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nedjelja, 24. siječnja 2016.

Croatian Museum Added To The "Google Virtual Cultural Institute Project"

Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. Image:

This news just came up and seemed interesting, and I haven't done an art, museum or gallery type post in quite some time either. In case you didn't know, Zagreb has lots of art galleries and museums, and I mean lots. (Just a few of the more well known ones HERE) During my last few stays in Zagreb I had a chance to check out a few of them, and Zagreb is right up there with more well known art gallery and museum type cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome etc. Actually it's like that across the whole country too. And there's more newer modern and even private art galleries and museums opening up in Zagreb all the time.

That would be because quite a few Croatian artists over the centuries travelled to other countries and absorbed themselves in various burgeoning art and artistic movements, going back even to before Renaissance times. Many Croatian artists especially in the 19th and early 20th century formed groups in other places and experimented with the newer art school movements and then expanded on what they learned back in Croatia, in effect becoming the founders of various Croatian art movements and schools. (I posted about a few of them, links at the very bottom)

Secessionist styles and motifs like art nouveau, art deco, especially became popular, which in turn then of course affected and included architecture. You see a lot of these various architectural styles on buildings when roaming around in Zagreb, great places to take selfies. I also think it's cool to go to places like this to make one a more well rounded person, even if virtually. Because you can't just go through life always doing the drunken scat orgies and selfies, always just talking about who's kicking, bouncing or dropping the ball, always talking about burgers, grills and popping' caps, or just dissin' various burgers, comparing mall food court fries and dance moves. There's more to life and television than just that.

As for the Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts (Croatian:Muzej za umjetnost i obrt) being included in this Google Virtual Cultural Institute, I think it's a great opportunity for people to see what even just this one particular museum has to offer in its collections and exhibits. All kinds of items and not just only old paintings and photographs, lots of edgy stuff mixed in with the more traditional and classical items. The Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts was established in 1880, by the initiative of the Arts Society and Croatian painter, art historian, curator and politician Izidor Kršnjavi.

The Google Cultural Institute was launched in 2011 in an effort to make important cultural material available and accessible to everyone and to digitally preserve it to educate and inspire future generations. The Cultural Institute includes over 6 million items – photos, videos, and documents and has partnered with a number of institutions to make exhibition and archival content available online, including the British Museum, the Museo Galileo in Florence, and the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw, now the Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts is included also. Take a peek at what there is to see.....

The permanent display at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb extends over three floors at more than 2000 m² of museum space and includes about 3000 exhibits. The displayed objects illustrate the shift of stylistic periods from Gothic to graphic and product design of the period from 1950s. The objects are part of museum's diverse collections of ceramics, clocks and watches, glass, graphic design, ivory, furniture, metal, musical instruments, painted leather, paintings, photography, bookbinding, product design, sculptures, textiles, fashion accessories and varia. The historical review of artistic styles is complemented with independent thematic units, such as religious painting, sculpture and metal, devotionalia, and Judaica.

"A Century of the Wristwatch." collection:

Above is a screenshot from the Collection of the Museum of Arts and Crafts Wristwatches collection entitled "A Century of the Wristwatch." This one I personally find interesting and cool because I sort of have a watch collection. Nothing huge like hundreds or dozens or pricey, just mostly including a few faves like Citizen, Bulova, Tissot, Omega, Seiko, some cool Casio's and a few others, some of them chronographs and dive watch style. (a few of the limited edition official Casio Edifice Red Bull watches are pretty cool) You can never go wrong with wearing the right watch for the right situation, watches can tell a lot about you depending on the style and design, if anything that you like to know what time/date it is in as short amount of time as possible. And you don't have to blow mega bucks either. I actually just recently picked up a great deal on a Citizen, and i'm no wristwatch guru but I  know for a fact that this recent Citizen will keep more accurate time and will have way less maintenance/problems than a Rolex, Breitling or a Breguet. (I've read quite a few things here and there and there's absolutely no need to sell your car just to fix your watch or know what time it is) Yep, this history of watches collection seems pretty cool.

I will just add that I also disagree with what the narrator says at the end of the related wristwatch collection exhibit video I added below, that wristwatches in the modern cell phone age have become mainly fashion and status accessories. No frikin' way do I agree with that. Wristwatches can come in different styles and designs that the wearer can choose from and prefer for personal reasons, but it's mainly about the functionality and knowing the time. (The wearer already has an option right from the start to buy either a watch or a bracelet, how many guys do you see walking around wearing a bracelet? Exactly)

For instance, if you need to know the time or day/date right away, with a watch you'll know within a second. You're not going to be fumbling around checking your pockets for where your cellphone is. What if your phone was turned off? Now you have to wait around for the phone to turn on. What if the battery is dead because you forgot to charge it? What if you lost or forgot your phone at home? Then what? You'll be lost and late all over the place, you'll be like a pinball bouncing around all over the place confused about what time it is, what day or date it is. "Where am I?"... "What time is it?"...."What day is it?"...."Is it noon yet?"....."How did I get here?" etc.

Also what if you're stranded on an island or lost in the forest and your cellphone is broken or the battery is dead or it was eaten by a bear? What then? You might as well use the smartphone to open coconuts with or throw at birds for food then. (Actually you can even use the watch to hit birds with for food and there would be less chance of it breaking, you can also use a shiny watch to lure fish to the raft and then scoop them up for food, wristwatches are like magic) With a wristwatch you'll be able to know what day and time it is, you'll even be able to find out true north and true south so you can hike back to civilization or build a raft and sail in the right direction, and not sail further away from civilization or hike deeper into the forest, then maybe even come across folks like those butt-fucking hillbilly Pentecostal/Baptist rapists in Deliverance or worse, get your soul ripped to shreds and then stuffed down your motherfucking pointless throat by the Blair Witch, you'll be damned then, she'll then send you back to hell and you'll be cursing about about why you weren't wearing a wristwatch. (This is no joke, many hikers died because they were walking around in circles lost and disoriented, they were close to civilization all along but they just didn't know true north or true south to be able to walk in a straight line to walk to the closest Walmart) THE WRISTWATCH WILL FRIKIN' SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!

What if you're taking a shower and suddenly it occurred to you that you have an appointment that morning? Do you have time to shampoo and condition your hair or should you get out now? Quick what time is it? Ohhh, but your phone is charging in your room and you're not wearing a watch, now what? What if you need to perform CPR on someone?, applying 100 thrusts every minute and checking breathing every 10 seconds. What then?..."Is it 10 seconds yet?...People is it a minute yet?...Does anybody have a cellphone? "Does anyone know if it's been 10 seconds yet?"..."Does anybody in the room have a cellphone for the love of Pete's cripes sake damn it all!!!" The person will die all because of you, all because you weren't wearing a watch.

That's my opinion about that, wristwatches come in different designs and styles that the wearer can prefer, but the wristwatch is also a necessity, practical and more reliable for knowing the time over just using your mobile phone. You can even ask Apple and other smartphone manufacturers if they think wristwatches are just an accessory and are going to be replaced by phones. For me, my wristwatch is my primary go to item to quickly know what time it is and where true north is. (And it could and probably will save your life)

The virtual museum live view:

Here you can browse through the whole museum like you're there, get a feel of the place and know what to expect and see if you're planning on being there in person. It's much, much more than just Croatian artists and art history, like I said, but also includes items from numerous other times, styles, artistic movements and countries. Hit the link above, you know what to do.

Footage from some Museum of Arts and Crafts exhibits in 2013. (I gotta get me one of those cool art nouveau lamps or bottle openers)


Official Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts website:

Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb

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