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nedjelja, 7. veljače 2016.

Croatian TV Available Around the World Free Via App & On Desktop

This is something recent that's good to to know, and the best part is it's absolutely free. All you have to do is register and you'll have plenty of Croatian television programs at your finger tips. A wide variety of subjects to suit anyones interest which can be watched for free on your phone, tablet or laptop.

There are quite a few Croatian television channels one can watch these days on the internet, but this one will be available in a very convenient app and include all of their programs. For those not familiar, HRT, (Hrvatska radiotelevizija/Croatian Radiotelevision) is also the national broadcaster and sort of like the BBC of Croatia, so it also includes many regional radio stations. Their channels include HRT1, HR2, HRT3, HRT4 as well as until recently "Slika Hrvatske" which was an International channel, broadcasting an 8-hour programming block aimed at the Croatian diaspora. The channel broadcasted for Europe (during the night, sharing stream with HRT 4), North America, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, but now instead this free app and website will provide free 24 hour Croatian programming via HRT4.

Yep this is definitely good news, because around here there are tons of ethnic programs on television, practically every ethnicity you can think of has their own radio and television shows (the local OMNI TV being just one example), including of course a Croatian program also. This is because many viewers are bored of hearing about the various local shootings, stabbings and botched drug deals and because they also want more than just American shows and programs to watch. (Many people don't want to be forced to watch American programs and television shows all the time and always the same actors). But what about the time in between when some people may want to know what's going on, the newest news or weather, the latest cooking shows, scores and games or what the newest music or fashion/models or television shows are. Just sit around waiting for the Croatia time slot for info? Having to maybe wait a couple days watching the other ethnic programs before the Croatian show comes on? (Pfff as if, what are they going to do? like around here just go downtown and do crack and fuck stupid whitetrash babies in ghetto 7-11 alleyways then go eat fries and dancing after like a pointless opfer)

Of course not, now complete shows and programs are just a few taps away. Watch complete episodes, programs and shows on your phone, tablet or computer direct and live from Croatia...for free. You'll be able to watch live sports and various events too, even the current Rijeka Karneval and other carnivals taking place in Croatia in the coming weeks, lotsa masquerade balls and costumes. (You also get the added bonus of Croatian commercials which are pretty interesting and amusing sometimes as I've already shown previously). All the information is in the article.


HRT will cease broadcasting ‘Slika Hrvatske’, an informative show about Croatian history, culture and heritage, as well as news and entertainment programmes, which airs to Croatians abroad in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

In its place will be content from HRT4, which has just become a free-to-air TV channel around the world.

HRT4 joins Croatian radiotelevision’s (HRT) new multimedia application HRTi. Users can download the HRTi application on their mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptops from North America to Australia and New Zealand and start accessing HRT content.

"Hrvatski Kraljevi" (Croatian Kings) was an HRT produced 7 part documentary series made in 2011 and even broadcast by the Viasat History Channel to over 30 countries. Image:

Users will now be able to free of charge watch HRT4 from Croatia live 24 hours a day. Content includes programs about news & information, documentary films, music programs (including of course the long running popular show Garaža), art, sport, entertainment, culture & sciencecookinghealthy eating, interviews & talk shows, classic and current films & television series, (dramas, crime, comedies, mysteries, paranormal etc), children's & youth programs and much more.

The user will also be able to listen to live broadcasts from HRT's regional stations Radio Dubrovnik, Radio Knin, Radio Osijek, Radio Pula, Radio Rijeka, Radio Sljeme, Radio Split, Radio Zadar and Glas Hrvatske.

HRTi is available on all platforms – IOS, Android, Windows Phone, mobiles and tablets, as well as desktop computers. All 4 tv channels and 12 radio channels are available to watch live on the app, however some programmes are restricted due to international licensing.

In the last three months since HRTi started it has over 65,000 users, HRT New Media Director Igor Duić said as guest on Studio 4, adding that they are working on the app to be available for LG and Samsung smart televisions.

Your can check it out at HRTi

Screenshot of just a few of the shows available in the films and series category. More at

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