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utorak, 2. veljače 2016.

Photos Of The Day: "Animal Selfies" In Croatian Forests

These amusing images were taken at the Northern Velebit National Park (Nacionalni Park Sjeverni Velebit) recently. Some park workers set up some cameras with motion sensors at various locations throughout the park to see what would happen. The camera sensors were set to photograph when any movement happened during the night. Below are some of the animals they photographed during their nightly foraging and hunting.

There are actually 444 protected areas of Croatia, encompassing about 10% of the country. Those include 8 national parks in Croatia, 2 strict reserves and 11 nature parks. The most well known and largest national park in Croatia is Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

I did a related post previously about Bear, Wolf and Lynx Conservation in Croatia which gives more information about animal conservation efforts in Croatian forests. These below pics are a few rarer views of what goes on in Croatian forests when the moon and darkness takes over. Enjoy the animal selfies....





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