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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Photos Of The Day: New Zagreb Airport Terminal Update &...Skating In Pula

Well, all the constant and incessant extremists, homegrown terrorism and fundamentalists news on the television is boring the fuck out of me, that's just the local stuff and not what's going on overseas, and that's on top of all the local shooting stabbing, drug deals and protesting protestors news. Basically it all amounts to a very boring and lacklustre waste of time. I think that's probably because a lot of the related victim/culprit selfie pics they show are never nearly as interesting or amazing as the few celeb selfies that I find particularly interesting. (Although I should add that some of them are amusing to be honest. You know, they'll usually add a Facebook or Twitter selfie pic (...******* from such and such address or no fixed address etc) and sometimes they are good for a chuckle to brighten up your day. Good news stories to watch while having your morning keksi and coffee. (Occasionally the accompanying selfie pic interviews are classic too. "But he/she used to wipe the old peoples bums and gave sponge baths for free on weekends, and even took bunnies to the blind children's school handing out candies and went to church twice on Sundays, why would anyone do this to dear sweet *******? ) lol, they're always innocent dear sweet sugar topped such and such mutant fuckos, hilarious. Why even include them in the news at all?, just throw them in the entertainment segment right from the start. So anyway on to something else, something completely different yet illuminating and interesting, and something even still a little holiday-ish.

These few photos I'm throwing in are nothing too important or particularly amazing. (I'm trying to stay away from the more exciting events and happenings going on because frankly it doesn't make me feel better after posting them, this is strictly just information solely for the benefit of the reader)

So the first pics are updated views of the work going on at the new Zagreb Airport terminal, it's good to see that construction is going according to plan and that the 331 million euros project will be up and running in about a year from now. It's been on the back burner for years, but then that world economic crisis happened, then the bidding process/paperwork, technical details etc and so on.

With over 13 million tourists arriving to Croatia in 2015, it's important that the capital city has a state of the art up to date modern airport facility. According to 2014 statistics the top-5 foreign visitors to Croatia in terms of overall numbers were from Germany (24 %), Slovenia (11 %), Austria (9 %), the Czech Republic and Italy (both 8 %) and probably surprising to many, it has actually been the large numbers of visitors from China, Japan and Koreans that has been the fastest growing segment. (Which is good, because lotsa hot single ladies from the far east is good for Croatia's image, there's much worse things to be crawling around) When completed, just this terminal will be able to handle five million passengers a year, increasing to 8 million through planned expansions in subsequent years.

This new airport, will be named after Croatia's first modern era President, Franjo Tuđman, when it's officially in operation is where you will be landing, the current Pleso Airport terminal on the other side of the airport grounds will then be used just for the increasing number of low cost charter flights and public aircraft/helicopters etc. You can hit the link below for more background information, statistics and media, including my own personal commentary regarding airport security topics, like where to station the armed soldiers and snipers, security attack dogs, which stores and shops the new terminal should have, etc.

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*Updated photos from the official grand opening at photos-of-day-new-zagreb-airport

...And below are just some snapshots of kids skating around in the town of Pula, which is located in the north western coastal Istra region of Croatia. This is not particularly amazing or irregular, but mostly just because the images were taken in Pula, and of course most people will usually immediately just think of the summer time images (example). Same goes for when similar events take place in nearby Opatija.

This skating scene is part of the overall Advent holiday celebrations and the simultaneous older winter solstice/pagan events and festivities that take place in Croatia, in pretty well all the cities and towns during this time of year, and many other places in Europe also. You will usually find outdoor public skating going on there also.

El Niño is ruining the more snowy scenes this year in Croatia and large parts of Europe, they've already cancelled FIS World Cup ski racing events in Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, Romania and Italy due to lack of snow (and around here some people are wearing shorts) It was promising as there was snowfall in Pula and the area already in November, but there is hope yet as colder temperatures and snow is being forecasted around the new year, good to know. Hopefully I'll have some more of those cool snowy winter scenes before the season is over.


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These are just some updated pics from Zagreb a few days later. I like showing the less well known facts and images so I had to throw them in.. It's not a snowy scene yet, but the overall effect with the lights and decorations still looks pretty cool. Images: Mmarko Todorov / CROPIX

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