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utorak, 19. siječnja 2016.

Stop Motion Photography : "Alphabet Soup" & "Zagreb Then & Now"

This quick post I found interesting, I'll file it under artistic, interesting photographs, smartphone photography, stop motion photography or just Zagreb, whatever. And it just goes to show you that you don't have to go out and blow thousands of dollars for video/photography editing equipment these days. If you have a descent smart phone and the right apps, you're pretty well good to go. I've come across a similar type of "then and now" photography project before, but that one was about Detroit, which really didn't have the same effect at all.

In a nutshell, Ognjen Ivanović who is a Zagreb based artist did another one of his stop motion type photography projects which have been fairly popular in Croatia since his first one last year, especially in Zagreb, getting lots of likes and accolades on social media. The whole idea started out as just hobby, and for just this one creative video he used over 1,740 photos and a plain ol' bowl of alphabet soup.

As you already know there are 30 sounds and letters in the Croatian alphabet (aka Hrvatski abeceda) and it contains diacritics as well as digraphs, so it would be sort of difficult to go that route obviously, this bowl of soup instead used just your typical English language alphabet letters, like you would buy in the grocery stores, but a reader of Croatian still shouldn't have a problem reading the lyrics at all. The soup letters spell out the lyrics to his own song performed by him. That just about sums it up, this latest video of his is below....

Like I mentioned, his first go at this type of photography/filming was earlier last year started out as just a spur of the moment hobby. He used over 1,300 photos for that one, a project he named "Zagreb Then and Now." Incorporating old and turn of the last century images of Zagreb within modern day images that he personally photographed, he then painstakingly and perfectly blended the images resulting in a pretty interesting and creative video. I've been at pretty well even location he photographed and I must say it looks pretty cool and gives another interesting perspective, too bad they didn't have cameras back in medieval times, that would have been cool too.

He points out that he "wasn't looking for perfection, but something that would be almost the same moment", and all without the aid of any fancy shmancy editing programs either.

In that first video from last year, it took him about a week to do for just a couple minutes of video footage, but it incorporated more than 1,300 pictures. He's already got more similar projects on the go. Below is that first stop motion video of Zagreb he did from last year....


"Zagreb Then & Now", incorporating old and images from the turn of the last century within images of modern day Zagreb. 

Full  behind the scenes interview:

Below are a few of the images he used. More images and interview at

This one is actually the town of Pula, so he might be doing that town down the road too.

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