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petak, 27. studenoga 2015.

Was There A "Frantic Stampede" Or "Shopping Frenzy" At The Zagreb H&M? The Facts Show The Contrary (+Video: Viewer Discretion Advised)

So I was doing some channel surfing earlier and came across some clips of the famous annual "Black Friday" sales events/stampedes happening on this side of the pond. Which reminded me of this amusing story from a few weeks ago.

For those not familiar, H&M had a promotion of some French fashion house Balmain items being available that day, there was footage of stampedes and shopping frenzies that took place at various world locations, from North America to Europe to Japan and Australia. Some were worse than others, and this was the first and only time that I had ever come across any article about any shopping frenzy in Croatia, so I had to check it. Here's the short footage from the Zagreb H&M "frenzy" story.

Some of the descriptions I came across were "stampede", "frantic" and "frenzy." I'm not so sure about that though, some of the H&M locations footage I came across had far worse chaos and scenes of frenzying going on for this particular event. I would simply just call this Zagreb footage a short "gaggle  of shoppers" or maybe even just a "flock of shoppers," something like that...

A scene from the shopping chaos frenzy at the Zagreb H&M. Youtube screenshot.

...Why? Because it basically started and was over within 35 seconds, from the time that the shoppers come through the doors to the shelves and racks being empty, and then the shoppers politely turning to leave. I didn't really see any frenzy or stampede or frantic anything, I didn't see any boxes or clothes flying around, I didn't see fights or swings been taken, no shoppers falling down and being crushed, no "POW" "KABOOM" or "SMASH" like the video promised, it was pretty tame actually, not even any tug of war over a sweater or jacket or any carts involved, not even a broken nail or just messed up hair either.

As soon as the Balmain designs were gone it was over. For the typical "shopping frenzy" video watcher it looked promising that there might be some slapping and hair pulling or kicking at the 16 second mark, but it turned out to be a polite shopping frenzy dud, practically a letdown if you were expecting a real shopping frenzy. video. These Zagreb frantics are gonna have to learn a thing or two from my other added video examples below, if they hope to be a part of the shopping stampede frenzy crowd elite, that's what I think anyway.

Amusingly the girl who was filming with her phone was commenting "ajme" and "ne mogu" a few times, (which in Croatian means  something like "oh my" and "I can't believe it"), like she was really shocked at what was going on and what she was seeing. She sounded so naive, in my personal opinion, so naive indeed. I would really like to see or hear her expressions or comments if she was viewing in person some of the other shoppers stampedes and frenzies in the other videos below, she'd be saying "jebote" instead of "ajme" pretty quick that's for sure, probably "ajme bolesnici, jebote, jebeni životinje." She really needs to spend more time watching Maury Povich and Jerry Springer episodes or other ghetto antics shows before starting with the "ajme" crap, she may need some mental professionals to help her from going around "ajme"-ing when there's really nothing "ajme" worthy going on. You can't just go around saying "ajme" and "ne mogu" for just nothing, (what if she had accidentally come across the suck dude & friends? then what? Have a bacon dance seizure saying "Holy Moses, Job and Jehosophat, I can't believe it"!? ), maybe after 90 seconds but not after only 28 seconds of basically shopping enthusiasts, that's absurd, she's way out of line with the "ajme" (pronounced "aye-meh") and "ne mogu" stuff, she's making Croatians seem naive, like wet behind the ears absurd dum-dums who sit around picking their noses and asses all day, like pointless blithering dolts, get real already with the correct commentary.

Well, anyway that's about it, just a quick observational and perhaps amusing post. I personally don't shop at H&M, there's only 1 in the city here and I'm a Guess, Diesel and Hugo Boss type of jeans guy anyway, along with some other clothing brands. And lastly since already on the topic of shopping, I might as well add that shoppers in the city of Split will now have yet another mall to shop at. The recently built Mall of Split is in the final stages of paperwork and permits and will be opening soon, good to know if in the area, they'll probably have an H&M there too once it's up and running. I do some fashion related posts once in a while because some of the model pics look cool, usually just as "Photo Of The Day", those links are at the very bottom. There you go, enjoy the various shopping frenzies and stampedes.

More images/information:

35 seconds of the supposed freaked out shopping frenzy at the Zagreb H&M. (I guess it could be called a freak out frenzy if you work and live at a library perhaps)

Extra bonus footage of the outside lineup and when the doors open at the downtown Zagreb H&M.. Yep, I would definitely categorize this as just "eager shoppers" "ecstatic shoppers" or something like that. Video and story:

Hellish aftermath immediately after the Zagreb H&M stampede/shopping frenzy chaos. Image:

To show what I'm talking about, here's shopping stampedes/frenzies from this side of the pond in North America, these first 4 videos were freshly filmed and uploaded to Youtube just today and yesterday. (Ahhh, the true Spirit of Christmas shows it's true face)

The next couple of highlight vids are from previous years. I could have added a bunch more, but these should do. 

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