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četvrtak, 7. siječnja 2016.

Photos Of The Day: Skiing At Platak Ski Resort After First Snowfall Of 2016 (+Video)

In the distance night skiing at Platak Ski Resort above the city of Rijeka in March 2015.

I might as well keep the winter wonderland trend going, so here's some snapshots from just a few days ago near the city of Rijeka. These pics are from the first official snowfall of the new 2016 year, although I posted about the very first snowfall of this winter season when Zagreb, Opatija and Rijeka received snow in November.

I came across some very cool snowy scene images from Croatian cities and towns, but I've already touched upon some of them. I like doing these less well known or seen images, showing the other side of those more numerous summer/touristy images, as in we don't just hibernate from November to April. (Rijeka? skiing? you're crazy, everyone knows all they do there is swim, boat and soccer all year round, although the Croatia soccer league season does play through the winter). The looks on the skiers and rosie cheeked kids having fun just goes to show you that we're not out of our element when winter comes.

For instance, probably many people don't even know that there even is a Platak Ski Resort practically just a stones throw away from downtown Rijeka. The ski hills around Zagreb and and in northeastern Croatia also are up and running right now, but what other ski hill can give you a view of the Adriatic sea and the Kvarner Gulf even as you're skiing down the slopes? Not that many probably.

*(Here's an interesting Croatian skiing trivia fact of the day: (courtesy of first official ski club in Croatia was formed in Rijeka and founded in 1885, which is actually 10 years before even one was formed in more snowier Zagreb in 1895. And the first official skiing competition race was held at a ski slope on Učka just outside the town of Opatija in 1897, (yep, that Opatija), the first locally manufactured skis were made in 1911 as well as the first official Croatian ski camp was held at Mrkopalj in 1913)

In a way, this post reminds me of Calgary where I spent a few years not long ago, because after skiing the slopes there a number of times I eventually realized that nobody from Calgary actually skis, it's really true, as in it's all out of towners and other tourists mostly, everyone I asked at work or anywhere if they ski or want to hit the slopes on the weekend, pretty well all of them said they never skied before. It was really weird, but then again in the summer nobody wears shorts out there either, ever. (sort of like how there's no cowboys or cowgirls there either, even though it's the homegrown terrorism capital of Canada. I guess you have to go to California to meet skiers or people who wear shorts in the summer and Texas to see cowgirls and those bars with mechanical bulls, decent cheese enchiladas or any spicy/flavourable foods, maybe Australia too)

Anyway, besides Croatians heading to the local ski hills like Platak, over 200,000 Croatian tourists this past week also took off for the ski hills in Italy, Slovenia, Austria and even Switzerland. Various family and vacation ski and snowboarding packages are being offered during the new year and school holidays in Croatia, so it's an opportune time for ski resort deals and extreme skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. (These same numbers have been usual over the years, it's known as the annual winter wave of "Croatian ski migrants", except they go back home after skiing of course) There, I think this settles it, because I'm sick and tired of hearing lies that Croatians, and in this case especially in Rijeka, just go to cafes, beaches and play soccer in the summers, and then just sit around the house playing accordions, baking and eating cakes or štrukli and then hang around the Walmart all winter. This is not the case at all however. (Hitting the "Rijeka" tag at the bottom also proves this point).

Yep, it's good to know and show the general readership that Croats are not strictly only a summer and beach resort people, like many may mistakenly think. Images are in no particular order, more info about this Platak Ski Resort at the links.



The first few photos were taken in front of the nearby Dom Platak hotel and chalet, one of two found on the ski resort premises, the other one being Mali Dom Platak.

What the hell, here's some bonus skiing and snowboarding footage from last year including night skiing scenes. A heck of a lot different from what one usually thinks of when they hear the word "Rijeka" or just the summer season pics.

Some video footage from 2015 of the local Rijeka skiing club and school including the Rijeka chapter of the cross-country skiing club. Below is footage from last year's cross-country skiing races, I'll bet you didn't know that.

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