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ponedjeljak, 25. siječnja 2016.

Photos Of The Day: Chinese Terracotta Soldier Replicas & Dragons Invade Downtown Zagreb

Here's a few amusing and interesting pics, something you don't see everyday. With Chinese New Year coming up on February 8th, it was decided to erect a bunch of colourful replicas of the famous Chinese Terracotta Army in downtown Zagreb's main pedestrian zone Jelačić Square. Not particularly earth shattering news, but interesting. If the reader is planning on being in Zagreb over the next little while, well now you know and won't be scratching your head wondering what the hell is going on.

I've already posted about Chinese restaurants in Zagreb and Croatia, as well as the growing numbers of tourists from China and other Asian countries and other related stuff, example. (Yep that's right folks, I know it's hard to believe but I've seen it with my own eyes, there's Chinese and other Asian restaurants in Zagreb and all across Croatia, a few examples, nobody actually puts a gun to your head to force you to eat Croatian food all the time. There was a 2011 motion in Parliament to make it a law to eat only Croatian food, but it didn't get the needed majority, so for now it's safe to eat Chinese food), but this whole terracotta soldiers downtown thing was unexpected quirky news to me. This multi-coloured replicas were all the work of a local Zagreb artist and sculptor Marina Marinić.

Sometimes I browse those various archeology/ancient civilizations and paranormal mysteries type websites, because some of the stuff is intriguing and interesting, (I like to know the mysteries and magics) and lots of times I'll come across articles about the original Terracotta Army which is still found in China today. The original terracotta army includes 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, and date back to the 3rd century BCE, which is quite a while ago.

(To put that into perspective, Rome was still just the Italian peninsula and was still centuries away from becoming an empire, the Roman Pyrrhic War had only just recently finished and even the Punic wars against Carthage didn't really start up yet, and they didn't control Sicily yet either. (The Romans, Greeks, Carthaginians and even the Moors and Arabs were all trying to grab Sicily for themselves, there were sword fights all over the place just like in those movies with all the English accents, they even spoke with English accents in Egypt and Jerusalem too) Croatians on the other hand weren't even called Croatians yet, (or even Hrvati tribes either), because neither the Romans or Greeks really knew all that much about what was going on north of them around the Danube river and elsewhere. The early Greek and Roman historians used to just refer to us as the Veneti/Venethi/Venedi, Hyperboreans, or even just nameless unknown Barbarians, which is pretty well what they called everybody and unknown peoples up there beyond their northern empire borders. But actually, the populations that went on to become Croatians later had been around up there since the Bronze Age. We just don't know much about what languages they spoke exactly, names they used or what they called themselves. (Although know we know that the Croatian personal ethnic endonym derives from a name used for the Carpathians in the early common era, a vast and wide expanse of territory centered around the Harvaða mountains, which is what the Carpathian ranges were known as then by those living there. How long it was called Harvaða in those areas nobody is quite sure though, it could have been many centuries and probably even longer) However, Croatian history is even older than that, but I've already shown and explained this previously)

The Christmas and New Years Advent festivities are over now, so this is something different in the meantime, although numerous carnivals are just around the corner too, and the annual Fašnik festival is starting up just down the road in the historic town of Samobor. (More on that at a previous post: 187th-samobor-festival-fasnik-taking-place)

Back to this topic, so there you are, an impromptu Croatian history lesson along with this Chinese Terracotta Warriors history and news item. You can also be sure they practiced martial arts back in the day. (Check out a related recent post about Croatian martial artists) Funny thing though, you don't even see stuff like this around here. I don't recall even once seeing any terracotta soldiers downtown around here at all, lots of Chinese restaurants, stores, television and radio programs but no terracotta soldiers anywhere. Why not at least a big dragon, pagoda or a bunch of giant chopsticks or even a big giant egg roll or fortune cookie., it can even be a big fortune cookie slide. This could very well be another mystery that needs to be solved also. Anyway more info at the links.......



I updated this post a few days later with the below pics, in no particular order. The Croatian President and newly appointed Prime Minister, as well as the Mayor of Zagreb, Chinese Embassy officials and the Chinese Foreign Minister came out to Jelačić Square for some festivities and entertainment. It seems the terracotta soldiers actually light up at night which makes it look even cooler. The evening festivities were a joint project of the city of Zagreb, Beijing and the Chinese Embassy. Chinese New Year this year is February 8th.....


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