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subota, 19. prosinca 2015.

"Eagles Of Death Metal" To Play Zagreb's Tvornica Kulture Feb 19th...For Freedom & To Battle Subversive Mind Control Cults/Sects

The EODM "Battling the Mind Control Cults Tour" starts up again in February 2016.

More information:

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This may sound like a strange titled post to most, but nonetheless it's true. Over the past few weeks a lot of the local entertainment shows and show hosts have moved on to the usual, again all about who's fucking who and wearing what in in Hollywood again, who's got the bling and booty and diss on the other celebs, suited television men gossip critics and their Beibers buttocks talk, so and so's new selfie pics and who's seen the new Star Wars movie the most times interviews since yesterdays official opening day, but to me this is more interesting and important.

I don't think I have to remind people about the events of November 13th in Paris, (you can click here if you do need a refresher though) so I'm not going to get all analytical and political/theological or add pics and videos from the Paris attacks. Let's just say that their upcoming European Tour and Zagreb concert is a big middle finger to mind control cults/sects and Muslim extremists and terrorists wherever they are to be found, and even just plain ol' fuckos in general, so it's a good thing.

Soon after the bloody carnage many entertainment section writers and music critics were expressing doubts that they would ever tour again, or even implying that it was the end of the rock band permanently, which would have made the suicide terrorists victors, as demented and absurd in logic as that sounds. (We are talking here about subversive mind control cults & deranged religious sects of the highest echelons you have to remember, reason and reality does not apply many times in these instances).

Example of what I'm talking about, stopping the tour is exactly what the terrorists wanted, we simply must not and can not let the terrorists and mind control cults win. Image:

The bands bizarre and tragic Paris concert was like nothing experienced before, it was like a few weeks worth of your local rap and hiphop club/bar shootings and ghetto hood shootings and then various other cafe and mall shootings but all rolled into one instance, all happening in a concert hall in the span of just a few minutes. A terrible and ghastly series of events for people who just wanted to listen to music and enjoy the start of their weekend. So it's good to know that the band has decided to hit the touring road again after such a short time, and so not let the Muslim terrorists and psychos/cultists win. The tour now is not about money or ticket sales at all, but rather about finishing what needs to be finished.....for freedom and civilization.

Moments before the shootings at their Paris concert.

Yep, after all, it is these same qualities and principles that Croatia was built on over the centuries, the same qualities and principles of what America is and what it was truly built on too on after all. Yep, just like Croatia. Throughout Croatian history over the centuries we too have had to battle all kinds of jihads, extremists and threats to our freedom, even up to until very recently with Serbs performing similar massacres all over the place in the 90's, at times through the centuries the incursions threatened Croatia's and even Europe's very existence, so I know what I'm talking about. Actually, this post isn't even about just their upcoming Zagreb concert, it's about much more than just that. It's really about freedom, civilization and battling the mind control cults/sects in their various forms, tyranny, tyrants and tyrannical philosophies in whatever form they appear in.

Poster for their originally scheduled December 1st, 2015 concert in Zagreb.

One could say that this upcoming continuation of their tour actually embodies the real America, and they they are the real Americans. Because when you really think about it, it's something that America's founding fathers would be proud of and applaud also. Yep, America's founding fathers would likewise without a doubt give this Eagles of Death Metal tour 2 thumbs up and a blessing, and they would probably be at the concert if they could rise from their graves like zombie ex-presidents, probably even wear their concert tee and have some beers.

Anyway, their upcoming show at Zagreb's Tvornica Kulture music hall takes place just 3 days after their return to Paris make up show, and I guarantee there will be no threats or chants of "Allahu Akbar" before, during or after their Zagreb gig or any related shooting either. If you're in the area you should definitely check out this show....for freedom and to battle mind control cults/sects of course.

Like the song says..."To arms citizens! Form your battalions! Let's march! Let's march! So that the impure blood should water the furrows of our fields!....". A fitting new modern day mantra against the impure blood of the foreign anarcho-humanoid mutant subversives (as well as crypto-commie bolsheviks) and terrorists to save the civilized world. 

(Supplementary information: For those unfamiliar, I should make it clear that this band are not Death Metal genre, it's just a name and they play mainly rock/alternative, besides they are automatically disqualified because they play a cover version of Duran Duran. Sort of like how head cheese is not really cheese and Iceland is not really made of ice).

Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple), Croatians too have always supported their own goals for sovereignty, freedom, progress, civilization and of course art galleries, various pastries, sauces and entrées etc.

Eagles of Death Metal Rescheduled 2016 Tour Dates:

Feb. 13 Stockholm, Sweden @ Debaser Medis
Feb. 14 Oslo, Norway @ Sentrum Scene
Feb. 16 Paris, France @ Olympia
Feb. 18 Munich, Germany @ Tonhalle
Feb. 19 Zagreb, Croatia @ Tvornica Kulture
Feb. 20 Budapest, Hungary @ Akvarium
Feb. 22 Vienna, Austria @ Arena
Feb. 23 Zurich, Switzerland @ Komplex
Feb. 24 Lille, France @ Le Splendid
Feb. 25 Brussels, Belgium @ Forest Club
Feb. 27 Treviso, Italy @ New Age
Feb. 28 Turin, Italy @ 10100
Feb. 29 Rome, Italy @ Orion
March 02 Nimes, France @ La Paloma
March 03 Barcelona, Spain @ Apolo
March 04 Madrid, Spain @ Joy Eslava
March 05 Lisbon, Portugal @ Coliseum
Aug. 09 Katowice, Poland @ Mega Club
Aug. 11 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Amager Bio
Aug. 15 Bremen, Germany @ Aladin
Aug. 16 Cologne, Germany @ Live Music Hall

Some rainy concert footage from a show earlier this year at Zagreb's INmusic Festival.

What the heck, just one official band video. Because you actually will see plenty of bikinis at beaches in Croatia also, it's true. (As well as these eagles being cooler than the Serbian eagles in Ukraine, I think so anyway)

Lastly, since on the topic of rock bands (and it's my blog anyway), I think this local Croatian band from the city of Rijeka would be a good consideration as an opening act for their Zagreb gig, just saying. (I've got a list of a bunch of Croatian bands worth considering actually). More about the band Father HERE and HERE.

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