what I'm talking about. Most people when they hear the word "Opatija" would automatically think "summery, swimming, terraces, cafes, promenades, riviera-like" and the last thing one would associate it with would be the words winter or snow, but it happens all the time and is really nothing new. See also snow-skating-in-opatija-croatia. Images:

Lastly as an extra bonus, tipTravel magazine is a Croatian online travel magazine full of interesting features, travel ideas and stories from destinations in Croatia and even other places around the world. This latest edition will feature Winter in Croatia as the main topic, as well as stories on the Lucerne region in Switzerland, winter in Austria and Slovenia, tourism trends (Green travel trend), and many other topics. Just click onto to check it out for free.

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