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četvrtak, 25. veljače 2016.

Photos Of The Day: Update On New Zagreb Airport Terminal Project

New terminal construction images courtesy of: Zeljko Lukunic/PIXSELL and Tomislav Kristo/CROPIX

I posted last time that I wasn't going to touch this topic again until the new airport terminal was officially finished and up and running, but these are fresh pics. I've been to a few ariports here and there and I'm not some airport guru or expert, but it's just good to see that the construction is going according to schedule, and now you can actually see it taking form and starting to actually look like in the preliminary finished project images and videos.

I will just add that I touched upon this topic before even one shovel full of dirt was digged up, and I added extra information and media about other airport expansion projects going on in Croatia and what will happen with the current still operating Pleso airport terminal.

I also added personal commentary there about what stores or shops should be part of the new terminal, (Guess Jeans, Diesel, Mustang, Hugo Boss, what restaurants/bars etc) Also about how many armed security personal there should be and where they should be stationed, security dogs, snipers etc. Important topics like that. Anyway, if this is news to you, then at least now you will know what to expect when you land in Zagreb in about a year. A totally new modern and much more efficient running terminal that's going to also look not too shabby, it was also announced recently that it will officially be named Zagreb Franjo Tuđman International Airport, after Croatia's first President of the modern era. (officially in Croatian; Međunarodna Zračna Luka Franjo Tuđman Zagreb) Which seems apropos and very fitting actually, as not long after Slovenian and Croatian declarations of independence in the 90's, Serb church supported terrorists and ethnic cleansing paramilitaries were shelling and rocketing the city of Zagreb including the airport also, (which is considered a holy day in the Yugo-Serb church calendar), and coincidentally again the Serb jihadist mastermind leader behind it is currently staying at the Hotel Hague, where they've even been building the "Greater Serbian Wing" as part of the hotel complex for him and his comrades) Anyway, below are some pics to show the civilized world what's going on in Croatia. More background information at the links below.

Scenes at the current Zagreb Airport terminal like seen above, will be a thing of the past. Quicker and more efficient arrival and departures and processing will shorten waiting times, lineups and also increase capacity to 5.5 million passengers a year, and then increasing to 8-10 million through later exapansions. Many of the visitors from other parts of Europe especially, will be processed and drinking Croatian beers and eating palačinke in no time at all. In 2015 about 2.8 million passengers travelled through Zagreb even though the airport's original annual capacity was built for 2.5 million. Image: Goran Jakuš / Pixsell

(I might as well mention, since on the topic of building projects, that yet another major shopping center in the city of Split will be opening soon. The Mall of Split will be officially opening in about a week, it was scheduled to be open already in October but paperwork and permit issues kept delaying the opening. At this new Mall of Split there will be a carpeted bingo hall, a curling rink (with attached coffee shop), a famous "House of Soups & Fries" restaurant, a bible bookstore, an electronics, radio and batteries store, a scat porn and other exotic videos store, a rodeo corner with free cow rides, a hair salon/barbershop giving out complimentary free combs and hair conditioner samples, the always popular Al's Toy and Chewing Gums, a restaurant where the patron can suck on chicken bones dipped in a special gravied sauce and even a Wally World's Chocolate Baconed Waffles Emporium, you'll also be able to eat some other shit, buy crack, pop some caps, shake yor booty, polish them grills and fuck some shit up)

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*Updated photos from the official grand opening at photos-of-day-new-zagreb-airport

A brief montage from last year showing what the finished terminal will look like and various stages of construction. *Update - just as in the case of Prague's Václav Havel Airport, it's been announced that it will officially named the Franjo Tuđman Zagreb International Airport after Croatia's 1st modern era democratically elected President.

Probably that pinkish curtained area to the right would be a good spot for a jeans store or a Hugo Boss store. 

This would be a good spot to park one of those heavily armed Croatian Patria AMV's I think, and of course a few armed soldiers doing rounds with security attack dogs also. It's always best to be prepared for all sorts of travelling anarchists, mind control cults and subversive scum hell-bent to stir up subversive acts. (Just like at the Israeli airports and many other airports these days). Also just look around at the invasions of Greece these days, it's appalling and almost like the Fall of Constantinople and the Byzantine empire all over again. Anarchists and cults in various subversive guises intent to spread their subversive theologies and voodoo ways. We can't take the chance of various subversives just sauntering into Zagreb and then committing subversive acts to ruin peoples vacations, personalities, identities and ice creams. (stun guns wouldn't be a bad idea either so as to avoid accidentally damaging the jeans/cologne stores etc)

Another good location for armed security and attack dogs.

I see a few good locations near the front entrances for some snipers, the various subversives and mind control cults are a slippery and dangerous bunch causing havoc and subversive acts in many places. They will try to mingle in with the crowds to attempt to make you lose your identity and personality and then become their subversive mindless lackeys, a humanoid with no identity or personality basically. Airport security is a very important way to stem the flow of subversives.

You definitely have to have some heavily armed personnel and attack dogs around the luggage areas too.

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