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petak, 15. siječnja 2016.

Croatian Canadian Nevin Željko Broz: 6th Degree Martial Artist, Former Secret Service &.....Stipe Miocic Wins Convincingly At UFC 195

I decided to quickly do this topic on this side of the pond for a change, change it up a bit. Also it's more than just Croatian related. As in, these days you'll actually come across many instances in the news where there are various machete or knife wielding maniacs attacking people, even complete strangers and even for no reason. Or even without a weapon looking to just mug you or endanger your well-being, maybe even just for pocket change so they can get their next quick fix or some new fancier-shmancier sneakers or just to prove something to themselves, not a day goes by that some violent attack, mugging or assault takes place. Having some basic background or knowledge of some form of martial arts would come in handy then I'll tell you, just look around at what's been happening in Cologne, Stockholm and Paris lately also. (and your lady friend/date/floozy/girlfriend or wife or whatever will be really impressed and amazed when you single-handedly save the day while strolling around downtown, in an alleyway, to the local bingo hall or wherever, you'll really impress her and she'll ask you to wear your martial arts clothes around the house more often probably)

Also for those not in the know, former UFC Champion, UFC Hall of Famer and mixed martial arts specialist Pat Miletich, also started up a similar specialized martial arts school quite some time ago. For some reason Croatians do well in this sport/discipline/art, especially at the World and European Championships and Olympics, and especially the females lately. The regular reader of this blog will be acquainted with some of them that I posted about. (links at the very bottom). Like I said, martial arts just makes sense these days for lots of reasons...improving health, well being, stamina, controlling high blood pressure, self-confidence, improve reflexes, coordination, balance, focus, hygiene, meditation and whatever other personal reasons. (and of course self-defence). Case in point, here's a short list I came across of just some celebrities that are or have taken martial arts classes.....

....Joe Rogan, Robert Downey Jr, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Elvis Presley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Connery, Michael Dudikoff, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Steve McQueen, Jennifer Aniston, Mickey Rourke, Mark Wahlberg, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, James Coburn, Liam Neeson, James Caan, Carrie Moss, Eric Roberts, Naomi Watts, Mel Gibson, Lucy Liu, Ashton Kutcher, Evan Rachel Wood, Jack Black, John Cusack, Christian Slater, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton, Theodore Roosevelt, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, David Lee Roth, James Cagney, Lorenzo Lamas, Phil Mickelson, David Akers, Dave Mustaine, Spice Girl Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton, The Osmonds, Mick Jagger, Maynard James Keenan, Tommy Lee, Keanu Reeves, Joan Baez, Lou Reed, Patrick Swayze, Jodie Foster, Phil Collen, Criss Angel, Jason Statham, Yucko the Clown, Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Daryl Hannah, Uma Thurman.....

And thats's just a few of them like I said, the point being that martial arts is beneficial in many ways, will help you defend yourself, improve your health and you absolutely won't breathe in any demons. But don't take up martial arts just because Elvis or Uma Thurman did, Hollywood is full of all kinds of types remember, so it's best to be prepared when heading out to the steakhouse, party, beach or even just an ice-cream. (Especially after using the scum's own knife or weapon on them using your newly acquired cat-like speed, bear strength and wolfish reflexes, it will be a great conversation topic over dinner). Also importantly, pay no attention to the lies that Pat Robertson or his people say about martial arts or the art of self-defence being about inhaling demons or drinking demon juice or unknowingly eating and breathing various kinds of demons or sticking demon horns up your butt to become demonically strengthened and as strong as a demon blowing evil demon farts etc, because he's absurd and talks pointless bullshit garbage and is just trying to get better television Nielsen ratings. (When you drive into the city from the suburbs and have to stop at a convenience store or gas station in a ghetto area to get some gas, gum or tic-tacs, you'll realize just how bullshit the Pat Robertson fantasy world is and also simultaneously how beneficial martial arts is. As far as I'm concerned martial arts classes starting from kindergarten would make any society much better)

Another thing you'll notice, is that many professional athletes from various sports will take up martial arts training to improve themselves and their physical fitness, and not the other way around. You don't see many 3rd degree black belts joining basketball, baseball and other sports to better themselves in various ways, so that has to tell you something. Instead they take up martial arts, be it for self defence, increase strength, agility, get in tune with themselves and their surroundings, balance, increase quickness and speed, self-confidence, increase power and toning/flexibility/stamina, finding focus, self-respect and better concentration/mindset, and a bunch of other self improvement reasons:

The modern day term of "Martial arts" are codified systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a variety of reasons: self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, entertainment, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development. Although the modern term "martial art" has become commonly associated with the fighting arts of eastern Asia, it originally referred to the combat systems of Europe as early as the 1550s, and those systems evolved over time from well before the common era back to at least 1000 BCE and the Bronze Age.

