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Thursday, 18 February 2016

London Mayor Recommends Biking...In Sutivan Croatia?

Firstly, this is not any sort of tourism post, because it's February and I don't do tourism posts. It's just basically another interestingly amusing post like my last one about Italian Vodka and 19th century Croatian Counts. (Besides all the growing local shooting and stabbings and botched drug deal shootings and stabbings news is getting really fucking boring and monotonous, not even a one of them are celebs or have any descent selfies floating around? so how is that supposed to be interesting or going to increase tv ratings? It's about as interesting as watching a fungus growing. It's ridiculous)

Rather, this is just basically the original article and video. I will just add a few words though, at first I thought it was perhaps Donald Trump when I quickly glanced at the smaller photo I came across, or maybe that Gary Busy was taking up biking, I guess it was a windy day. But actually instead it turned out to be London Mayor Boris Johnson when he spent part of summer with his family in Croatia recently.

I thought why the hell is the Mayor of London on the island of Brač, specifically the town of Sutivan, encouraging people to ride bikes and praising the biking routes anyway? Well, I quickly Googled and found out that he's been doing this sort of thing in London for quite some time now, behind numerous proposed projects to build safe bicycle highways throughout London, as well as the London Santander Cycles bicycle hire scheme, by which it is hoped to emulate cities like Amsterdam and many other major cities going Green these days. A number of Croatian cities especially the capital Zagreb have started up similar projects, a part of the whole eco-friendly/global warming thing going on. (More information about all that HERE) Anyway, I guess the London Mayor approves of the bicycling scene in the coastal town of Sutivan on the island of Brač. Like is said, it's amusing.

London Mayor Boris Johnson in New Promo Video Raving about Bike Friendly Sutivan

London Mayor Boris Johnson is a big fan of biking in Sutivan and apparently Hawaiian shorts. Here's why...


One destination in Croatia which has done a great job promoting itself as a bike friendly destination is Sutivan on the island of Brač…

Brač and Sutivan’s asset is the superb location and great bike tracks it offers. There are over 300 km of routes and a great way to learn about the culture and heritage of the island, visit some forgotten eco-ethno villages and olive and wine trails. There are several routes from Sutivan to the highest peak of all the Croatian islands – 780-metre high Vidova gore.

The London Mayor with his family vacationing in Croatia acting like celebrities. Full story and pics at

This week the Sutivan Tourist Board released a brand new promo video, which features the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Johnson spent time during the summer biking around Sutivan and gave his personal stamp of approval in the promo.

“We have all been cycling around in the neighbourhood of Sutivan and its been very safe, absolutely beautiful, food is superb and I can not recommend it too highly,” said Johnson.

Check out the full video below:


I'm pretty sure parts of this are faked, but it's related to this story and also amusing.

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