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utorak, 1. prosinca 2015.

Photos Of The Day: Maja Šuput Concert & Town Of Makarska Kick Off 2015 Holiday Season Festivities

These few images I came across I thought were interesting enough to throw in here. Like I already explained at my Advent in Zagreb a few weeks ago, right around now is when the annual holiday and new year celebrations officially kick off all across Croatian cities and towns, the larger cities most know about what's going on, but these smaller towns don't get much exposure. These below images were taken yesterday during the official holidays kick off in the small coastal town of Makarska. (There's no snow there yet, which would have made it more cooler looking with all the lights and decorations, but it's still early, it did snow recently in Rijeka, Opatija and Zagreb last week though)

Anyway, the town of Makarska is located further down the Dalmatian coast closer to Dubrovnik, about 60 km past the city of Split, and only has a population of about 14,000, but during the summer this is one of those little known gems to spend time in, (example). However it looked very, very different yesterday compared to those usual summertime riviera type images.There was a free concert by Croatian pop music singer Maja Šuput and then the official celebrations welcoming in the holiday festivities kicked off.

The whole town showed up in the main square and various other holiday stuff went on including Santa Clause making an appearance, (aka Djed Mraz/Djed Božićnjak in Croatian) workshops and stuff for kids to do, tour train rides, locally produced meats and food and drink specialties, crafts etc. These festivities will of course culminate in lots of explosions and fireworks at New Year's Eve. Just a really different view of this little known coastal town that you don't see all that often.

Different Croatian bands and artists will perform at the various holiday festivities leading up to the New Year, next week the Croatian rock band Silente will be performing in Makarska, basically just a really great opportunity to see plenty of free concerts by Croatian artists in the different cities and towns too, you can't argue with tons of free concerts after all.

Actually, this post covers quite a few topics, and not just the holidays come to think of it. I like the camouflage outfit that singer Maja Šuput was wearing, and that ties in perfectly with my post last week about the new Croatian OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopters that will be flying Croatian skies in 2016. Because it's specifically for reasons like this that the helicopters will be flying and protecting our borders and territory in the first place, they will be making sure that the status quo is protected and continues uninterrupted, making sure that these kinds of holiday festivities, concerts and traditions are not threatened and continue on. Freedom and progress and the civilizational continuity.

Also, I added a map so it's a geography post too. It's Croatian singers, holidays, helicopters, fashion and geography and all for the benefit of the reader. So just a few pics but really much, much more than just that when you think about it. It's good to know that after the busy summer season and activities, that the town doesn't just shut down and turn into a boring ghost town over the winter. The boys and girls had fun and stuff to do, the older people and in-between people all had things to enjoy and do and the whole next month there will be more of the same. I wouldn't mind doing similar posts covering more Croatian cities and towns which are holding similar holiday festivities, but there's too many to cover. Here's a taste of what went on throughout the opening day in Makarska.


Images from the town of Makarska main square are in no particular order from throughout the day.

Oh jeez, image uploader issues. This here is that boring Serbs Killing Ukrainians Advent, I'll clean this up later.

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