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četvrtak, 21. siječnja 2016.

Croatia To Build New Ultra-Luxury Passenger Cruise Ship "Scenic Eclipse" (Photos+Video)

The new Croatian built "Scenic Eclipse" will sail the 7 seas using the most up to date innovative technologies as well as be an ultra-luxury passenger cruise yacht.

I'm not going to get too in detail about this new ultra-luxury yacht being built in Croatia, all the details and information is in the article, or you can just watch the added video. But after Googling around a little bit I came across at least a hundred different articles and blog posts about just this particular news. I thought, well, I better do this one then, and let people know it's being built in Croatia also.

I touched upon Croatia's long naval and shipbuilding history in a few posts, (those links are below), Croatia's current shipbuilding sector slowed down a little bit after the world economic crisis a few years ago, but recently it has been steadily growing and getting back to previous numbers. So this news is definitely good news for cruise ship fans everywhere. (Which all makes sense, being that Croatian shipbuilding history actually goes back through the centuries to the early middle ages and it's not just something recent. The history of the Croatian Navy also goes back to the same times to at least the 8th century, but that's another topic).

Another thing I like about this story that just occured to me, is that the mentioned Croatian shipbuilding companies have already for a while been building ships and vessels for the Croatian Navy, Coast Guard and Police, mainly various class missile boats, landing/assault ships, minelayers and various patrol ships. But if they really had to they have the means and technological capability to easily build the much larger ships, battleships, destroyers and heck even aircraft carriers. However, I think the chances are pretty well zilch that Slovenia, Montenegro, Italy across the Adriatic or even Greece down the way will attempt a naval attack or amphibious assault on the Croatian coast and vice versa, so it's just mainly national territorial maritime border security ships and as part of Nato, EU maritime forces (besides the inland variable yield nuclear tipped missiles will take care of that anyway).

Brodogradilište Split, aka Brodosplit shipyards, ( is based in the city of Split, (obviously) has already for years been building super-large container ships, ferries, passenger ships, oil tankers, (example) as well as the Croatian Navy warships/police boats mentioned earlier and other marine transport vehicles, but this shows that Croatian shipyards can still make top notch quality fast response Croatian Navy/military ships today. There is also the city of Pula based Tehnomont Brodogradilište which also makes large ships and boats for export, especially lately for the Croatian Coast Guard and the Police Patrol Boats mentioned. (Interestingly Brodosplit even won a contract last year to complete the ‘Save Venice From Flooding’ Project, a system including 63 huge steel gates and one of the biggest construction projects in Italian history, they're practically saving Venice basically, how's that for interesting? (you know, Venice like that gondola guy on those Ragu spaghetti sauce labels, that's in Venice and not just some guy on a boat probably many people don't realize). The gates will also thwart any future shore landing attempts by Ra's al Ghul and his minions if necessary, intelligence reports last year reported his dastardly plan is to transfer the entire populations of Egypt, Libya, Algeria and the whole Middle East into Italy and Greece by 2030 before then taking over North America, China and Japan, he's just plain diabolically evil that guy). Case in point, Uljanik Group shipyards was chosen to make this beauty seen below.

3Maj Shipyard (Treći Maj Brodogradilište) in the city of Rijeka is another one that has a long history of building all kinds of large ships, oil tankers, container ships, ferries, passenger ships and not just oyster, lobster/crab and shrimp catching boats or just those touristy river rafts like some people think (example). The first docks were erected in 1892 at first as an affiliate to the German Howaldtswerke from Kiel. 3Maj was recently incorporated into Uljanik which are based in the town of Pula. A few other ones I should mention since on the topic are the Dalmont Brodogradilište Kraljevica (aka Kraljevica Shipyards) in Kraljevica near the city of Rijeka, which has a history of shipbuilding since being founded in 1729, these days including building commercial ships, military vessels, and superyachts. The Viktor Lenac Shipyard (Croatian: Brodogradilište Viktor Lenac) was founded in 1896 near the city of Rijeka, it at first specialized mainly in ship repairs and lengthenings, today it has three floating drydocks, a large offshore construction site and it specializes in ship conversions and gas platform construction. Over the years it has even signed a number of contracts to repair and overhaul various US Navy ships (including the US Navy's 6th Fleet flagship USS Mount Whitney). And the Brodotrogir Shipyards in the town of Trogir near Split is another one building large container ships, ferries, passenger ships and oil tankers etc, with even documented historical mentions of shipbuilding in the town going back to the Middle Ages, so nothing new there.

The Scenic Eclipse is going to look not too shabby, not too shabby at all. I'm no cruise ship expert or plan to go on any cruise ship any time soon, but it's definitely good to know that Croatia is doing it's part in people enjoying their time cruise ship sailing the 7 seas and having fun while at it. I hope they add some kind of plaque somewhere to let people know it was built in Croatia. I don't know yet who's going to christen the ship or if there's going to be strobe lights or a big disco ball hanging in the entertainment/recreation area, there very well could be. I'll let you know when the time comes. I also found out that this same Uljanik Group shipyard signed a contract to build three 740 foot Seaway Max self-unloading bulk freighters for the Algoma Central Corporation shipping company in St. Catherines Ontario, more on that at Good news for Croatian shipbuilding again as well as their customers world-wide, Croatian shipbuilding saving jobs and lives and making the world a progressive and better place.

This future vessel is being billed as the "world's first discovery yacht;" it will have the highest passenger ship ice-class rating - 1A Super - allowing it to operate even deep into the Arctic and Antarctica, where it will spend three months of the year. Anyway, below is a sneak peek of the new Scenic Eclipse ultra-luxury yacht that will be coming to a port near you in 2018....


Cruise News - Six Star Scenic Eclipse Will Raise The Bar For Super-Luxury Ships

Scenic Eclipse is being built in Croatia and will launch in August 2018.