Interestingly, even the words of the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine VII in his 10th century work De Administrando Imperio, goes on to explain how the Croatian tribes arriving from the north to ancient Dalmatia, Pannonia and Illyricum during the time of emperor Heraclius in the early middle ages, had to clear the lands of numerous armed marauding barbarians and nomadic pillaging mounted chetnik Avar soldiers, all this before settling the lands. Obviously they knew and practiced a form of martial arts to be able to take on cut-throat mounted warriors and experienced sword wielding mercenaries. The arriving Croat tribes in the area bringing freedom didn't just politely ask them to leave or give them flowers and candies after all, "Oh hey there mounted pillagers and cut-throat barbarians, those are pretty sharp swords and spears you have there, btw the emperor Heraclius asked us to come down and move here and take over, so could you fellas please all leave now pretty please with sugar on top and whipped cream? that would be really swell and neato if you did, thanks a bunch." No frikin' way did they do that because that would be absurd, they used various weapons and martial arts skills to crush and defeat them and send them on their way. (That's your bonus Croatian history fact of the day). You know all those Star Wars light sabre duels in the movies? Where do you think they learned how to do that? The origins of the mastery and science of the light sabre duels? That's right, they learned those moves and skills from martial arts, true fact.

Why just a few weeks ago, a Croatian guy became a hero in Cologne Germany. Hotel doorman and ex-kickboxing champion Ivan Jurcevic saved two women from hundreds of recently arrived migrants who were attempting to rape and violently grope women on New Years Eve in Cologne. They picked the wrong guy though because of his beneficial martial arts knowledge. Take that Pat Robertson, because what would Pat Roberson do in his little tv bubble world cocoon of mens makeup, back and forth stuttering banal chatter and shabby suits?, not much, probably just fall on his knees and pray for people like Nevin, Stipe, Daryl Hannah or any martial arts practitioner to save him most likely. (I couldn't make this stuff up, full story:

As for the 2nd story below, I decided to throw it in because it's keeping the same theme and is fairly recent. UFC fans will already be in the know, but for those who don't, Ohio based Croatian American Stipe Miočić recently was victorious at UFC 195. I don't follow the sport obsessively or religiously like some do, but I did watch this past match, it was very impressive, entertaining and over before my microwave popcorn was done. All the info is in the articles and the attached links.

From Young Bruce Lee Fan To Croatia’s Secret Service


Martial arts a lifelong passion — and vital ally — for Milton’s Nevin Broz



Nevin Zeljko Broz can do just about anything when it comes to martial arts.

Except — that is — adequately describe its value to him personally.

Any such attempt would certainly fall short of the mark, given the life-or-death importance a vast self-defence skill set had during his time in the Croatian Secret Service.

A 6th degree black belt in the collective arts under the banner name of Bujinkan, Broz spent two years as a personal bodyguard to then President Franjo Tudjman during the country’s 1990s fight for independence.

Day-to-day life was volatile, with assassination attempts and other acts of armed aggression becoming commonplace by Serbs during their 4 wars against non-Serbs, especially their Serb church sponsored ethnic cleansing, killing and raping militias. The safety of Croatian, and even other Non-Serb politicians, were always a factor.

“It was a war… there was something going on every week,” said the local martial arts master, who last month opened up the Bujinkan Senshin Dojo (Authentic Ninja and Samurai Training) inside Milton Karate on Main Street. “There were three times I had to save the president’s life.”

Born into a Croatian family in Toronto, Broz was recruited into the country’s government via friends who’d gone over to serve during the Homeland War and had informed their superiors of his martial arts expertise and potential value.

Hosting a US seminar. Image:

Broz sent in an application to Croatia’s armed forces, but didn’t think much of it until a call came from one of Tudjman’s ministers.

Recalled Broz, “I thought it was one of my friends having fun with me until he (minister) began mentioning things from my application that nobody else would know.”

Thus sparked a call to duty stint that not only saw him protect Tudjman, but help safeguard visiting dignitaries such as Austria Crown Prince Otto Van Hapsburg and others.

