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utorak, 8. prosinca 2015.

Photos Of The Day: Zagreb Cafe Opens Smallest Ice Rink In Europe For Advent 2015

Well, all the constant and incessant extremists, homegrown terrorism and fundamentalists news on the television is boring the fuck out of me, that's just the local stuff and not what's going on overseas, and that's on top of all the local shooting stabbing, drug deals and protesting protestors news. It all amounts to a very boring and lacklustre waste of time. So on to something else, something completely different yet quirky and interesting, something holiday-ish.

There were some recent interesting stories and noteworthy sports accomplishments I was thinking about posting, but I've been trying to stay away from sport themed posts for a while also, so as to not come across as just merely a sporto, because I want to give information to the reader that will make them a better rounded person, more knowledgeable about Croatian stuff and so more cosmopolitan, urbane and a more worldly informed and well balanced specimen, to show that even the smallest ice rinks matter. (After all, there's so much more to Croatia and life than just always kicking. chasing, catching and dropping the balls all the time)

Anyway, these few pics caught my interest. Nothing particularly important at all, and quite unimportant actually, yet interesting and not something you see all that often. As part of the recently started up Advent in Zagreb festivities and events, a much less well known and tucked away on a side street ice rink also opened up it seems.

At the terrace of the Velvet Cafe & Gallery, away from the busy city center and located on Dežmanićeva ulica (Dežmanova street), probably the smallest and cutest ice rink in Europe was made yesterday, (and maybe even in the whole world). It will be open for the whole rest of the holiday season, a little temporary world of fantasy far away from concrete, city noise and downtown traffic. a piece of your childhood come to life surrounded by forests and evergreen trees, back to a time before it got all fucked up and filled with pointless miscreants, travelling subversives and mind control cults and garbage scum of various sorts,

If you don't know what Advent in Zagreb is, or the similar Advent traditions elsewhere in Europe, then just click onto my recent Advent in Zagreb post which pretty well explains it all, or I like posting stories like this, the less well known stories, facts and images that go unnoticed by most. All the larger events and locations get plenty of exposure, but these amusing and unknown places and events should also be exposed, that's the way I see it.

It sure is a pretty cool holiday scene though, walking down the street at night and then coming across this miniature ice-rink with the decorations and lights, a pretty creative idea and the locals in the neighbourhood also seem to have gotten a kick out of it and found it amusing. Maybe before coming across this post you thought that there is no way in hell that Croatia has cafes with miniature ice rinks, but now you can plainly see that we certainly do. (And like I mentioned at a previous cafes in Split post, some of these cafes/bars/restaurants are places where some very important contracts and assignments are agreed upon, agreements that affect many lives and people in various parts of this spinning piece of dirt in space, sometimes saving lives and sometimes even saving civilization, lots of people don't know that either) I don't know how much they paid the girl to figure skate in the photos, they probably just gave her free cookies or pastries, which is still a pretty good deal actually. On that note, behold Europe's smallest ice rink...

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This one I came across at the cafe's Facebook pageé, nobody is skating in this one, but still. 

Oh btw, these guys are just playing the trombones for that that holiday music effect, they are NOT travelling subversive mind control trombone cult/sect members.

As an extra bonus and related piece of information, Zagreb just a few days ago hosted the 48th Golden Pirouette figure skating competition at the historic Dom Sportiva arena, an annual figure skating competition that's been held annually since 1967. (Aside from Croatian figure skaters, also competing at the Golden Pirouette were national teams from Russia, the United States, Italy, France and Japan) And probably unknown to most, even the current Croatian Presidents daughter, 14 year old daughter Katarina Kitarović also competed, a couple pics below. (However, It's not known at this point whether she will be skating at the above Velvet Cafe ice rink over the holidays, although she very well might if the cafe throws in a free freshly made huge višnjasta torta sa sirom) More pics and info at the links.

And lastly some cool related information, with Zagreb actually chosen as the Best Christmas Market in Europe by various travellers. The Croatian capital was chosen from over 20 other nominated cities including London, Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Brussels, Manchester, Nürnberg and others. A total of 101,703 votes from 176 countries were received. This is good to know because it just goes to show you that travellers appreciate efforts by the various cities to bring holiday magic at this time of year. See for more information)

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