With two helicopters, a submarine and six-star status, it’s a mix of all-inclusive ultra-luxury and innovation that might even have billionaire superyacht owner Roman Abramovich casting envious glances. Scenic Eclipse – billed as the ‘world’s first discovery yacht’ – is being built in Croatia and will launch on August 31, 2018.

With a cruising speed of 17 knots and 16,500 gross tonnage, she will carry 228 passengers in 114 all-veranda suites and have the maximum passenger ship ice-class rating to allow her to visit the remotest regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. Guests will be able to take to the skies for excursions on two on-board helicopters – or plunge beneath the waves in the ship’s seven-seat submarine to view marine life.

For the more energetic and adventurous, there will be a fleet of rigid inflatables and kayaks on board, plus scuba diving and snorkelling equipment.High-end extends to the cuisine, too, with six on-board dining options ranging from French and Pan Asian to Italian and casual al-fresco.

For that essential pampering there’s a spa with indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis and plunge pools plus a gym with a separate yoga and Pilates studio. Prices will be released when cruises go on sale next month and her maiden voyage will be from Istanbul to Venice and on to the Americas and Antarctic.

Described as the world’s first discovery yacht, Scenic Eclipse is being built by Australian tour company Scenic for launch in August 2018. She will carry 228 passengers and almost the same number of crew to look after them.

All cabins will be suites with balconies and butler service. None is smaller than 32 square metres. At 233 square metres, the two-bedroomed Owners’ Suite – the best room on board - is bigger than a tennis court.

Eclipse will have six places to eat including French, Pan-Asian and Italian restaurants, a heated pool with retractable roof, a 240-seat theatre and a spa. For those keen to stay in shape, a gym has a yoga and pilates studio.

Scenic Eclipse is being built in Croatia and will sail the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean and Americas, and also to the Arctic and Antarctica. She will carry 12 inflatable Zodiacs (tenders) to take passengers ashore in remote locations, as well as kayaks, snorkelling and scuba equipment.

The Scenic Eclipse will be built by Croatian shipbuilding company Uljanik and sail the seas in 2018. Billed as the "world's first discovery yacht;" it will have the highest passenger ship ice-class rating - 1A Super - allowing it to operate deep into the Arctic and Antarctica. (Now would be a good time to start saving those empties and reserve yourself a ticket. Don't forget to pack your bathing suit and dancing shoes, also importantly please do not feed the penguins or walruses)


Scenic Eclipse Overview

Scenic’s entry into the ocean cruise market, the premium-class Scenic Eclipse will be the first ocean cruise ship from the line. Featuring the sleek profile of a luxury super yacht, the all-suite, 228-passenger ship (200 on Arctic cruises) will boast some seriously impressive features such as an aft marina with fleet of Zodiacs (exploration landing crafts), two helicopters and a seven-person submarine. High-end hallmarks of the ship will also include close to 1:1 staff to guest ratio, lavish Karen Moroney interiors and a deluxe all-inclusive onboard plan. The ship will also have the highest passenger ship ice-class rating -- 1A Super -- allowing it to operate deep into the Arctic and Antarctica, where it will spend three months of the year.

The 16,500-ton, 10-deck vessel is under construction in Croatia by the Uljanik Group and will embark on its maiden voyage from Istanbul to Venice on 31 August 2018.


The 114 cabins are all suites featuring private verandahs and separate living rooms. Entry-level accommodation starts at a spacious 32 square meters (344 square feet) and goes up to the 233-square-meter (2,507-square-foot) Owners Penthouse Suite. Each suite will also have a butler service.


The vessel will feature six onboard dining options including contemporary French fine dining, a pan-Asian eatery and an alfresco inside/outside restaurant on the Pool Deck. Passengers will also be able to choose from an Italian and steak restaurant, a café lounge and in-room dining around the clock. There will be no surcharge for any onboard dining and complimentary drinks will include top-shelf brands.

Entertainment and Activities

The Eclipse’s heated pool is to feature a retractable roof, while a 450-square-meter (4844-square-foot) spa will have indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi tubs (one on the Sun Deck), plunge pools and an extensive range of high-end spa treatments. Fitness facilities will also include a gym with a separate yoga and pilate studio. Less leisurely activities will include kayak, Zodiac and scuba and snorkelling adventures, as well as shore excursions (all included in the rate). The passenger numbers will be limited to 200 during polar expeditions, allowing several landings per day for passengers. The helicopters and submarine will allow passengers to get closer to the wildlife than by boat, but incur additional charges. Other facilities are to include four bars and lounges, plus a 240-seat heater.

 Largest Container Ship To Ever Visit North America Docks At Los Angeles Port With Croatian Captain Velibor Krpan At The Helm

Lastly, here's some recent bonus ship related news I found interesting enough to throw in here. Not as glamorous as a luxury super-yacht, but interesting still. The largest container ship ever to visit a North American port recently arrived at the port of Los Angeles. (That's not just the largest ship at the Los Angeles Port but at any North American port....ever) And the captain of the ship was a Croatian, Velibor Krpan.

"When I was 22 I became a cadet at the Croatian company Croatia Lines from Rijeka. I continued my career on ships with one German company, and in 2002 I joined the team at CMA CGM, who own the world’s largest container ships," Krpan told GCaptain in an earlier interview.

The 398-meter, 18,000 TEU capacity MV CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin caused quite the commotion in and around Los Angeles as it was the topic of the day on numerous television morning shows, news stations, radio and other media, even the Mayor of Los Angeles and other Vip's showed up for a big media day at the Port of Los Angeles to welcome the behemoth.

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin is about a third larger than the biggest container ships that currently visit southern California. Some footage of Captain Velibor Krpan and the official ceremonies below. More information at

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