Celebrities like Miss Croatia first runner-up Silvia Glavic and renowned photographer Stephan Lupino have also come under his protection, while he also helped augment security for visiting actors Morgan Fairchild and Martin Sheen.

With a 6 year old student, proving that it's never too young to learn martial arts, self-defence and how to make various rice based dishes and/or stir-frys. (do you seem them breathing in demon spirits anywhere?) Image:

That’s due to a deep reservoir of martial arts knowledge he now shares with his Bujinkan Senshin Dojo pupils, who are privy to a less traditional form of training.

At least by today’s standards.

“It’s going back to the origins of martial arts,” explained the Shidoshi 6th Dan, who noted his dojo incorporates nine different ancient styles — some dating back as much as 900 years. “There’s no competition. It’s just about self-defence and encouraging each other.”

There are only two rules in his dojo. And should swearing be violated, 10 pushups on one’s knuckles is required.

“The students will usually do them (pushups) themselves without me telling them to.”

A Miltonian since 2000, Broz can scarcely remember a time when he wasn’t enamored with martial arts.

After completing 5th degree dan test in 2014. Image:

“When I was a kid the TV Guide use to list the martial arts movies like Enter the Dragon at like three or four in the morning. I was about five years old when I started watching them. I’d stuff a blanket under my parents’ bedroom door so they couldn’t see any light and then I’d sneak down and watch them,” recalled the lifelong martial arts practitioner, who was especially fond of Bruce Lee’s cinematic work.

The transition from martial arts fan to student wouldn’t come for another decade — as Broz’s folks refused to let me join a dojo, despite his constant “begging.”

A part-time job at McDonald’s eventually allowed him to pay for his own lessons. This early training in kempo and taekwondo served as a springboard to an ongoing rise up the martial arts ranks that have included two trips to Japan.

Now, Broz is sought after by military forces and law enforcement agencies across the U.S., including the F.B.I. While offering his expertise at these seminars, the education is often a two-way street, he stressed.

“You never stop learning.”

Or being reminded of how life-changing martial arts training can be, for that matter.

On one visit back to Croatia a few years ago, Broz happened to be visiting with a friend when they were startled by a woman’s screams.

Turns out it was one of the friend’s students, who was about to be assaulted near her art school. Broz and his friend rushed out to prevent the attack, and he would subsequently offer the woman and her fellow students an impromptu lesson — sharing various techniques that can be executed quickly in the event of an assault.

“Afterwards, the woman made her way through the group to come up and thank me (for empowering her). She had tears in her eyes. Something like that… money can’t buy.”

So what overall philosophy does Broz bring to his study of martial arts?

“It’s all about eliminating something called suki, which means the weak point. That’s anything that’s not good for you.”

To find out more about the Bujinkan Senshin Dojo, visit

Stipe Miocic Victorious At UFC 195, One Step Closer To Heavyweight Title Shot

Stipe Miocic gets the win in 54 seconds at UFC 195. Getty Images


Stipe Miocic needed to make a statement in Saturday’s UFC 195 co-main event to truly establish himself as the next in line for a shot at the world heavyweight title. He did it too, knocking out former champion Andrei Arlovski in less than a minute at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

“Give me a shot!” Miocic screamed after the bout, which puts him at the top of the list to face the winner of February’s bout between Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez.

Arlovski came out aggressively to start the bout, with Miocic patiently waiting for his opening. Soon, it showed up and he took advantage of it, jarring Arlovski with a short right to the head. As “The Pit Bull” staggered, Miocic landed another right that sent his foe to the mat face first. A quick barrage of ground strikes finished the job, referee Herb Dean stepping in to halt the bout 54 seconds into the opening round.

With the win, Ohio’s Miocic improves to 14-2. Chicago’s Arlovski falls to 25-11 with 1 NC.


There's some highlight vids floating around on Youtube and elsewhere, but sometimes copyrights and for other reasons they get deleted or aren't available. This will do for now. (Hit the above links to see more media and videos)

Extra bonus info, shortly after UFC 195 it was announced that the Croatian capital Zagreb will be hosting a UFC event on April 10th of this year at Arena Zagreb. Good to know, find out more at You can also pre-register for tickets at

And very lastly, I might as well throw in this brief synopsis video about Pat Miletich, who I mentioned at the beginning. A UFC Hall of Famer and considered a founding member of what was to become today's MMA and UFC. 

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